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LG GR-J303UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Service center

P.O. Box240007
201 James Record Road
Huntsville, AL 35824
Kimchi refrigerator
User's Guide
Model: GR-J303UG
P/No. 3828JD8938D



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  • Page 1: Service Center

    Service center Address: P.O. Box240007 201 James Record Road Huntsville, AL 35824 Call: 1-800-243-0000 Web: Kimchi refrigerator User's Guide Model: GR-J303UG GR-J303TG P/No. 3828JD8938D...
  • Page 2 Advantages of the product Keep Kimchi, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish for short-term preservation in Kimchi room, and other frozen and refrigerated food and Kimchi in Plusroom. Multi-purpose Plusroom can keep various food thanks to its refrigeration and Kimchi preservation function. The elegant design of the product fits any place in the kitchen.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of content • Name and function of operating control parts ... 16 • Storing Kimchi in the upper compartment ... 18 • Underground fermenting (seasoning) Kimchi in the upper compartment ... 19 • Storing Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi ... 20 •...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions must be observed to prevent accident or injury. Keep this manual in a convenient place where it is readily available for reference. This symbol indicates a warning about a specific event or condition. ▶ Warning Plugging in several products to the outlet can cause a fire.
  • Page 5 There is a danger of electric shot of fire from electrical damage to the power line. Damaged power cord can cause a fire or an electric shock. There is a danger of explosion or fire. If the cord or plug are dusty or wet, or has a poor connection, it can cause a fire and...
  • Page 6 Safety precautions It can cause a fire or electrical shock or cause an injury from falling off. It may degrade the insulation of electrical parts and cause an injury, fire or electrical shock. There is a danger of fire, injury or electrical shock.
  • Page 7 Water will degrade the insulation, posing a shock hazard. It can cause a fire. The refrigerator can fall over. Especially, if the refrigerator is installed on the veranda, the child can fall over the veranda to result in death. When the refrigerator is installed unstably, it can fall over to cause death.
  • Page 8 Safety precautions It can cause injury or damage to the house or furniture ▶ Cautions when the directions are violated. Always be cautious. It can cause an electric shock or short circuit. Kimchi goes sour soon, if the drawer is not closed properly because of some stuff or garbage stuck in the drawer packing.
  • Page 9: Installation Method

    Installation method It can cause electrical shock in case of a problem or leakage. It can cause discoloration. Maintain suitable clearance around the appliance as shown in the figure. If there is insufficient clearance, the appliance More performance than 30cm. deteriorates and the electricity More...
  • Page 10 Installation method Ground safely. ■ In the event of an electric short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. ■ In order to prevent possible electric shock, this appliance must be grounded. ■...
  • Page 11: Moving And Voltage Changing Method

    Moving and voltage changing method When transporting Before transportation • Tape the Plusroom door, Kimchi containers and drawer baskets after taking out all the food. • Turn the horizontal adjusting leg counterclockwise( tighten it. • Hang the power cord to the hanger on the back of the appliance and tape it.
  • Page 12 Upper Compartment jPlusroomkFunction Change Methods • You can change the compartment to freezer, Kimchi compartment or refrigerator for various uses depending on the type of food to store. Lock & Lock Kimchi container Two large Kimchi containers go in the 2 and 3 shelf exclusively for Plus Room.
  • Page 13 How to take out the Kimchi container from the Plus Room 1. Take out the lower room shelf first and then push in the cool air locking cover. 2. Hold the handle of the Kimchi container and take it out by slightly lifting to the front. Push in the cool air locking the gap with the upper shelf.
  • Page 14: Name Of Each Part

    Name of Each Part Plus Room It can be used for various purpose of freezer/refrigerator/Kimchi compartment. Refer to page 12 on how to use the Plus Room. ※ the Kimchi container is included as default. Drawer basket This basket holds Kimchi comtainers.
  • Page 15: Using Method Of Operating Control Parts

    Using method of operating control parts Name and Function of Operating Control Parts Storing Kimchi in the upper compartment Underground fermenting (seasoning) Kimchi in the upper compartment Storing Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi Rhythm fermenting(Seasoning) Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi Storing the flavor of Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi Storing Vegetable/fruit, Light freezing Storing Frozen/Refrigerated Food Touch button function...
  • Page 16: Name And Function Of Operating Control Parts

