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Acer  One 10 User Manual

Acer One 10 User Manual

The computer and the keyboard
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  • Page 1 User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Regulatory model number: N15P2 Sign up for an Acer ID and enjoy great benefits Open the Acer Portal app from the Start screen to sign up for an Acer ID or sign in if you already have an Acer ID.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Taking care of your computer ..... 6 Battery pack Taking care of your AC adapter ....6 Cleaning and servicing........ 7 Battery characteristics ......25 Your Acer computer tour Charging the battery ......... 25 Optimizing battery life ....... 26 Computer..........8 Checking the battery level......27 Cover view ..........
  • Page 4 • Where to find the power button, ports and connectors • Tips and tricks for using the touchpad and keyboard • How to create recovery backups • Guidelines for connecting to a network and using Bluetooth • Information on using Acer’s bundled software...
  • Page 5: First Things First

    First things first - 5 I R S T T H I N G S F I R S T We would like to thank you for making this Acer computer your choice for meeting your mobile computing needs. Your guides...
  • Page 6: Taking Care Of Your Computer

    6 - First things first You can also put the computer in sleep mode by pressing the sleep hotkey <Fn> + <F4>. Note If you cannot power off the computer normally, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds to shut down the computer. If you turn off the computer and want to turn it on again, wait at least two seconds before powering up.
  • Page 7: Cleaning And Servicing

    First things first - 7 single wall outlet should not exceed the fuse rating. Cleaning and servicing When cleaning the computer, follow these steps: 1. Turn off the computer. 2. Disconnect the AC adapter. 3. Use a soft, moist cloth. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. If either of the following occurs: •...
  • Page 8: Your Acer Computer Tour

    C E R C O M P U T E R T O U R After setting up your device as illustrated in the Setup Guide, let us show you around your new Acer computer. You can enter information into your new computer via the touchscreen.
  • Page 9: Front View

    Your Acer computer tour - 9 Front view Icon Item Description Web camera for video Webcam communication. Press to go directly to the Windows Home button Home screen.
  • Page 10: Top View

    10 - Your Acer computer tour Top view Icon Item Description Volume control Adjusts the system volume. + / - Press to turn the computer on; press again to place the computer in Sleep Power button mode. Press and hold to turn the computer off.
  • Page 11: Left/Right Views

    Your Acer computer tour - 11 Left/right views Icon Item Description Internal microphone for sound Microphone recording. Connects to audio devices (e.g., Headset/ speakers, headphones) or a headset speaker jack with microphone. HDMI micro Supports high-definition digital video connector connections.
  • Page 12: Led Indicators

    12 - Your Acer computer tour LED Indicators LED color State Description The computer is fully charged and Blue Steady plugged in. The computer is charging and Amber Steady plugged in. The battery is critically low or Amber Blinking abnormal battery situation.
  • Page 13: Keyboard

    Your Acer computer tour - 13 Keyboard Keyboard front view Icon Item Description Keyboard For entering data into your computer. Touch-sensitive pointing device. The touchpad and selection buttons form a single surface. Press down firmly on the touchpad surface to perform a left click.
  • Page 14: Keyboard Right View

    14 - Your Acer computer tour Keyboard right view Icon Item Description USB port Connects to USB devices.
  • Page 15: Attaching And Detaching The Keyboard

    Your Acer computer tour - 15 Attaching and detaching the keyboard The Acer Smart Hinge makes attaching and detaching the keyboard fast and easy. Attach the computer with the keyboard by aligning the keyboard hooks and the keyboard hook slots to function as a laptop. Ensure the...
  • Page 16 16 - Your Acer computer tour Detach the computer from the keyboard by lifting one corner to release it from the keyboard to function as a tablet. You can also attach the computer to the keyboard facing outwards as a display. Ensure the computer clicks into place.
  • Page 17: Using The Keyboard

    Using the keyboard - 17 S I N G T H E K E Y B O A R D The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function and special keys. Lock keys and embedded numeric keypad The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off.
  • Page 18: Hotkeys

    18 - Using the keyboard Hotkeys The computer employs hotkeys or key combinations to access most of the computer's controls like screen brightness and volume output. To activate hotkeys, press and hold the <Fn> key before pressing the other key in the hotkey combination. Hotkey Icon Function Description...
  • Page 19: Touchpad

