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Whirlpool ARIEL ARL-702 Installation Manual

Whirlpool ARIEL ARL-702 Installation Manual


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Installation Manual
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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool ARIEL ARL-702

  • Page 1 Whirlpool Installation Manual ARL- Serial Number:...
  • Page 2 ENGLISH Air Regulator Pneumatic Switch Handshower Faucet: Hot Valve Faucet: Selector Valve Faucet: Cold Valve Water Jet Outlets Drain System & Fill Faucet Water Jet Suction...
  • Page 3 52.6 46.9 33.5 20.2 14.6 33.5 66.9 *Actual Drain-Cutout Location Cold Water Power Outlet Hot Water *Flex-Drain Location *Optional: Flex-Drain Drain Location All measurements are converted from millimeters. Designs and sizes can vary. We accept no liability for manufacturing tolerances, product changes, or editing errors.
  • Page 4 Flowchart Adjust leveling legs. Remove access panel. l c c ENGLISH ENGLISH Air Regulator Faucet: Cold Valve Pneumatic Switch Drain Switch & Fill Faucet Handshower Water Jet Suction Faucet: Hot Valve Water Pump Faucet: Selector Valve Water Jet...
  • Page 5 Install handshower. Review connections. Rated Voltage AC 110-120v 60hz Rated Current Normal Rated Power 1500w Recommended Power Service GFCI-Protected 20A Water Pipe Dimensions 1/2" Drainage Pipe Dimensions 1 1/2" (40mm) Max. Hot Water Temperature 176‘F (80‘C) Recommended Hot Water 149‘F (65‘C) Operating Pressure Max 116 PSI (8 bar / 0.8 mPa) Recommended Operating Pressure...
  • Page 6 Connect any ground connections to your household ground. Test functions. Check for leaks. Ensure all connections are tight. Connect water connections and electrical supply. Install access panel. Power Receptacle Power Receptacle...