    Before actually making and storing Kimchi, read and understand the name and function of each button. To use the LG Kimchi Refrigerator, you must press the Lock/Unlock button for • Press the Lock/Unlock button for more than two seconds before operating any other function.
  • Page 17 ▶ The display shape (display window) may be different more than 2 seconds to unlock the control. Kimchi • Cabbage Kimchi, Old Kimchi • Cabbage Kimchi, Broth Kimchi • ※ Fermentation degree can be selected differently according to the preserved food. (Refer to Ex) upper Ferment "Rhythmic Fermenting (Seasoning) of Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Radish Kimchi/Broth Kimchi"...
  • Page 18: Storing Kimchi In The Upper Compartment

    Using method of operating control parts Storing Kimchi in the upper compartment To store Kimchi in the upper compartment 2초 [Upper : Kimchi : Mid] • Press the "Lock/Unlock" button more than 2 seconds. The lamp above the Lock/Unlock button is turned off, and the control becomes unlocked.
  • Page 19: Underground Fermenting (Seasoning) Kimchi In The Upper Compartment

    Underground fermenting (seasoning) Kimchi in the upper compartment To ferment Kimchi in the upper compartment or in the lower compartment If you select the underground ferment (seasoning), the storing period Cautions will be shorter than selecting store. 2 sec If you press the "Ferment" button even while storing in refrigerator, freezer or vegetable/fruit the Kimchi will be selected to set to underground fermentation.
  • Page 20: Storing Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi

    Using method of operating control parts Storing Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi To store Kimchi in the Middle or Lower compartment It can be kept at the standard temperature. 2 sec ※ Because all compartments, upper, middle and lower, are automatically set to store Kimchi when you initially connect the power, if you store the type of food that requires different storage temperature (Ex, food for freezer, vegetable, food for refrigerator), it can go bad or freeze.
  • Page 21 [Middle : Cabbage Kimchi : Mid] • Select the desired Kimchi type and storing stage by pressing the "Middle Store" button "Lower Store" button • Every time you press the button, the menu will switch as follows. < Middle > Cabbage Kimchi : Mid →...
  • Page 22: Rhythm Fermenting (Seasoning) Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi

    Using method of operating control parts Rhythm fermenting (seasoning) Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi To ferment Kimchi in middle compartment ※ Available only in middle compartment ※ The remaining time differs by the season the Kimchi is made, weather temperature and temperature of the Kimchi.
  • Page 23 [Middle : Cabbage Kimchi : Ferment] • Select the type of Kimchi and the fermenting stage by pressing the Middle Ferment button. Every time you press the button, the menu will switch as follows. Cabbage Kimchi (Total of 4 stages) Old Kimchi (Total of 3 stages) ※...
  • Page 24: Storing The Flavor Of Cabbage Kimchi/Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi

    Using method of operating control parts Storing the flavor of Cabbage Kimchi/ Old Kimchi/Broth Kimchi To store, using "Flavor Keeping" This function maintains the current flavor of the stored Kimchi for a long time. 2 sec To ferment two types of Kimchi in one compartment If you ferment two types of different Kimchi in one compartment, they can be under-fermented or over-fermented.
  • Page 25 [upper:Kimchi:Mid:Flavor Keeping] [middle:Kimchi:Mid:Flavor Keeping] [lower:cabbage Kimchi:Mid:Flavor Keeping] • When you press the "upper compartment Flavor Keeping"button, the top compartment Flavor Keeping function is selected and when you press the button again, canceled. • Flavor Keeping can only be selected for Kimchi and cannot be selected for freezer/refrigerator.
  • Page 26: Storing Vegetable/Fruit, Light Freezin

    Using method of operating control parts Storing vegetable/fruit, light freezin Vegetable/Fruit ~ This function stores the vegetable/fruit fresh for a long time. Light freezing ~ This is good for storing raw fish or meat to eat within 10 days. ※ When you select Light Freezing and store Broth Kimchi or vegetable/fruit, it can freeze.
  • Page 27: Storing Frozen/Refrigerated Foo

    Storing Frozen/Refrigerated Foo Storing frozen food ※ Available only in the upper compartment. Frozen food ~ Store food that should be preserued for a long time and frozen food. 2초 [Upper : Frozen Food : Max] If you freeze or refrigerate food after strong Kimchi in Plusroom, the Kimchi smell may soak into the ■...
  • Page 28: Caution During Vegetable/Fruit And Light Freezing

    Using method of operating control parts Caution during vegetable/fruit and light freezing Note the following when storing vegetable/fruit ■ To store vegetable or fruit for a long time Because washed vegetables can turn bad easily, do not wash the vegetable before storing. Because leaf vegetables (sesame leaves, lettuce etc.) cannot be stored for a long time, wrap them in a newspaper or a sealed container to increase their storage period.
  • Page 29: How To Make Delicious Old Kimchi

