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Upright Freezer
Operating Instructions
818 14 33-01/5



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  Summary of Contents for AEG KO_ARCTIS SUPER 2150-6GS

  • Page 1 ÖKO_ARCTIS SUPER 2150-6GS Upright Freezer Operating Instructions 818 14 33-01/5...
  • Page 2 "Something not working". If these instructions should not be sufficient, please contact your local AEG Service Force Centre. Printed on paper manufactured with environmentally sound processes. he who thinks ecologically acts accordingly ...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Instructions ........Environmental Information ........Packaging .
  • Page 4 Contents Maintenance and Cleaning ........25 Internal Cleaning .
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions These warnings are provided in the interests of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using this appliance. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the meanings of these warnings contact the Customer Care Department.
  • Page 6 • Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunctioning. Contact your local AEG Service Force Centre. 818 14 33-01/5...
  • Page 7: Environmental Information

    Environmental Information Packaging All transit packaging materials are environmentally compatible and can be reused. Wood is un-treated. The plastics can be recycled and are identified as follows: >PE< for polyethylene, e.g. the outer covering and the bags in the interior. >PS<...
  • Page 8: Appliance Transport

    Appliance Transport Two persons are required for transport of the appliance. There are two recessed handles at the front of the base and at the back of the appliance at the top for improved gripping. 0 Grip the appliance with the recessed handles positioned as in the dra- wing, and transport the appliance.
  • Page 9: Before Use

    Before Use Packaging 0 Remove all adhesive tape and packaging from the interior of the appliance. Any remnants of adhesive can be removed with white spirit. 0 Remove the transport protection pieces and pull off the adhesive tape. 0 Wash the inside of the appliance with lukewarm water with a little bicarbonate of soda added (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).
  • Page 10: Installation

    Installation Installation Location The appliance should be installed in a well ventilated, dry room. Energy use is affected by the ambient temperature. The appliance should therefore – not be exposed to direct sunlight; – not be installed next to radiators, cookers or other sources of heat; –...
  • Page 11: The Freezer Needs Air

    The freezer needs air Air is fed under the door through the vent slots in the base and is exhausted upwards along the back wall. To ensure proper air circulation never cover or alter the vent openings. Important! If the appliance is installed under, for example, a hanging cabinet, a clearance of at least 10 cm between the top of the appliance and the cabinet...
  • Page 12: Electrical Connection

    Installation Electrical Connection Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage is the same as that indicated on the appliance rating plate.
  • Page 13: Opening The Door

    Opening the door If the door is closed when the appliance is in operation, it cannot be immediately opened again, because a vacuum occurs which holds the door closed until pressure has been equalised. The door can be opened again after several minutes. If your appliance is equipped with a QUICK door opener - an opening mechanism integra-...
  • Page 14 Changing Over The Door Hinges 0 With the door closed, remove the cross-head screws from the lower door bearing and remove the door bearing downwards. 0 Remove the door fitting from the door bearing (1, 2). Move the bea- ring pivot from the right to the left hand hole (3).
  • Page 15 0 Move the upper bearing pivot to the left. 0 Carefully slide the door onto the top bearing pivot and close. 0 Place the lower door bearing with the bearing pivot in the lower left of the door and fasten. 0 Move the door handle from the left to the right and cover the remaining holes with the hole...
  • Page 16: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance View of the appliance Freezer tray with ice cube trays and cold accumulation block Compartments with lids and drawers (for storage and freezing) Drawer (for frozen food storage only) The bottom drawer also serves as a water collector when defrosting Freezer tray A freezer tray with two ice cube trays and one cold accumulation block is inserted at the very top of the freezer compartment.
  • Page 17: Cold Accumulation Block

    Cold accumulation block There is one cold accumulation block in the freezer tray. Refer to the section “Prior to Initial Start–Up” concerning freezing of the cold accumulation block. In the event of a power failure or malfunction, the cold accumulation block will increase the hold over period by several hours, providing it is placed in the uppermost drawer, at the front, above the frozen food.
  • Page 18: Initial Use