    Touchpad - 19 O U C H P A D Touchpad basics The touchpad controls the arrow (or 'cursor') on the screen. As you slide your finger across the touchpad, the cursor will follow this movement. Note The touchpad is sensitive to finger movement; the lighter the touch, the better the response.
  • Page 20 20 - Touchpad This allows you to control applications with a few simple gestures, such as: • Swipe in from edge: Access Windows tools by swiping into the center of the touchpad from the right or left edge. • Swipe in from right: Toggle the charms. •...
  • Page 21: Connecting To The Internet

    Windows will detect and display a list of available networks during setup. Select your network and enter the password if required. Acer notebook computers feature an Airplane mode hotkey that turns the network connection on or off. You can use the network management options to turn your wireless network on/off or control what is shared over the network.
  • Page 22: 22 - Using A Bluetooth Connection

    22 - Using a Bluetooth connection S I N G A L U E T O O T H C O N N E C T I O N Bluetooth is a technology enabling you to transfer data wirelessly over short distances between many different types of devices.
  • Page 23 - 23 Keeping your computer and data safe... In this section you will find: • How to secure your computer • Setting passwords • What you need to prepare when you’re traveling • How to get the most out of your battery...
  • Page 24: Power Management

    24 - Power management O W E R M A N A G E M E N T This computer has a built-in power management unit that monitors system activity. System activity refers to any activity involving one or more of the following devices: keyboard, mouse, hard disk, peripherals connected to the computer, and video memory.
  • Page 25: Battery Pack

    Battery pack - 25 A T T E R Y P A C K The computer uses an embedded Lithium battery that gives you long use between charges. Battery characteristics The battery is recharged whenever you connect the computer to the AC adapter.
  • Page 26: Optimizing Battery Life

    26 - Battery pack Follow these steps again until the battery has been charged and discharged three times. Use this conditioning process for all new batteries, or if a battery hasn't been used for a long time. Warning Do not expose battery packs to temperatures below 0° C (32° F) or above 45°...
  • Page 27: Checking The Battery Level

    Battery pack - 27 Checking the battery level The power meter indicates the current battery level. Rest the cursor over the battery/power icon on the taskbar to see the battery's present charge level. Battery-low warning When using battery power pay attention to the power meter. Important Connect the AC adapter as soon as possible after the battery-low warning appears.
  • Page 28 28 - Ports and connectors... In this section you will find: • Information on the ports and connectors fitted to your computer...
  • Page 29: Memory Card Reader

    Memory card reader - 29 E M O R Y C A R D R E A D E R Connectivity options Your computer has a card reader and other ports/jacks that allow you to connect peripheral devices to your computer. For instructions on how to connect different external devices to the computer, read the following section.
  • Page 30 30 - Memory card reader (2 TB). Your computer provides an SDHC or SDXC compatible card reader. Note SDXC memory cards can only be used in an SDXC-compatible reader; SD and SDHC cards can be used in either type. Removing a card from a memory card reader 1.
  • Page 31: Video And Audio Connectors

    Video and audio connectors - 31 I D E O A N D A U D I O C O N N E C T O R S Connect to a monitor with a VGA or DVI port (the type of connection supported depends your...
  • Page 32: Hdmi Micro

    32 - HDMI Micro H D M I M I C R O HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a high-quality, digital audio/video interface. HDMI allows you to connect any compatible digital audio/video source, such as your computer, a set-top box, DVD player, and audio/video receiver to any compatible digital audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV) with a single cable.
  • Page 33: Universal Serial Bus (Usb)

    Note Two USB standards are currently available on Acer computers: USB 2.0 (High-speed USB) and USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed USB). USB 2.0 ports on Acer computers have a black tongue in the port, while USB 3.0 ports have a blue tongue. For best performance, USB 3.0 devices should always be plugged into USB 3.0 ports.
  • Page 34: Micro Usb

    34 - Micro USB U SB I C R O The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is a high-speed serial bus which allows you to connect USB peripherals without taking up system resources. The Micro USB port provides a compact port that is compatible with USB 2.0 devices.
  • Page 35 - 35 Got a question? In this section you will find: • Frequently asked questions • Troubleshooting information • How to protect yourself while online • Where to find Acer service center contact information...
  • Page 36: Frequently Asked Questions