    Tips How to make delicious old Kimchi The basic ingredients of old Kimchi are Kimchi cabbages, red pepper powder, minced garlic, minced ginger, leek, salted anchovies (little), salted shrimps, salt etc. The ingredients can be prepared by the ratio on the right table. Basically the old Kimchi must be made saltier than the common Kimchi.
  • Page 30: Caution When Fermenting Old Kimchi

    Tips Caution when fermenting old Kimchi Note the following when fermenting old Kimchi. ■ Old Kimchi takes a long period of about 23 to 30 days to ferment. If the power is turned off during the fermenting process or if the door is kept open, the taste of Kimchi can be different.
  • Page 31 After fermenting old Kimchi... ■ Since old Kimchi is far more acid than any other fermented food, Kimchi may smell badly during and after fermentation. To reduce the smell, clean the container and the inside of the drawer with neutral detergent after fermentation is completed. What is old Kimchi? This refers to the Kimchi in the jar for more than a year to maximum of 5 years.
  • Page 32: General Knowledge About Kimchi

    General knowledge about Kimchi Fermentation begins when salt is added to the Kimchi. Various substances within the cabbage and other vegetables begin to ferment and proteins are decomposed in the process. Thus, Kimchi will ferment and be seasoned even at low temperature. This is how Kimchi is slowly seasoned during the cold winter time.
  • Page 33 Because Kimchi is a live food, it will go bad after a long period of time, but scientifically to extend the storage of Kimchi, you need to store it in low temperature (near 0℃) and make it saltier. And if you store the Kimchi below the juice and put a clean vinyl wrap or Fresh vegetable on top of it, you can extend the period of storing the Kimchi by reducing oxidation.
  • Page 34: Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning instructions For safety always unplug the appliance before cleaning it. Pull up the cover of the deodorizer to separate the deodorizer. Dry the deodorizer with a hair dryer or on the sunlight. And then put it back in the deodorizer cover to reassemble it.
  • Page 35 Wipe with a damp cloth. Use a neutral, non-abrasive detergent. Always wipe with clean cloth after using neutral detergent. Don’t use abrasive, petroleum-based cleaner, benzene, lacquer thinner, hydrochloric acid, boiling water or a stiff or wife brush. These and similar items will damage the outer case of your appliance.
  • Page 36: Proper Food Storage

    Proper food storage When using the Kimchi container, fill it up to the line so that the juice does not get spilled over and before sure to close the lid tightly to reduce any exposure to air. This will help prevent Kimchi from turning sour and forming molds on the surface.
  • Page 37: Not A Problem

    Not a problem Kimchi flavor The storing temperature of Kimchi is around 0℃. The freezing temperature changed according to type of Kimchi, spices, amount of salt etc. At this time, low the storing temperature of the Kimchi. If the storing temperature is "Max", set to "Mid" or "Min". If the storing temperature is "Mid", set to "Min"...
  • Page 38 Not a problem Temperature To prevent moisture, heating pipes are installed on the front and around the product. You may feel that it is hot, especially when you first use this product or in summer. But, this is very normal, and do not worry to use it. Noise This is the noise coming from the compressor or fan when the refrigerator starts or ends operating just like a...
  • Page 39 Icing, dew, ice, water, mold This is the same effect as water forming on a cold glass of water. If the refrigerator is installed at a humid location or during the rainy season when it is hot and humid, sometimes the dew drops form on the outer side of the refrigerator.
  • Page 40 Checkpoints before requesting for service 고장신고 전에 이런점을 확인하세요 When the cooling does not work at all When the cooling is not working well When you hear a weird noise Check Is the power shut-down? Is the power plug unplugged from the outlet? Is the installed location too hot or cold?
  • Page 41: Refrigerating Food

    Check When the Did you put the juicy food that can refrigerating food be easily frozen in the cold air outlet? is freezing (over cooling condition) Is the storing temperature set to "Max"? Did you set the food type as "Light Freezing?"...
  • Page 42: Customer Rights

    When a problem occurred from mistakenly connecting to a wrong voltage. ❹ When a problem occurred from using parts or supplies not from LG Electronics. ❺ When parts are missing or the product is damaged from customer’s disassembly.
  • Page 43: Product Specification

    Model name Classification Total capacity Capacity Kimchi storage Width Depth Product size Height Rated voltage and frequency Weight GR-J303UG/TG 300L 300L 666mm (26.22in) 667mm (26.26in) (excluding handle size) 1775mm (69.88in) AC 115V 60Hz 113kg (249lb)
  • Page 44 MEMO...

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