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l Features ··················································2
l Tips on Use ·············································2
l Points to Note ··········································3
l Safety Precautions ··································4
l Attentions ················································5
l Names and Functions of Parts ················6
Main Unit
Control Panel
l Preparation ·············································8
l Operation ················································9
l Operating the Louvre ····························10
l Automatic Cleaning (Pre-filter) ············11
l Cleaning
l Troubleshooting ····································17
l Specifications ························· Back cover
l Before use, please read this instruction manual carefully to
ensure proper and safe use.
l Make sure you receive the warranty card from your dealer
and ensure that it contains all the information such as your
purchase date and the name of the dealer, etc.
l Please keep the instruction manual and warranty card.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MA-E85R-A

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    AIR PURIFIER MODEL MA-E85R-A Table of Contents INSTRUCTION MANUAL Page l Features ··················································2 l Tips on Use ·············································2 l Points to Note ··········································3 l Safety Precautions ··································4 l Attentions ················································5 l Names and Functions of Parts ················6 Main Unit Control Panel l Preparation ·············································8...
  • Page 2: Features

    Features Quickly eliminates contamination in the air before it spreads into your room using a PM2.5 Sensor and Smart Search. l Smart Search l PM2.5 Sensor The louvre moves in 5 stages and automatically Improved small particle detection speed and accuracy. searches for contamination in the air.
  • Page 3: Points To Note

    Points to Note Before Installation The positions of the air inlets, outlet, PM2.5 Sensor, and odor sensor Odor sensor are as shown in the diagram on the right. Observe the following (inside unit) points. Do not block the air inlets and outlet by placing an object near it. →...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions „ To prevent personal injury, injury to others, or property damage, the following precautions must be observed. „ The following categories describe hazards caused by mishandling „ The meanings of the graphic symbols used in this manual and on the and their levels.
  • Page 5: Attentions

    CAUTION Do not allow flammable gas to be Do not use the unit in a location with the sucked inside or use the unit where oily smoke of machine oil or other oil. flammable gas accumulates. This may cause cracking, resulting in electric shock. (Factory, beauty salon, etc.) Do not wipe the unit with benzene or This may cause fire.
  • Page 6: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts Main Unit Odor sensor Front Detects cigarette odor and other odors. P.7, 14 Pre-filter unit Special washable Control panel (How the Cleaning Mechanism activated charcoal filter Works P.11 ) (Activated charcoal Platinum catalyst Pre-filter P.8, 12–13 filter) Consumable part P.16...
  • Page 7 Control Panel Operation P.9 Operation P.9 l Manual switch l Auto switch Changes the air volume. Changes the operation. l Air volume lamps (green) l Operation mode lamps (green) Indicate the air volume during operation. Indicate the operation mode. Automatic Cleaning P.11 Operation P.9 Operating the Louvre P.10 l Auto Cleaning switch...
  • Page 8: Preparation

    Preparation Take the activated charcoal filter out of its plastic bag and then install it. Remove the inlet panel. Attach the filters to the main unit. 1 Activated charcoal filter 2 HEPA filter Pull the inlet panel toward you while pressing the levers at the Push the filter all the way in Confirm the installation bottom.
  • Page 9: Operation

    Operation Select from Manual operation (five air volume levels), Auto operation (Normal, Night and Turbo). Insert the power plug into the power outlet. Insert the power plug, wait for the “blip” sound, and then press the operation On/Off switch. (If operation does not start after pressing the operation On/Off switch, press it again.) Start operation.
  • Page 10: Operating The Louvre

    Operating the Louvre When Smart Search is turned ON, the louvre moves in 5 stages and automatically searches for contamination in the air. It can be used in any operation mode. Blip l The Smart Search lamp lights up. l The operation switches between OFF and ON each time you press the switch. When the operation On/Off switch is turned OFF, the louvre closes automatically to prevent dust from entering the main unit.
  • Page 11: Automatic Cleaning (Pre-Filter)

    Automatic Cleaning (Pre-filter) A cleaning mechanism inside the main unit cleans the pre-filter automatically. The pre-filter is cleaned automatically in the following cases. Automatic cleaning is not performed while the Clean Dust Box lamp is lit. Empty the dust box and then reset it. P.14 l When the Auto Cleaning switch l The Auto Cleaning lamp lights up.
  • Page 12: When Dirty

    Cleaning To maintain the performance, perform cleaning regularly. When you clean the unit and filters, always wear a mask and gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning. When Dirty Timing and Parts to Clean HEPA filter, pre-filter, and l Main unit P.12 l HEPA filter, pre-filter, When dirty...
  • Page 13 dust box unit 2 Turn the knobs (4 places) to the lock position. Wash the pre-filter in water and then allow it to dry sufficiently in the shade. Knobs Wash with a soft sponge or the like. (4 places) Do not use a brush or the like. This may damage the pre-filter.
  • Page 14: When The Clean Dust Box Lamp Lights Up Or Approximately Once Every Four Months

    Cleaning (Cont.) When you clean the unit and filters, always wear a mask and gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning. When the Clean Dust Box Lamp Lights Approximately Once a Month Up or Approximately Once Every Four Sensors Months (Odor sensor and PM2.5 Sensor) Dust box...
  • Page 15: When There Is An Odor Coming Out Of The Air Outlet

    When There is an Odor Coming Out of the Air Outlet Platinum catalyst and activated charcoal filter Remove the inlet panel, pre-filter unit, Allow the platinum catalyst and and HEPA filter. activated charcoal filter to dry. Allow them to dry properly in a well-ventilated place in the shade for approximately six hours (the drying time differs Remove the activate charcoal filter.
  • Page 16: Replacement Of Filters And Disposal

    Replacement of Filters and Disposal Replace the filters with new ones when the time for replacement is reached. Replacing the HEPA filter and activated Disposal charcoal filter Dispose of the filters and main unit in accordance with the local regulations on disposal. l When the Replace Filter lamp lights up l HEPA filter The lamp lights up after approximately 8 years with “Silent”...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before requesting repairs, thoroughly read this Instruction Manual, and check the following points. Symptom Cause and Remedy l Has the power plug become disconnected? → Firmly insert the power plug into the power outlet. The air purifier does not operate. l Is an air volume lamp or operation mode lamp lit? (Is the operation On/Off switch ON?) →...
  • Page 18 Troubleshooting (Cont.) Symptom Cause and Remedy When looked through the air outlet during operation, the l This is not a problem as long as there is no abnormal noise or abnormal vibration. blower fan is vibrating. When the power plug is l Did you disconnect the power plug while the operation On/Off switch is ON? disconnected, sometimes a bleep →...
  • Page 19 Note...
  • Page 20: Specifications

    547 (H) × 425 (W) × 244 (D) mm Cord length 1.8 m SOLE AGENT in Australia MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. (Incorporated in New South Wales) ABN 58 001 215 792 348 Victoria Road, Rydalmere NSW 2116 For more information and support contact Website:

Table of Contents