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LG HT762PZ Owner's Manual

LG HT762PZ Owner's Manual

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Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read this instruction booklet carefully and


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  • Page 1 HT762PZ-A0_DCANLL_ENG_1791 DVD RECEIVER OWNER’S MANUAL MODEL: HT762PZ Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely. HT762PZ SH72PZ-F SH72PZ-S SH72PZ-C SH72PZ-W...
  • Page 2 CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. This lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: PLEASE READ AND OBSERVE ALL WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS OWNER’S MANUAL. AND THOSE MARKED ON THE PRODUCT. RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. This product has been designed and manufactured to assure personal safety. Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Play, Pause, Scan, Skip, Stop, Power Off, etc. • Refer to the TV owner’s manual for the details of SIMPLINK function. • LG TV with SIMPLINK function has the logo as shown above. • Use a higher version cable than 1.2A HDMI...
  • Page 5: Before Use

    Introduction Before use To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and retain it for future reference. This manual provides information on the operation and maintenance of your DVD/CD Receiver. Should the unit require service, contact an authorized service location.
  • Page 6: Front Panel/Rear Panel

    Front Panel/Rear Panel POWER DISC Tray AUDIO IN connector USB port Connect to a USB port of a memory device (USB memory etc.) Power Cord Cooling fan OPTICAL IN connector AM Loop Antenna connectors COMPONENT VIDEO OUT terminals Connect to a TV with Y P HDMI output providing a high quality interface for digital audio and video.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Remote Control POWER TUNER Selects the System’s tuner (FM, AM bands). Selects input source. Plays the multimedia files. DIMMER Changes brightness of the display window on the front panel during in power-on status. AUDIO Selects an audio language (DVD) or an audio channel (CD).
  • Page 8: Installation And Setup

    Installation and Setup TV Connection Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment. Tips: Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you could connect the DVD/CD Receiver. Use one of the connections described below.
  • Page 9: Optional Equipment Connection

    Optional Equipment Connection DVD Player (or Digital Device, etc) OPTICAL To AUDIO OUT (L/R) USB Memory, MP3 Player (or Memory Card Reader, etc.) To AV IN AUDIO (L/R) INPUT MONITOR L - AUX - R COMPONENT VIDEO (PROGRESSIVE SCAN) OUT PUT Rear of DVD/CD Receiver USB connection (U) Connect the USB port of USB Memory (or MP3...
  • Page 10: Assembling The Speaker Stand To The Speaker

    Assembling the speaker stand to the speaker Before connecting the speakers, assemble the speaker stand to the speaker as illustrated. 1. Fix the post to the Hole Post base by rotating the post. And Draw the Base speaker cord through the hole on the base.
  • Page 11: Hdmi Connection

    HDMI Connection About HDMI HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) supports both video and audio on a single digital connection for an easy all- digital output to an HDMI or DVI-equipped TV. Connection to an HDMI TV requires an HDMI cable while connection to a DVI-equipped TV requires a DVI adapter besides a HDMI cable.
  • Page 12: Displaying Disc Information On-Screen

    Displaying Disc Information On - screen You can display various information about the disc loaded on-screen. 1. Press DISPLAY to show various playback information. The displayed items differ depending on the disc type or playing status. 2. You can select an item by pressing v / V and change or select the setting by pressing b / B.
  • Page 13: Audio

    AUDIO Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options. Set the receiver’s AUDIO options according to the type of audio system you use. AUDIO 5.1 Speaker Setup Select Vocal HD AV Sync 0 ms Move Select Dynamic Range Control (DRC) With the DVD* format, you can hear a program’s soundtrack in the most accurate and realistic...
  • Page 14: Lock (Parental Control)

    LOCK (Parental Control) LOCK Rating Unlock Password **** Area Code Move Rating Blocks playback of rated DVDs based on their contents. Not all discs are rated. 1. Select “Rating” on the LOCK menu then press B. 2. To access the LOCK options, you must input the password you have created.
  • Page 15: Operation

    Operation General features Buttons Operations Z (OPEN / CLOSE) Opens or closes the disc tray. X (PAUSE) During playback, press X to pause playback. Press X repeatedly to play Frame-by-Frame. SKIP (. / >) During playback, press SKIP (. or >) to go to the next chapter/track or to return to the beginning of the current chapter/track.
  • Page 16: Additional Features

