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Nakamichi NDSK4165AU User Manual

Nakamichi NDSK4165AU User Manual

Digital sound processor


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Summary of Contents for Nakamichi NDSK4165AU

  • Page 1 NDSK4165AU DIGITAL SOUND PROCESSOR nakamichi.caraudio...
  • Page 2: Troubleshooting

    NOTICE 1. To prevent the risk of short citcuits, please keep the device away from water, liquid and wet areas. 2. If water or any other liquid enters the device, please cut of power to the device immediately and contact the nearest service centre for inspection. 3.
  • Page 3 PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY DATA Product Data Dynamic Range(RCA Input) ≥100dB S/N (RCA Input) ≥90dB Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz Input Impedance High Level Input:240Ω Low level Output Impedance ≤100Ω Signal Input RCA Input: 8Vpp; High Level:26Vpp Output Range RCA Output: 12Vpp; Amplifier:4x60W Working Temperature -20-70℃...
  • Page 4: Dimensions(Unit: Mm)

    DIMENSIONS(UNIT: MM) 174.5 mm Installation Instruction as Below 3 EN...
  • Page 5: Panel Controls And Features

    PANEL CONTROLS AND FEATURES A. PC PORT, CONNECT TO THE COMPUTER TUNING SOFTWARE No need to download the driver installation, connected to the computer sound software installed automatically. B. REMOTE LEVEL CONTROL PORT Attach the included remote level control to control the volume level of the subwoofer independently.
  • Page 6: Software Introduction

    SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION PC Software Operation Introduction (PC can be downloaded from the official website (, Downloads)) Computer Configuration Requirements: Scren resoluion higer than 1280 x 768, otherwise the software UI is incomplete, only suitable for windows operation system laptop, desktop and pades A.
  • Page 7 SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION * Click "Mixer" for mixing interface, the interface may enter the corresponding mixing input source by switching, high level interface is as follows. * Click the "Not Connected" button to connect to the host with a PC. * Click on the input source drop-down list to select the input source. Bluetooth, Analog and USB.
  • Page 8 SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION * Restore Equalizations button: Switch between the currently designed equalizer state parameters and the pass-through mode (the gain of all equalization points is restored to 0dB, the frequency and value are unchanged). *"GEQ" button: click to select graphic equalization or parametric equalization. * "Delay Unit"...
  • Page 9 SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION SMART-PHONE SOFTWARE OPERATION INTRODUCTION APP can be downloaded from the official website (, Downloads) Home Output Mixer Main Interface range:0~60, The medium, high and Can share sound effects, save audio low volume range-12dB~ +12dB. Tap sound effects, open local sound the speaker button to mute the effects, view the model and version master volume.
  • Page 10 SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION EQ Interface Channel type selection: front audio, rear audio, center audio, subwoofer Corresponding to the adjustment of audio. the output channel EQ curve (gain, Q value and frequency); reset Channel volume: The volume can be equalization, pass-through adjusted by sliding left and right, the equalization or parametric volume range:0~60.
  • Page 11 SOFTWARE INTRODUCTION Output EQ frequency, gain and Q Restore factory settings: Click [Restore value settings: factory settings], click [OK], all values The frequency setting of the output will be restored to the initial values. EQ: a total of 15 EQ, slide the screen Music Interface left and right to select the EQ, you can drag the slide bar up and down...