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Sony CDP-CX250 Operating Instructions Manual

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3-856-766-21 (1)
Operating Instructions
1996 by Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony CDP-CX250

  • Page 1 3-856-766-21 (1) Operating Instructions CDP-CX250 1996 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: About This Manual

    The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. CDP-CX250 Serial No.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Unpacking ... 4 Hooking Up the System ... 4 Inserting CDs ... 6 Playing a CD ... 8 Playing CDs Using the Display ... 10 Locating a Specific Disc ... 11 Specifying the Next Disc to Play ... 12 Locating a Specific Track or a Point in a Track ...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Check that you received the following items: • Audio cord (1) • Remote commander (remote) (1) • Sony SUM-3 (NS) batteries (2) • CD booklet holders (2) and label (1) How to use the CD booklet holder The CD booklet holder helps you locate the disc easily.
  • Page 5 CD player Amplifier LINE OUT INPUT • If you have a Sony receiver (amplifier) equipped with the CONTROL A1 jack Be sure to connect the player to the CD IN jacks on the receiver (amplifier). When making this connection, set the COMMAND MODE of the player to CD1 (see the illustration below).
  • Page 6: Inserting Cds

    Getting Started Inserting CDs You can insert up to 200 discs into this player. Front cover POWER Press POWER to turn on the player. Press OPEN. Front cover Turn the JOG dial until you find the disc slot where you want to insert a disc, while checking the disc number (written beside every five slots and also indicated in the display).
  • Page 7 Notes • When you insert an 8 cm (3-inch) CD, be sure to attach a Sony CSA-8 adaptor (not supplied) to the disc. Do not insert an empty 8 cm (3-inch) CD adaptor (CSA-8). It may damage the player.
  • Page 8: Playing A Cd

    Basic Operations Playing a CD CONTINUE SHUFFLE PROGRAM REPEAT POWER GROUP 1 TIMER PLAY GROUP 5 See pages 4 – 5 for the hookup information. Make sure you have inserted the discs correctly as indicated on page 6. You can play all the tracks on a disc in the original order (Continuous Play).
  • Page 9 When you turn off the player To stop playback The player remembers the Press p. last playing disc and the play mode (Continuous, Shuffle (see page 13) or Program (see page 14)). When you turn on the player again, therefore, the player plays the same disc in the same play mode.
  • Page 10: Playing Cds

    Playing CDs Playing CDs Using the Display You can check information about the disc using the display. ENTER TIME/TEXT TIME/TEXT Checking the total number and playing time of the tracks Select the disc you want to check, and press ENTER in the Continuous Play mode.
  • Page 11: Locating A Specific Disc

    To play disc highlights Some CD-TEXT discs have a feature to play only the highlights of the discs. Press EXTRA to start playing disc highlights in the stop mode. “·” flashes while playing disc highlights. If you press EXTRA while selecting discs without this feature, “NO EXTRA”...
  • Page 12: Specifying The Next Disc To Play

    Playing CDs Notes • When searching input characters, blanks and symbols before the first character in the Disc Memo are ignored. • When searching input characters, upper and lower cases cannot be differentiated. Turn the JOG dial to find the disc you want. As you turn the JOG dial, the Disc Memos starting with the input character appear in the display.
  • Page 13: Playing Repeatedly

    Note If “OVER” appears in the display, the disc has reached the end while you were pressing ). Press 0 or ≠ to go back. Playing Repeatedly You can play discs/tracks repeatedly in any play mode. REPEAT Press REPEAT while playing a disc. “REPEAT”...
  • Page 14: Creating Your Own Program (Program Play)

    Playing CDs You can go to the next disc during 1 DISC Shuffle Play Press DISC SKIP +. You can specify the next disc to play during 1 DISC Shuffle Play Turn the JOG dial to specify the next disc. After all the tracks on the current disc are played in random order, the next disc starts playing.
  • Page 15 The programs remain even after Program Play ends When you press ·, you can play the same program again. When you press PROGRAM during Continuous or Shuffle Play The program will be played after the current track. The programs remain until you erase them If you replace discs, the programmed disc and track numbers remain.
  • Page 16: Playing Using A Timer

    Playing CDs Checking the programmed order You can check your program before or after you start playing. Press CHECK. Each time you press this button, the display shows the disc and track number of each step in the programmed order. (When a whole disc is programmed as one step, “ALL”...
  • Page 17: Storing Information About Cds (Custom Files)

    Storing Information About CDs (Custom Files) What You Can Do With the Custom Files The player can store three types of information called “Custom Files” for each disc. Once you have stored Custom Files for a disc, the player automatically recalls what you have stored whenever you select the disc.
  • Page 18 Storing Information About CDs (Custom Files) Turn the JOG dial until the character you want appears in the display. The cursor disappears and the first space for the Disc Memo flashes. As you turn the JOG dial clockwise, the characters appear in the following order.
  • Page 19: Storing Specific Tracks (Delete Bank)

    Example: To select the letter E Press the number button 3 twice. Press 3. Press 3. Press 3. To insert a space, press TRACK/SPACE once. To input a number, press DISC/CAPS twice in Step 4, then press the number button you want. To input symbols, press the number button 1 repeatedly until the symbol you want appears in the display.
  • Page 20: Grouping Discs (Group File)

    Storing Information About CDs (Custom Files) Press CLEAR. “DELETE FILE” appears, and “DELETE” flashes in the display. ALL DISC S DISC TRACK 1 DELETE If you want to recover the track, press CLEAR again. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to delete more tracks. You can recover all the tracks you have deleted Hold down CLEAR until “ALL SELECT”...
  • Page 21 Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to input more characters. See also “Labeling discs on the player” on page 17 for details. Press INPUT to store the Group Memo. Erasing the Group Memo Follow Steps 1 to 3 in “Labeling groups” to select the Group Memo you want to erase.
  • Page 22: Additional Information

    • When transporting the player, press OPEN then remove all the discs from the player and turn the power off. If you have any questions or problems concerning your player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Notes on CDs On handling CDs •...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    If you experience any of the following difficulties while using the player, use this troubleshooting guide to help you remedy the problem. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer. There is no sound. /Check that the player is connected securely.
  • Page 24: Index

    12 a specific point 12 by monitoring 12 by observing the display 12 directly 12 discs 11 using AMS 12 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia M, N, O Memo Scan 11 Memo Search 11 P, Q Playback...