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Bluetooth LE
HID-Keyboard Function



Summary of Contents for AEG ID ARE H9 BLE

  • Page 1 ARE H9 With Bluetooth LE HID-Keyboard Function --------------------------------------------------------------------------1/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 2 1 Bluetooth LE HID-Keyboard The device ARE H9 BLE can read the transponder ID and transfer them wireless as a keyboard input to a connected device, if this supports the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. To use the wireless connection, a device/adapter (intern or extern e.g. USB-Dongle) must support the following connection techniques: Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy technology, Standard 4.0) Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth Low Energy technology, Standard 4.0)
  • Page 3 1.1 BLE HID-keyboard in the Interface selection To use the Bluetooth HID function the appropriate interface selection in ARE H9 BLE must selected under the menu item Set interface.  BLE HID Keybd. Set Interface Set Interface Set Interface BLE HID Keybd. HID Keyboard The selection is made by the arrow keys and confirmed by pressing the main button.
  • Page 4 1.2 Procedure with Microsoft Windows to add the ARE H9 BLE as a keyboard device At the Microsoft Windows menu: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer > Bluetooth Devices click the button Add a device to search for the ARE H9 BLE that should connected.
  • Page 5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------5/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 6 Has the ARE H9 BLE successfully added, transponder IDs can be transmitted as keystrokes to open input or text boxes of the connected device. --------------------------------------------------------------------------6/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 7 1.3 Procedure with Microsoft Windows to remove the ARE H9 BLE The connection to the ARE H9 can also be removed (unpaired) again to use the unit for example with another device. Select under Microsoft Windows menu: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer >...
  • Page 8 Now the connection to the ARE H9 BLE is removed. After removing (unpaired) a connection to a device, the device can be reconnected again with either a new or the same device. The ARE H9 BLE always takes only one active connection with a device. The connection will remain active as long as the connection is not released (unpaired) even during the radio link is not active.
  • Page 9 1.4 Procedure with Android to add the ARE H9 BLE as keyboard device To add the ARE H9 BLE on the Android device as a keyboard in the Bluetooth menu the available devices should be detected and selected. After selecting the ARE H9 BLE the connection should displayed as Paired --------------------------------------------------------------------------9/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 10 By selecting the settings icon the ARE H9 BLE could be activated as a keyboard for inputs. For this purpose in the following menu the hook is set at Input Device --------------------------------------------------------------------------10/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 11 1.5 Procedure on Android to remove the ARE H9 BLE keyboard To remove the ARE H9 from an Android device in the menu for connected Bluetooth devices that ARE H9 BLE should be selected and then the button Unpair clicked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------11/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 12 1.6 Operation of BLE HID-Keyboard Interface In the operation mode online/BLE keyboard with an active connection every scanned transponder number is sent as a keyboard input to the connected device. To get the number displayed on the connected device there the focus should set on a text field. A successful reading …...
  • Page 13: Further Interfaces

    1.7 Further Interfaces The use and functions of the USB interface is supported by the ARE H9 BLE. During the use of the USB interface the Bluetooth part of the reader is not deactivated, it will only not be used for data transmissions. Therefor the ARE H9 BLE will be still shown as connect t the paired device.
  • Page 14 To install the driver do the following steps: Step 1: Execute Setup.exe and please click Yes to continue installation. Step 2: Installation program will remind you to plug in, or activate, the Bluetooth adapter. The reminder dialog box will not pop up if you already have plugged in the Adapter, or activated the device in your PC If a suitable Bluetooth receiver was found, the installation will start automatically.
  • Page 15 Step 3: Click Agree and Install Bluetooth Software to continue. Step 4: Installation in Progress --------------------------------------------------------------------------15/17------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Page 16: Notes On Operation

    Step 5: Installation complete, may be a system restart is required for some features of the software. 3 Notes on operation 3.1 Energy saving options on Microsoft Windows Should it be the case that in the current operation a connection to the ARE H9 BLE is lost and will without a cause disconnected and reconnected, it may be because the energy saving options of Microsoft Windows cause that the device is switched off.
  • Page 17 3.2 Connection loss after restart of MS Windows 7 After a Microsoft Windows 7 computer restart, it may happen that the device can no longer be used without switching the off the Bluetooth connection and switched it on again. This could be s solved by disable / enable the internal adapter (in the Control Panel) or remove and plug in and again the USB dongle.