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Operation - Honeywell Quiet Clean TOWER Quick Start Manual


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Control Panel
This model air purifier incorporates a 3-stage cleaning
system to help clean the air that passes through the filter
in the unit (Fig. 1).
Stage 1: Washable Pre-Filter
Stage 2: Permanent Washable ifD
Stage 3: Electronic Ionizer
• Select a firm, level and flat location. For proper airflow, locate the unit at least 3 feet (1 M) from any
wall or furniture.
• When operating, large volumes of air are drawn toward the air purifier. Surrounding areas should be
cleaned and/or vacuumed frequently to prevent build-up of dust and other contaminates. This may
also help prolong the life of the filter. If the unit is placed on a light colored carpet, a small mat or rug
should be used underneath to prevent permanent staining. This is especially important in homes with
contamination from smoking or fireplaces.
This product earned the ENERGY STAR by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set
by the US EPA. US EPA does not endorse any manufacturere claims of healthier indoor air
from the use of this product.
The energy efficiency of this ENERGY STAR qualified model is measured based on a ratio
between the model's CADR for Dust and the electrical energy it consumes, or CADR/Watt.
Fig. 1


• Ensure the air purifier is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
• Press the power button (
) once. The unit will start at medium speed for a
few seconds and then automatically change to low speed (Fig. 2).
• Press the power button again to select a different cleaning level.
It is recommended you run your air purifier 24 hours a day to ensure
continuous cleaning. Portable air purifiers are more effective in rooms
where all doors and windows are closed.
This model air purifier has an electronic filter check to remind you when to check
and clean the washable ifD
filter based on the air purifier's hours of use.
When the ifD
filters need to be cleaned, the light will remain on until it is RESET.
You may unplug the air cleaner without interrupting the filter check.
An amber LED light will illuminate when it is time to clean the filter.
You should periodically check the filter. Depending on operating conditions, the
filters should be cleaned at least once every 3 months.
To RESET the Electronic Filter Check:
When the filter monitor light remains on, it is time to check/clean the ifD
monitor, if needed. With the unit powered on, insert the tip of a ball-point pen or paperclip next to the LED
filter check light and hold for approximately 5 seconds until the light turns off (Fig. 3). Depending upon
your individual usage (environment and hours used), you may need to check and clean the filters more
or less frequently. If the ifD
filters are cleaned before the filter monitor light turns on, the filter monitor
should be reset at the same time.
These cleaning intervals are intended as guidelines only. Performance of any filter media is dependent
upon the concentration of contaminates going through the system. High concentrations of contaminates
such as dust, pet dander and smoke will reduce the useful performance of the filter.
To help circulate fresher, cleaner air through the room, this unit has an oscillation
• To turn Oscillation on, simply press the Oscillation button (
• To turn Oscillation Off, press the button again.
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
filters and reset the filter
Fig. 4
) (Fig. 4).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents