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D-Link DMP-HD610 Quick Install Manual page 4

Portable mp3 jukebox
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Downloading Music to the Roq-it 10 GB
To add music to the Roq- it 10 GB, simply drag and drop your MP3 music
files or music folders to the new drive. You may want to organize your
music in folders by category or artist. Doing so will make it easier for you
to navigate between songs and find the music you want to listen to.
To start listening to the music you have just downloaded to the Roq- it 10
GB, you must first disconnect the USB cable.
Playing Music on the Roq-it 10 GB
Press the "Browse" button to view your selection of MP3 files or folders.
Use the Navigation buttons to navigate through the files and folders.
Navigating is simple: press the [FF] button to go deeper into folders and
[RW] to go back. Then scroll up and down to see the songs in the chosen
Folders or Directories are indicated with a "down arrow." Use the Up and
Down buttons to select the folders. Press the "FF" button to view to
contents of the selected folder.
Songs are indicated by a "musical note." Use the Up and Down buttons to
select the songs.
Press "Play" to begin playing the selected song or folder.



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