    36 - Frequently asked questions R E Q U E N TL Y A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S The following is a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your computer.
  • Page 37 Your C: drive will be reformatted and all data will be erased. It is important to back up all data files before using this option. Before performing a restore operation, please check the BIOS settings. 1. Check to see if Acer disk-to-disk recovery is enabled or not.
  • Page 38: Requesting Service

    2. Make sure the D2D Recovery setting in Main is Enabled. 3. Exit the BIOS utility and save changes. The system will reboot. Note To activate the BIOS utility, press <F2> when you see the Acer logo during boot up. Requesting service...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    R E Q U E N T LY Frequently asked questions - 39 Troubleshooting This chapter shows you how to deal with common system problems. Read it before calling a technician if a problem occurs. Solutions to more serious problems require opening up the computer. Do not attempt to open the computer yourself;...
  • Page 40 40 - Frequently asked questions Error messages Corrective action Keyboard error or no Contact your dealer or an authorized service keyboard connected center. Keyboard interface Contact your dealer or an authorized service error center. Press <F2> (during POST) to enter the BIOS Memory size utility, then press Exit in the BIOS utility to mismatch...
  • Page 41: Internet And Online Security

    Internet and online security - 41 N T E R N E T A N D O N L I N E S E C U R I T Y First steps on the net Protecting your computer It is vital to protect your computer from viruses and attacks over the Internet (see Security on page 45).
  • Page 42 42 - Internet and online security Internet as the connection speed is low and connection time is typically charged per hour. DSL (e.g. ADSL) DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an ‘always-on’ connection that runs over the phone line. As DSL and phone do not use the same frequencies, you can use your telephone at the same time you are connected to the Internet (this requires a ‘micro-filter’...
  • Page 43: Network Connections

    Internet and online security - 43 Network connections A LAN (Local Area Network) is a group of computers (for example, within an office building or home) that share a common communications line and resources. When you set up a network, you can share files, peripheral devices (such as a printer) and an Internet connection.
  • Page 44 44 - Internet and online security services. Read carefully the documentation supplied with your Access point/router for detailed setup instructions. Network cable (RJ45) A network cable (also called RJ45 cable) is used to connect the host computer to the access point (see illustration below); this type of cable may also be used to connect peripheral devices to the access point.
  • Page 45: Surf The Net

    Security You are probably eager to explore everything the Internet has to offer. In order for you to be safe online, Acer has pre-installed McAfee Internet Security Suite on your computer. McAfee Internet Security Suite runs quietly in the background to block today’s complex threats and protect your identity when you shop,...
  • Page 46 Note Acer guarantees that your computer was 100% virus free at the time of purchase and does not cover damages due to viruses. What is spyware? Spyware refers to generally unwanted programs that are downloaded onto your computer while connected to the Internet, often without you knowing it.
  • Page 47 Internet and online security - 47 would allow it (i.e. a game connecting to a multi-player server or an encyclopaedia making a content update). How to protect your computer Cybercrime prevention can be straight-forward - when armed with a little technical advice and common sense, many attacks can be avoided.
  • Page 48 A complete version of McAfee Internet Security Suite is pre-installed on your Acer system. It includes a free trial subscription to protection updates. Make sure you Activate it! Choose strong passwords and keep them safe Passwords are a fact of life on the Internet today;...
  • Page 49 Internet and online security - 49 of your online accounts, one of the first steps you can take is to change your password. Protect your personal information Exercise caution when sharing personal information such as your name, home address, phone number, and email address online. To take advantage of many online services, you will inevitably have to provide personal information in order to handle billing and shipping of purchased goods.
  • Page 50 50 - Internet and online security • Pay attention to privacy policies on Web sites and in software. It is important to understand how an organization might collect and use your personal information before you share it with them. • Guard your email address. Spammers and "phishers" sometimes send millions of messages to email addresses that may or may not exist in hopes of finding a potential victim.
  • Page 51 Internet and online security - 51 that something bad may have happened and you should take necessary action. Protect your computer with Windows security tools Windows provides a variety of protection applications. Windows Updates If you have an active Internet connection, Windows can check for important updates for your computer and install them automatically.

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