Samsung SGH-A767 User Manual
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* Depending on the software installed or your service provider or country,
some of the description in this guide may not match your phone.
* Depending on your country, your phone and accessories may appear
different from the illustrations in this guide.
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Printed in Korea
Code No.: GH68-xxxxxA
English. 07/2008. Draft


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  • Page 1 * Depending on the software installed or your service provider or country, some of the description in this guide may not match your phone. * Depending on your country, your phone and accessories may appear different from the illustrations in this guide. Printed in Korea World Wide Web Code No.: GH68-xxxxxA...
  • Page 2 SGH-A767 User’s Guide...
  • Page 3 Drive safely at all times Do not use a hand-held phone while driving. Park the vehicle first. Switch off the phone when refuelling Important Do not use the phone at a refuelling point (service station) or near fuels or chemicals. safety Switch off in an aircraft Wireless phones can cause interference.
  • Page 4 Be aware of special regulations Accessories and batteries Meet any special regulations in force in any area and Use only Samsung-approved batteries and always switch off your phone whenever it is forbidden accessories, such as headsets and PC data cables.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Unpack Make sure you have each item Get started First steps to operating your phone Install and charge the phone ........5 Power on or off............6 Keys and display ............. 6 Menu functions All menu options listed Solve problems Help and personal needs Health and safety information...
  • Page 6 Overview of menu functions To access Menu mode, press <Menu> in Idle mode. 1 Mobile Email 3 Recent Calls 5 Mall 8 Address Book 1 All Calls 1 Shop Tones 2 Missed Calls 2 Shop Games 2 Messaging 9 Settings 3 Calls Made 3 Shop Graphics 4 Calls Received...
  • Page 7: Unpack

    Your package contains the following items. phone • Handset • Battery • Travel Adapter • User’s Guide In addition, you can obtain various accessories from your local Samsung dealer. • Standard Battery • Battery Charger • Headset • PC Data Link Kit •...
  • Page 8: Get Started

    Get started Plug the travel adapter into the phone. First steps to operating your phone Plug the adapter into a standard AC wall outlet. SIM card information When the phone is completely charged (the When you subscribe to a cellular network, you receive battery icon becomes still), unplug the adapter a plug-in SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card from the power outlet.
  • Page 9: Power On Or Off

    Get started Power on or off Keys and display Key(s) Description Switch on 1. Open the phone. Perform the function indicated on the Soft keys bottom line of the display. 2. Press and hold [ ] to turn on the phone. Navigation In Idle mode, access your favourite keys...
  • Page 10 SEND key Send or answer a call. * key In Idle mode, press and hold [ ] to enter a pause between numbers. In Idle mode, retrieve the recent numbers dialled, missed, or received. # key Press and hold [ ] to activate or deactivate Quiet mode.
  • Page 11 Get started Display Out of your service area; you Icons cannot send or receive voice calls Layout Icons Connected with PC via USB port display various icons. Browsing Internet on PC using Text and graphics the phone as modem display messages, instructions, and New message: information you enter.
  • Page 12: Menu Functions

    Create New Message Menu functions Use this menu to create and send text messages, All menu options listed multimedia messages, or e-mails. You can also send files using MMS. Mobile Email (Menu 1) Inbox Take your email with you! With Mobile Email you can This folder stores all types of messages you have check your Yahoo! Mail, AOL, MSN Hotmail, AT&T received, except for e-mails.
  • Page 13 Menu functions Outbox Messaging Settings This folder stores messages that the phone is Use this menu to customize the settings for IM, SMS, attempting to send or has failed to send. MMS, E-mail, Push message, and Broadcast. Drafts Memory Status This folder stores messages you have saved to send Use this menu to check the total amount of memory them at a later time.
  • Page 14 Recent Calls Calls Made (Menu 3) This menu displays the most recent calls you have Use this menu to view the calls you have dialed, dialed. received, or missed, and the length of calls. You can also check the cost of your calls, if your SIM card Calls Received supports this function.
  • Page 15 Menu functions Speed Dial Data Call Time Use this menu to assign speed dial numbers (2 to 9) to You can view the call time of the data calls you have 8 of your most frequently dialled numbers. received or sent, such as MMS messages, or downloading contents from the Wireless Web.
  • Page 16 MEdia Net Favorites (Menu 4) Use this menu to save URL addresses in order to Your phone is equipped with a WAP (Wireless quickly access web pages, or access the preset Application Protocol) browser to allow you to access bookmarks. and navigate the Wireless Web using your phone.To access this menu, press Menu in Idle mode and select Saved page...
  • Page 17 Menu functions Mall Shop Multimedia (Menu 5) You can access the web site preset by your service You can access the web site preset by your service provider to download images or sounds. provider to download various items, such as melodies, MIDlets, images, applications.
  • Page 18 Entertainment My Stuff (Menu 6) (Menu 7) My Stuff stores file downloads for the following: Audio, Music Graphics, Video, Music, Games/Apps, Applications, Other Files, Memory Card, and Memory Status. Music is a group of music services and applications which provide you access to Streaming Music, Music Videos, Music store, Music communities, Address Book (Menu 8)
  • Page 19 Menu functions Settings Set Display (Menu 9) Use this menu to change settings for the display and Use this menu to customize your phone settings. You light. can also reset the settings to their default values. You can: To access this menu, press Menu in Idle mode and select Settings.
  • Page 20 Set Time & Date Set Phone Use this menu to change setting for the time and date. Many different features your phone’ system can be Before setting the time and date, specify your time customized to suit your preferences. zone in the World Time menu. You can: You can: •...
  • Page 21 Menu functions Set Connectivity Set Memory Use this menu to access network services. Please Use this menu to check the amount of memory being contact your service provider to check their availability used for storing data, such as messages, media files, and subscribe to them, if you wish.
  • Page 22: Solve Problems

    “Enter PUK” Solve problems • The PIN code has been entered incorrectly three times in succession, and the phone is now blocked. Help and personal needs Enter the PUK supplied by your service provider. To save the time and expense of an unnecessary service call, perform the simple checks in this section before “No service,”...
  • Page 23 Check the signal strength indicator on the display • A clear description of the problem ). The number of bars indicates the signal Then contact your local dealer or Samsung after-sales strength from strong ( ) to weak ( ). service.
  • Page 24: Health And Safety Information

    The exposure limit set by the FCC for wireless mobile Health and safety information phones employs a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR is a measure of Exposure to radio frequency the rate of absorption of RF energy by the human body (RF) signals expressed in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).
  • Page 25 FCC exposure guidelines when used published a series of Questions and Answers for with a Samsung accessory designated for this product or consumers relating to radio frequency (RF) exposure from when used with an accessroy that contains no metal and wireless phones.
  • Page 26 expose the user to measurable radio frequency energy that does not produce heating effects causes no known (RF) because of the short distance between the phone and adverse health effects. Many studies of low level RF the user's head. These RF exposures are limited by exposures have not found any biological effects.
  • Page 27 Health and safety information industry to take a number of steps, including the The National Institutes of Health participates in some following: interagency working group activities, as well. • “Support needed research into possible biological FDA shares regulatory responsibilities for wireless phones effects of RF of the type emitted by wireless phones;...
  • Page 28 characteristic of wireless phones have yielded conflicting exposures, since the average period of phone use in these results that often cannot be repeated in other laboratories. studies was around three years. A few animal studies, however, have suggested that low What research is needed to decide whether RF levels of RF could accelerate the development of cancer in exposure from wireless phones poses a health risk?
  • Page 29 Health and safety information What is FDA doing to find out more about the laboratory studies and studies of wireless phone users. possible health effects of wireless phone RF? The CRADA will also include a broad assessment of additional research needs in the context of the latest FDA is working with the U.S.
  • Page 30 exposure from these products, you can use measures like Do hands-free kits for wireless phones reduce risks those described above to reduce your RF exposure from from exposure to RF emissions? wireless phone use. Since there are no known risks from exposure to RF What about children using wireless phones? emissions from wireless phones, there is no reason to believe that hands-free kits reduce risks.
  • Page 31 Health and safety information cases, while others involve nothing more than a metallic groups, was completed in late 2000. This standard will accessory attached to the phone. Studies have shown that allow manufacturers to ensure that cardiac pacemakers these products generally do not work as advertised. Unlike and defibrillators are safe from wireless phone EMI.
  • Page 32 • Occupational Safety and Health Administration's When driving a car, driving is your first responsibility. (OSHA): When using your wireless phone behind the wheel of a car, practice good common sense and remember the following index.html tips: • National institute for Occupational Safety and Health 1.
  • Page 33 Health and safety information 6. Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place stolen, call roadside assistance or other special non- calls when you are not moving or before pulling into emergency number. traffic. Try to plan calls when your car will be “The wireless industry reminds you to use your stationary.
  • Page 34 Using Your Phone Near Other Electronic If you have any reason to suspect that interference is Devices taking place, switch your phone off immediately. Hearing Aids Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals. However, certain electronic Some digital wireless phones may interfere with some equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals hearing aids.
  • Page 35 Health and safety information Posted Facilities Remember, to make or receive any calls the phone must be switched on and in a service area with adequate signal Switch your phone off in any facility where posted notices strength. Emergency calls may not be possible on all require you to do so.
  • Page 36 Your phone is not a toy. Children should not be allowed to However, there is no guarantee that interference will not play with it because they could occur in a particular installation.If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, FCC Notice and Cautions which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct...
  • Page 37 For vehicles equipped with an air bag, remember that Changes or modifications made in the radio phone, not an air bag inflates with great force. Do not place expressly approved by Samsung, will void the user°Øs objects, including both installed or portable wireless authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 38 bars next to the signal strength icon. The more bars Maintaining Your Phone's Peak Performance displayed, the stronger the signal. For the best care of your phone, only authorized personnel If you're inside a building, being near a window may give should service your phone and accessories.
  • Page 39 Availability of Various Features/Ring Battery Precautions. Tones • Avoid dropping the cell phone. Dropping it, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause Many services and features are network dependent and may require additional subscription and/or usage charges. damage to the phone and battery. If you suspect Not all features are available for purchase or use in all damage to the phone or battery, take it to a areas.
  • Page 40 • Use only Samsung-approved batteries and Always try to keep the battery at room recharge your battery only with Samsung- temperature. A phone with a hot or cold battery approved chargers. When a charger is not in use, may temporarily not work, even when the battery disconnect it from the power source.
  • Page 41 For safe disposal options for Li-Ion • Do not store the phone in hot areas. High batteries, contact your nearest Samsung temperatures can shorten the life of electronic authorized service center. Always recycle. Do not devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain dispose of batteries in a fire.
  • Page 42 Health and safety information moisture can form inside the phone, which may • Use only the supplied or an approved replacement damage the phone's electronic circuit boards. antenna. Unauthorized antennas or modified accessories may damage the phone and violate • Do not drop, knock or shake the phone.
  • Page 43 FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Phones that are rated have the rating on their box or a label located on the box. Regulations for Wireless DevicesOn July 10, 2003, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) The ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary Report and Order in WT Docket 01-309 modified the depending on the user's hearing device and hearing exception of wireless phones under the Hearing Aid...
  • Page 44 Health and safety information interference noise. The hearing aid and wireless phone The M mark is intended to be synonymous with the U rating values are then added together. A sum of 5 is mark. The T mark is intended to be synonymous with considered acceptable for normal use.

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