    Initial use 1 Warning indicator light (red) 2 WARNING OFF button 3 Fast freeze indicator light (yellow) 4 Fast freeze button 5 Pilot light (green) 6 Temperature regulator and ON/OFF-switch The temperature regulator is also the ON/OFF-switch. A coin is needed to turn the temperature regulator. This makes it more difficult to change the temperature setting accidentally (child protec- tion).
  • Page 19 0 Insert plug into mains socket. 0 Turn the temperature regulator to the desired setting with the aid of a coin. The green pilot light illuminates. The compressor starts and then runs automatically. A warning tone sounds and the red warning light flashes indicating that the required storage temperature has not yet been reached.
  • Page 20: Switching The Appliance Off

    Switching the Appliance Off 0 To switch off, turn the temperature regulator to position "0". The green pilot light goes out. If the appliance is not going to be used for an extended period: 0 Turn the temperature regulator to position "0". The green pilot light goes out.
  • Page 21: Frozen Storage

    0 All foods must be packed air tight prior to freezing, so that they do not dry out or lose their flavour, and so that no flavour contamination of other frozen goods occurs. Caution! Do not touch frozen food with wet hands. Your hands could freeze to the food.
  • Page 22: Preparation Of Ice Cubes

    Preparation of Ice Cubes 0 Fill the ice cube tray 3/4 full with cold water, place it in the freezer and leave to freeze. 0 To loosen the frozen cubes, either bend the ice cube tray or hold it under running water for a few seconds. Important! Never try to free an ice tray that is frozen to the freezer compartment using pointed or sharp edged objects.
  • Page 23: Defrosting

    Defrosting During use and when the door is opened, moisture is deposited as frost inside the appliance, particularly on the evaporator. This frost must be removed from time to time using a soft plastic scraper. Under no cir- cumstances use hard or pointed objects for this purpose. The freezer compartment should always be defrosted when the layer of frost has reached a thickness of approx.
  • Page 24: Hints And Tips

    Hints and Tips Normal Operating Sounds • You may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds when the refrigerant is pumped through the coils or tubing at the rear, to the cooling plate/evaporator. • When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being pumped round and you will hear a whirring sound or pulsating noise from the com- pressor.
  • Page 25: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and Cleaning Before any maintenance or cleaning work is carried out DISCONNECT the appliance from the ELECTRICITY supply. Internal Cleaning 0 Defrost the freezer compartment (see section: "Defrosting"). 0 Clean the inside and accessories with warm water and bicarbonate of soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).
  • Page 26: Something Not Working

    Noise The compressor does not start immedia- tely after changing the temperature set- ting. If after the above checks there is still a fault, call your local AEG Service Force Centre. Solution Check there is power at the socket Check there is not a power cut by checking the household lights.
  • Page 27 In-guarantee customers should ensure that the above checks have been made as the engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a mechani- cal or electrical breakdown. Please note that proof of purchase is required for in-guarantee service calls.
  • Page 28: Technical Terminology

    Technical Terminology • Refrigerant Liquids that can be used to a generate a cooling effect are known as refrigerants. They have a relatively low boiling-point, indeed so low, that the warmth from the food stored in the fridge or freezer can cause the refrigerant to boil and vaporise.
  • Page 29: Guarantee Conditions

    3. Should guarantee repairs be necessary the purchaser must inform the nearest customer service office (manufacturer´s service or authorised agent). AEG reserves the right to stipulate the place of the repair (i. e. the customer´s home, place of installation or AEG workshop).
  • Page 30: European Guarantee

    Guarantee Conditions European Guarantee If you should move to another country within Europe then your guarantee moves with you to your new home subject to the following qualifications: – The guarantee starts from the date you first purchased your product. –...
  • Page 31: Service & Spare Parts

    Customer Care For general enquiries concerning your AEG appliance, or for further information on AEG products, you are invited to contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone: AEG Domestic Appliances Limited 55-77 High Street...
  • Page 32 AEG Hausgeräte GmbH Postfach 1036 D-90327 Nürnberg © Copyright by AEG 818 1433 – 01/5 - 1299...

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