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  • Page 1 User Manual Oven ZOF35511XA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Children aged 3 years and under must be kept away from this • appliance when it is in operation at all times. General Safety Only a qualified person must install this appliance and replace • the cable.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    • The kitchen cabinet and the recess must WARNING! have suitable dimensions. Risk of fire and electrical shock. • Keep the minimum distance from the other • All electrical connections should be made by appliances and units. a qualified electrician.
  • Page 4 • Deactivate the appliance after each use. Authorised Service Centre. • Be careful when you open the appliance • Be careful when you remove the door from door while the appliance is in operation. Hot the appliance. The door is heavy! air can release.
  • Page 5: Product Description

    • Trivet For roasting and grilling. • Wire shelf Use the trivet only with the Grill- / For cookware, cake tins, roasts. roasting pan. • Grill- / Roasting pan To bake and roast or as pan to collect fat.
  • Page 6: Before First Use

    After approximately five seconds, the flashing stops and the display shows the time of day you set. Changing the time You cannot change the time of day if the Duration or End function operates. Daily use WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters.
  • Page 7 Set the temperature 20 - 40 °C lower than for Top / Bottom Heat. Defrost This function can be used for defrosting frozen foods, such as vegetables and fruits. The defrosting time depends on the amount and size of the frozen food.
  • Page 8: Clock Functions

    1. Press again and again until the indicator with a delay in time. First set the for the necessary clock function starts to Duration and then the End flash. 2. Press to set the time for the necessary clock function.
  • Page 9: Using The Accessories

    You can use the trivet to roast larger pieces of meat or poultry on one shelf position. 1. Put the trivet into the deep pan so that the supports of the wire shelf point up. Wire shelf and the deep pan together:
  • Page 10: Additional Functions

    When you cook frozen food, the trays in the quantities of food. oven can twist during baking. When the trays become cold again, the distortions are gone. Baking • Your oven may bake or roast differently to the appliance you had before. Adapt your
  • Page 11 10 - 15 Cakes: - Small & Queen 160 - 170 18 - 25 - Sponges 160 - 175 20 - 30 - Victoria Sandwich 160 - 170 18 - 25 - Madeira 140 - 150 75 - 90
  • Page 12 20 - 30 Vegetables: - Baked Jacket Potatoes 180 - 190 60 - 90 - Roast Potatoes 180 - 190 60 - 90 Yorkshire Pudding: - Large 200 - 210 25 - 40 - Individual 210 - 220 15 - 25
  • Page 13 Always set the pan to collect the fat into the first • If necessary, turn the roast (after 1/2 - 2/3 of shelf position. the cooking time). Grill only flat pieces of meat or fish.
  • Page 14 Put the chicken on an upturned saucer in a big plate. Turn halfway through. Meat 100 - 140 20 - 30 Turn halfway through. Meat 90 - 120 20 - 30 Turn halfway through. Trout 0.15 25 - 35 10 - 15
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning

    Keep children away when you clean oven control panel with the same the oven at a high temperature. The precautions. oven surface becomes very hot and there is a risk of burns. Removing the shelf supports To clean the oven, remove the shelf supports.
  • Page 16 3. Close the door until it is at an angle of Dry the glass panel carefully. approximately 45°. When the cleaning is completed, install the glass panels and the door. Do the above steps in the opposite sequence. Install the smaller panel first, then the larger.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Do not leave the dishes in the on the food and in the cavity of too long. oven for longer than 15 - 20 mi- the oven. nutes after the cooking process ends. The display shows "12.00". There was a power cut. Reset the clock.
  • Page 18: Energy Efficiency

    Serial number (S.N.) ......... Energy efficiency Product Fiche and information according to EU 65-66/2014 Supplier's name Zanussi Model identification ZOF35511XA Top oven: 106.8 Energy Efficiency Index Main oven: 106.6 Top oven: A Energy efficiency class Main oven: A Top oven: 0.78 kWh/cycle...
  • Page 19 Return the product to your the packaging in applicable containers to local recycling facility or contact your municipal recycle it. Help protect the environment and office. human health and to recycle waste of electrical and electronic appliances. Do not dispose
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