Burnham BOILERS Operating/service Instructions Manual

Installation, operating and service instructions for rsa series boilers.
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    All wiring on boilers installed in the USA shall be made in accorda nce with the National Electrical Code and/or Loc al Regul ations. Al l wiring on boilers installed in Canada shall be made in ac corda nce with the Canadian Electrical Code and/or Loc al Regulations.

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    (avai lable at extra cost). Do not ins tall boiler on carpeting. Do not tam per wi th or alter the boiler or controls. Re tain your cont ra ctor or a compet ent se rv ice man to assure that th e unit is p ro perly adjus ted an d main taine d.

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    (i. e. wood, coal) or gaseous fuel (i. e. natural gas, LP/propane). All flammable debris, rags, paper, wood scraps, etc., should be kept clear of the boiler at all times. Keep the boiler area clean and free of fire hazards.

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    III. Water Piping and Trim ... 12 IV. Venting ... 18 Electrical and Sequence of Operation 20 Figure 1: RSA Packaged Boiler (RSA85 / RSA135) VI. Oil Piping ... 28 VII. System Start-Up ... 30 VIII. Service and Cleaning ... 36...

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    Figure 1A: RSA Packaged Boiler (RSA170 / RSA285) Boiler B are Boiler Model A ssem bly Num ber RS A170 WV-29-10 RS A195 WV-29-13A RS A240 WV-29-16A RS A285 WV-29-19A M inim um Chimney Sizes In. x In. x Ft.

  • Page 7: I. Pre-installation

    1. Listed clearances comply with American National Standard ANSI/NFPA 31, Installation of Oil Burning Equipment. 2. RSA boilers can be installed in rooms with clearances from combustible material as listed above. Listed clearances can not be reduced for alcove or closet installations.

  • Page 8: Provide Combustion/ventilation

    The opening or duct must be sized so the boiler input will not exceed 4,000 BTUH/Sq. In. of free area. If other air consum- ing appliances are near the boiler, the air inlet should be larger.

  • Page 9: Ii. Knockdown Boiler Assembly

    . REMOVAL OF BOILER. 1. Remove, all boiler to skid, hold down fasteners. Refer to Figure 3. 2. Carefully walk boiler to the edge of skid. Tilt the boiler back, allowing an edge to rest on the floor, and remove the skid.

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    Figure 5: Burner Mounting...

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    Figure 6: RSA Jacket Assembly...

  • Page 12: Iii. Water Piping And Trim

    Oxyge n c onta mination of boi ler water will cause corrosion of iron a nd s te el boiler c ompone nts , and can lead to boiler failure. Burnham's Standard Warranty does not cover problems caused by oxy ge n contamination of boiler water or scale (lime ) bui ld-up c aused by freque nt addition of w ater.

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    . After the boiler and system have been cleaned and flushed, and before refilling the entire system add appropriate water treatment chemicals, if necessary, to...

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    Figure 8: Recommended Boiler Piping for Circulator Zoned Heating Systems...

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    Figure 9: Boiler Piping for Zone Valve Zoned Heating Systems...

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    . CONNECT TANKLESS HEATER PIPING AS SHOWN IN FIGURE 11. See Table 1 for Tankless Heater Rating. WARNING Install automatic mixing v alve at tankless hea ter outle t to av oid ris k of burns or scalding due to ex cessive ly hot water at fixtures.

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    Figure 11: Schematic Tankless Heater Piping Table 1: Tankless Heater Ratings Boiler Model RSA(H)85 & 110 RSA110(H)125 & 135 RSA125 & 135 Boiler Model RSA170 RSA195, 240, & 285 S350 S375 PSID 3½ 3¼ 3¾ 3½ STD. #7524 OPT. #7530 PSID 3¾...

  • Page 18: Iv. Venting

    That probably means that the stack temperature from the new boiler will be lower than that from the old boiler and with less room air being drawn up the chimney to dilute the stack gases. The combina-...

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    Figure 12: Recommended Smokepipe Arrangement and Chimney Requirements Figure 13: Draft Regulator Locations...

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    Positively assure all electrical connecti ons are unpow ered before attempting installation or service of elec tric al components or connections of the boiler or bui lding. Lock out all ele ctrical boxes wi th pa dlock once power is turned off.

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    Figure 14: “RSAL” Wiring Less Tankless, Single Circulator Figure 15: “RSAT” or “RSAR” Wiring with Tankless, Single Circulator...

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    Figure 16: Circulator Zoned Wiring for Honeywell R8888...

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    Figure 18: Different Manufacturer’s Zone Valve Connections to Honeywell R8889...

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    The Burnham EC50 00 Control includes a water temperature sensor. Mount this sensor to the sys te m s upply piping. 8. Burnham EC5000 Circulator Zoned System – Refer to Figure 19 of this manual for the electrical diagram for this type of system. Wire the system as indicated in that diagram.

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    Figure 19: Circulator Zoning with EC5000 Wiring Schematic...

