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MODEL: L E 3 2 U 5 0 0 0 A
Please READ this manual carefully
before operating your TV, and retain
it for future reference



Summary of Contents for Haier LE32U5000A

  • Page 1 LED LCD TV OWNER' S MANUAL MODEL: L E 3 2 U 5 0 0 0 A Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV, and retain it for future reference...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1、 Safety and warnings......................2-3 2、 Introduction........................4 3、 Wall Mount Installation....................5 4、 Installation........................6-8 5、 Remote Controller......................9-10 6、 TV Operation........................11-17 7、 Trouble shooting......................18...
  • Page 3: 1、 Safety And Warnings

    SAFETY AND WARNINGS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTION 1) Read these instructions. CAUTION 2) Keep these instructions. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN! 3) Heed all warnings. CAUTION 4) Follow all instructions. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO 5) Do not use this apparatus near water. NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK).NO USER 6) Clean only with dry cloth.
  • Page 4 SAFETY AND WARNINGS High voltages are used in the operation of this television Never stand on, lean on, or suddenly push the television or receiver. Do not remove the cabinet back from your set. its stand. You should pay special attention to children. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 5: 2、 Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Accessories Main features ① Used as Television, display terminal, PC display; Infrared Remote Controller.... ② High luminance, wide viewing angle; User’ s M anual.......1 ③ Can store 100 ATV programs; ④ HDMI interface; Multi-Media player (USB); Main parameter Viewing Picture Size (Diagonal) 80cm 1366x768 Resolution...
  • Page 6: 3、 Wall Mount Installation

    WALL MOUNT INSTALLATION Step One: Use the expansion bolts(4*36PWA) to fix the wall mount brackets into the wall. wall Step Two: Fix the wall mount screws (M4x5mm/4pcs) into the rear side of the LCD TV,using the tongue of The TV appearance subject to material object. Step Three: Put the LCD TV with wall mount screws onto the wall mount brackets.
  • Page 7: 4、 Installation

    INSTALLATION KEYBOARD Front panel SOURCE MENU V- CH- CH+ Standby 1.SOURCE: Display the input source menu. 2.MENU: Display main MENU. 3.V+/V- Adjust sound level. In MENU mode, press“V+”or“V-”to adjust the item that you selected. 4.CH+/CH- In TV mode,press“CH+”or“CH-”to change 1: Remote control sensor. the channel up and down.
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION ANTENNA Note: Aerial connections: IEC(female). Input impendance: 75 unbalanced. AC-INPUT 100-240V~50/60Hz HDMI1(ARC) HDMI2 OPTICAL YPbPr VIDEO PRESET MODE (HDMI) V.Freq.(Hz) H.Freq.(KHz) RESOLUTION 800*600 37.88 48.36 1024*768 47.7 1360*768 47.3 1280*768 67.5 1920*1080...
  • Page 9 INSTALLATION AV EQUIPMENT This TV provides one group of AV, one group of YPbPr for convenient connection to VCR, DVD or other video equipment. Please refer to the owner's manual of the equipment to be connected as well. You can use the input terminals on TV set rear as follows. HEADPHONE TF Card HDMI3...
  • Page 10: 5、 Remote Controller

    REMOTE CONTROLLER SCREEN Press to change picture aspect ratio. Press to open the on-screen menu.In teletext MENU/ mode,press to open the INDEX page. Press to navigate the on-screen menu. Press to confirm a selection. Press to return to the previous screen.In teletext BACK/ mode,press to enter mix mode.
  • Page 11 REMOTE CONTROLLER -10-...
  • Page 12: 6、 Tv Operation

    TV OPERATION Basic Operation Password Please enter new password Power supply to switch on/off this Unit. Before switch on, Confirm new password ensure that all connections will be proper and correct. Press Power on/off (at the botton of the rear panel of this Confirm Unit) to turn on/off this Unit.
  • Page 13 TV OPERATION Country 2. Audio MENU 1). Press the MENU button and then press the ◀▶ buttons to Philippines Thailand Egypt Saudi Arabia Iran select the Audio MENU and then press the ▼ button. Iraq Kuwait Indonesia Israel Nigeria 2). Press the ◀▶ buttons to select submenu. Standard/Music/Theatre/User Morocco Malaysia...
  • Page 14 TV OPERATION Antenna Type Manual Tune Antenna Type Frequency 113 MHZ Modulation 64 QAM Move Back Symbol Rate 6875 Signal Strength Antenna Type Signal Quality Antenna Type Cable Search DTV: 0 DATA: 0 RADIO: 0 Move Back Move Enter Back 4.2 Auto Tune 4.4 Program Edit 1) press the ◀▶/▼▲...
  • Page 15 TV OPERATION 6.2 System Lock 5. Time MENU 1). Press the MENU button and then press the ◀▶ buttons 1). Press the MENU button and then press the ◀▶ buttons to to select the Setup MENU and then press the ▼ button. select the Time MENU and then press the ▼...
  • Page 16 TV OPERATION TV OPERATION Android Mode If you are in the TV Mode, you can press “BACK” buttons to go to Android Mode. When you press the “BACK” button, the following menu will displayed. Also, you can press “ ” button to goto Android Mode.
  • Page 17 TV OPERATION TV OPERATION 1.12 Date & time Here is some of time Settings, you can go to your habits. 1.8 Language & input You can reset your OSD language,this functions are about language, Keyboard etc, and you can go to your habits. 1.13 About TV Here is some version info,such as Model number, Android verdion, Kernel version, Build number.
  • Page 19: 7、 Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Trouble phenomenon Picture Audio Inspection antenna position, direction Snow Noise or connection antenna position, direction Ghost or connection Normal audio electronic equipment,car/ Interfere Noise motorcycle,fluorescent light Volume(inspect wether the mute function on the remote Normal Picture Mute control are started , or audio system are correct or not) Power cord is not inserted Power switch is not opened...