    Notes on general features: Zoom may not work on some DVDs. The A-B repeat function is available only in the current title. Additional features 1.5 times speed playback You can play at 1.5 times speed. The 1.5 speed allows you to watch the pictures and listen to the sound quicker than playing at a normal speed on the disc.
  • Page 17: Playing An Audio Cd Or Mp3/Wma File

    Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA file This unit can play Audio CDs or MP3/WMA files. MP3/ WMA/ Audio CD Once you insert a CD with MP3/WMA files or Audio, a menu appears on the TV screen. Press v / V to select a track/file and then press PLAY or ENTER, and playback starts.
  • Page 18: Viewing A Jpeg File

    Viewing a JPEG file JPEG This unit can play discs with JPEG files. Before playing JPEG recordings, read the notes on JPEG Recordings on the right. 1. Insert a disc and close the tray. The PHOTO menu appears on the TV screen. PHOTO List Preview...
  • Page 19: Playing A Divx Movie File

    Playing a DivX Movie file Using this DVD/CD Receiver you can play DivX disc. 1. Insert a disc and close the tray. The MOVIE menu appears on the TV screen. MOVIE 0:00:00 List Movie Folder 1 Movie Folder 2 Movie Folder 3 Movie Folder 4 Movie Folder 5 Movie Folder 6...
  • Page 20: Dvd Audio Discs

    DVD Audio Discs DVD Audio is a new disc format building on the success of DVD to provide high quality, uncompressed, multi-channel audio for a new experience in audio quality. A DVD Audio disc can be identified by the DVD audio logo on the disc jacket or on the disc itself.
  • Page 21: Presetting The Radio Stations

    Presetting the Radio Stations You can preset 50 stations for FM and AM (MW). Before tuning, make sure that you have turned down the volume. 1. Press TUNER on the remote control until FM or AM (MW) appears in the display window. 2.
  • Page 22: Sleep Timer Setting

    XTS ON → NORMAL → XTS-P ON... XTS-P ON The unique sound quality of the LG Technology creates the optimum sound for you to play the perfect playback of the original sound and to feel the living sound source.
  • Page 23: Controlling Your Tv With The Suppllied Remote Control

    Controlling other TVs with the Supplied Remote Control You can control the sound level, input source, and power switch of non-LG TVs as well. If your TV is listed in the table below, set the appropriate manufacturer code. (refer to page 28) 1.
  • Page 24 01,09,16,17,18,19 FISHER 28,29 FUNAI 46,47 GENERAL ELECTRIC 03,10,11,13,37,44 GRADIENTE 01,56,57,63,67 HITACHI 09,14,15,43 JC PENNEY 01,08,10,27,35 20,21,63,67 KIOTE 01,08,09,31 LG (GOLDSTAR) 01,07,08,09,35,39,40 LODGENET LOGIK 09,24,25,26,27,28,29 MAGNAVOX 01,02,04,05,06, 07,08,09,20, 34,35,43,51,61,62,65 MAJESTIC MARANTZ 01,32 MEMOREX MGA/MITSUBISHI 01,08,32,34 Notes: • Depending on your TV, some or all buttons may not function on the TV, even after entering the correct manufacturer code.
  • Page 25: Reference

    Reference Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Language Abkhazian 6566 Fiji Afar 6565 Finnish Afrikaans 6570 French Albanian 8381 Frisian Ameharic 6577 Galician Arabic 6582 Georgian...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service. Symptom • The power cord is disconnected. No power. • No disc is inserted. The power is on, but the DVD/CD Receiver does not work. •...
  • Page 27 Symptom • The antenna is positioned or connected Radio stations cannot poorly. be tuned in. • The signal strength of the stations is too weak (when tuning in with automatic tuning). • No stations have been preset or preset stations have been cleared (when tuning by scanning preset stations).
  • Page 28: Specifications

    Specifications Power supply Power consumption Net Weight External dimensions (W x H x D) Operating conditions Operating humidity Laser Signal system Frequency response (audio) Signal-to-noise ratio (audio) Dynamic range (audio) Harmonic distortion (audio) Video input Video output COMPONENT VIDEO OUT Tuning Range Intermediate Frequency Signal-to Noise Ratio...

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