  • Page 28: Vi. Oil Piping

    VI. Oil Piping . General. 1. Use flexible oil line(s) so that burner can be removed without disconnecting the oil supply. 2. A supply line fuel oil filter is recommended as a minimum for all firing rates but a pleated paper fuel oil filter is recommended for the lowest firing rate application to prevent nozzle fouling.

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    TABLE 2: SINGLE STAGE UNITS (3450 RPM) TWO PIPE SYSTEMS Maximum Length of Tubing "H" +"R" (See Figure) Lift "H" (See Figure) 3/8" OD Tubing (3 GPH) TABLE 3: TWO-STAGE UNITS (3450 RPM) Lift "H" (See Figure) 1/2" OD Tubing (3 GPH) 100' 100' 100'...

  • Page 30: Vii. System Start-up

    12 psig. 10. Open isolation valve in boiler supply piping. 11. Remove hose from bib cock. CONFIRM that the boiler and system have no water leaks. . CHECK CONTROLS, WIRING AND BURNER to be sure that all connections are tight and burner is rigid.

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    ADJUST OIL PRESSURE 1. Locate oil pressure adjusting screw and turn screw until Pressure Gauge reads the correct pump pressure required for the specific boiler. Refer to table 4 & 4A. 2. DO NOT REMOVE PRESSURE GAUGE until later.

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    The selection of the nozzle supplied with the RSA boiler is the result of extensive testing to obtain the best flame shape and efficient combustion. Other brands of the same spray angle and spray...

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    It chills the flame, causes smoke, and allows unburned fuel to pass through the combustion chamber and clog the flueways of the boiler. h. COLD OIL— If the oil temperature approach- ing the fuel pump is 40°F or lower, poor combustion or delayed ignition may result.

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    Both can result in reduced boiler life. The accumulation of sediment can eventually isolate the water from contacting the steel. When this happens the steel in that area gets extremely hot and eventually cracks.

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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR SHIELD REQUIRED FOR COMBUSTIBLE FLOOR This shield for combustible floors is intended for use only with the following Burnham oil-fired boilers: Use Part Number 6183504 for the following models: RSA(H)85 ADDS 4-3/16” TO BOILER HEIGHT Use Part Number 6183505 for the following models: RSA170 ADDS 5-3/8”...

  • Page 36: Viii. Service And Cleaning

    Assemble the boiler in reverse order. Units should be cleaned at least once a year, preferably at the end of each heating season. It is not necessary to remove burner to clean boiler. Brush, scrape, or vacuum from top. Figure 25: Cleaning of RSA Boiler off.

  • Page 37: Ix. Repair Parts

    All RSA Repair Parts may be obtained through your local Burnham Wholesale distributor. Should you require assistance in locating a Burnham distributor in your area, or have questions regarding the availability of Burnham products or repair parts, please contact your Burnham Regional Sales Office as listed below.

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    REPAIR PARTS NOTE: When ordering parts always give the serial number and model number shown on the boiler. Also provide the name of the part(s) shown below:...

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    1/2" Thick x 2" x 13-3/4" Cerafelt Strip 1/2" Thick x 2" x 18-1/2" Cerafelt Strip Combustion Chamber Cerablanket Base Assembly Machine Screw, Hex Head, 1/4 - 2 x 1/4" Hex Nut, 1/4 - 20 (Heavy Hex) BOILER MODEL DESCRIPTION RSA85 RSA110 RSA125 RSA135 PART NO.

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    NOTE: When ordering parts always give the serial number and model number shown on the boiler. Also provide the name of the part(s) shown below: Figure 27: RSA170-285 Boiler Repair Parts...

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    Block Insulation Assembly Jacket Left S ide Panel Assembly Jacket Upper Front Panel Assembly Jacket Lower Front Panel Assembly Base Assembly Jacket Rear Panel Assembly Jacket Right S ide Panel Assembly Boiler Model DESCRIPTION for Quantity RSA170 6306332 RSA195 6306329...

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    ITEM Jacket Wrap-A-Round Panel, RSA85/110 Jacket Wrap-A-Round P anel, RSA125/135 Temperature / P ressure Gauge Honeywell L8148A1090 Hi-Limit Control Honeywell L8124C1102 Limit Control Observation Port Cover / Hardware Burner Primary Control, R4184D1027 DESCRIPTION Jacket Top Panel PART NUMBER 60435086 60435087 60435088 8056169U 80160449U...

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    FOR REPLACEMENT OIL BURNER PARTS, CONTACT YOUR WHOLESALER OR THE BURNER MANUFACTURER: NOTE: When ordering parts always give the serial and model numbers shown on the boiler and burner. Also, provide the name of the part(s) and part(s) number as listed below.

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    Ordering Information for Quality Replacement Parts Figure 29: BECKETT AFG MODEL BURNER...

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    Ordering Information for Quality Replacement Parts Figure 30: BECKETT AF and SF MODEL BURNERS...

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