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Yamaha bikespeed-RS Instructions For The Installation And Description Of The Functions


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Instructions for the installation and description
of the functions for Yamaha Syncdrive mid-
motor design
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date: 26.07.2021
current version of this manual at
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Summary of Contents for Yamaha bikespeed-RS

  • Page 1 Instructions for the installation and description of the functions for Yamaha Syncdrive mid- motor design …for further information visit… date: 26.07.2021 current version of this manual at page 1...
  • Page 2: Product Description

    ( If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us. Product description The bikespeed-RS is a simple and compact kit to bypass the speed limit of 25 km/h of Yamaha Syncdrive drives. The installation is completely invisible.
  • Page 3 unnecessary, and you can use the tuning if you have an additional lighting system powered by the battery. The tuning makes the final speed void, that means the terminal velocity is only limited by the power of the drive and the muscular strength invested.
  • Page 4: Compatibility List

    Compatibility list Please note that the following list may not be up to date. At the time of printing this manual, the bikespeed-RS is compatible with the following motors and displays. If updates are made to your pedelec, it is also possible that compatibility may no longer be given.
  • Page 5 Safety instructions, product liability and exclusion of liability By using the bikespeed-RS on your pedelec, a relevant safety feature (the speed-dependent limitation of the motor power) is overridden. You must assume that your pedelec is not suitable for this and e.g., frame, brakes, chassis, tires, etc.
  • Page 6 A modified bicycle may only be used by an authorized, trained and instructed person. We assume the following level of training: Function User Operator Only persons trained and instructed about the special dangers Maintenance personnel Only the manufacturer of the pedelec or an / technicians authorized specialist workshop by persons with the appropriate expertise...
  • Page 7 Operation on public roads is expressly prohibited by the Road traffic regulations! The bikespeed-RS is installed and operated at your own responsibility; any liability for damage or consequential damage, as well as legal consequences for bikespeed or the manufacturer of the pedelec are excluded in any case.
  • Page 8 It is to be assumed that the higher stress is permanently given. If a component of the pedelec cannot withstand the higher stress, it must be upgraded by the manufacturer of the pedelec or by an authorized specialist workshop, or the bikespeed-RS must not be installed. page 8...
  • Page 9: Description Of Functions

    Description of functions The bikespeed-RS removes the limit at 25 km/h of your pedelec. All other features and functions of your bike remain as usual. This also includes the protective measures installed by the manufacturer (e.g., short circuit, overcurrent, power, torque, temperature, etc.), except for the safety device for limiting the maximum speed.
  • Page 10 If you have a bikespeed-RSc you use the combination you chose beforehand. (see page 14, paragraph „Description of the custom variant“) Hint: A switched off bikespeed-RS cannot be switched on with the combination for service-mode (see on page 12)! page 10...
  • Page 11 The newer models of the Syncdrive motors have an automatic mode that automatically adjusts the support levels according to the driving situation. This can cause your bikespeed-RS or -RSc to be switched off or on while riding, or the service mode (just described) to be switched on or off.
  • Page 12 Begin on the highest level. The correct input will be confirmed by 3x alternate blinking the trip-Time between 00:00 and 11:11. The software status of the bikespeed-RS is shown during this procedure. Now the tuning is in service mode and maintenance as well as software updating can be executed.
  • Page 13 Please activate the service-mode only for updates on your pedelec! A switched off bikespeed-RS cannot be switched on with the combination for service-mode! After activating the service mode, we recommend switching off the bike without moving it again.
  • Page 14 Description of the custom-variant (bikespeed- RSc) After many requests of our customers, we offer a new feature of the bikespeed-RS additionally. The individual customer configuration gives you the opportunity with you selectable personal setting to protect your tuning for discovering.
  • Page 15: Help In Case Of Problems

    Help in case of problems If your bikespeed-RS does not work correctly at any given time, please check the following steps to help yourself. Should you still have problems please write an email before sending back the bikespeed-RS. Cause Solution...
  • Page 16 - Check if the tuning is activated are reached and service-mode is off. - miles are missing - bikespeed-RS (c) cannot switched - Keep in mind you have to switch on or off the stages to enter the combination. Please start in a sufficient high or low stage.
  • Page 17 During installation, ensure that the ergonomic principle and functionality of the pedelec are not changed or impaired. The protection class of the bikespeed-RS is IP64. The bikespeed-RS does not require a separate power source. It is supplied with energy from the battery of the pedelec in which the tuning is installed.
  • Page 18 If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. For the installation of the bikespeed-RS two of the three screws holding the motor have to be removed; the motor can easily be folded down, and all of the connectors become accessible.
  • Page 19 Please remove the battery before working on your bicycle! Remove the battery by turning the key and pulling out the battery. Loosen the 4 screws of the battery holder with the Allen key. page 19...
  • Page 20 To loosen or remove the side panel parts, you must first lift the battery holder gently. The two tabs must be pushed out upward from the side panel parts. Be careful, do not tear off any cables! Loosen and remove the 3 screws of the right motor cover and the underrun guard with a suitable Allen key.
  • Page 21 Loosen and remove the 3 screws of the left motor cover with a suitable Allen key. Then remove the cover. The cover can be slipped over the crank handle. Loosen the third screw (3) and use it later as a hinge to fold down the motor.
  • Page 22 Loosen and remove two motor screws (1 + 2) with a suitable Allen key. Attention: The screws can be of different lengths! Remember this for assembling! Keep the motor in position and read next step! Bend the right cover carefully away from the frame. The motor can be fold down then.
  • Page 23 The connectors are secured with a snap-in lug. Press it gently. (E.g., with a narrow-slotted screwdriver) Connect the 4 connectors of the bikespeed-RS with the corresponding counterparts of the newly disconnected connections. Please use exclusively white connectors! If you can not find the 3-pin white connector, please follow the cable from the speed-sensor at the rear wheel.
  • Page 24 Stow all in the frame tube, the bikespeed-RS, the connectors, and the cables. Fold the motor up again, making sure that no cables were squeezed. Reattach the motor using the previously released screws. page 24...
  • Page 25 Install the motor, the covers, the chainring, the pedal cranks, the battery holder again in reverse order. Please ensure that the motor screws have to be tighten to the specified torque of the manufacturer (usually 20 Nm; information without guarantee) Please ensure that the chainring nut has to be tighten to the specified torque of the manufacturer (usually 40 Nm;...
  • Page 26 Hint for disposal Electric and electronic devices that have become waste are called old devices. Owners of such old devices must bring these to recycling facilities, where these are handled and recorded separately from urban solid waste. Old devices must not end up in the household refuse. In fact, they must be collected in special collecting and recycling systems.
  • Page 27 Produkt declare under our sole responsibility that the following product Geräteart / Type of Product: Tuningkit Modell weitere Angaben bikespeed-RS für Yamaha Motoren die grundlegenden Anforderungen der aufgeführten EU-Richtlinien erfüllt: 2014/30/EU Richtlinie über die elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit 2011/65/EU Richtlinie zur Beschränkung bestimmter gefährlicher Stoffe in Elektro- und Elektronikgeräten...
  • Page 28 meets the essential requirements of the following EU-Directives: 2014/30/EU Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility 2011/65/EU Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment 2006/42/EC Machinery directive angewandte Standards und Verordnungen / applied standards and regulations: EN 15194:2017 EN 12100:2011...