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38 Built-in Formula Table
Name of Formula
Formula (Equation)
Triangular area
Circular area
Fan-shaped area
Parallelogrammic area
Elliptical area
Trapeziform area
Spherical suface area
Cylindrical surface area
Spherical volume
Cylindrical volume
Coniform volume
Sum of arithmetic progression
Sum of geometric progression
Sum of square number
Sum of cubic number
Distance between arbitrary two points
Included angle of the intersecting lines
Law of cosines
Law of sines
Displacement of uniformly accelerated linear motion
Velocity of uniformly accelerated linear motion
Period of circular motion (1)
Period of circular motion (2)
Period of simple pendulum
Electric oscillation frequency
Resistive formula
Joule's theorem (1)
Joule's theorem (2)
Resistance of shunt resistance
Kinetic energy
Gravitational potential energy
Centrifugal force (1)
Centrifugal force (2)
The law of gravity
Electric field intensity
Heron's Formula
Refractive index
Critical angle of total reflection
* The above 38 formulas are built-in the F-710, F-716S and F-766S

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