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Craftsman 151.30378 Operator's Manual page 11

13-inch 4.2a electric line trimmer


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Your line trimmer has been designed to operate over
a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance.
operation depends upon proper
too( care and regular cleaning.
Before performing
switch off and unplug the toot.
[] Regularly
clean the ventilation slot in your line
trimmer using a soft brush or dry cloth.
[] Regularly
clean the cutting line and spool using a soft
brush or dry cloth.
[] Regularly
use a blunt scraper to remove grass and
dirt from the underside
of the guard.
When servicing,
use only
identical replacement
parts. Use of any other parts may
create a hazard or cause product damage.
See Figure 17.
[] Use only round .065" diameter monofilament
Use original manufacturer's
line for best
[] Unplug the line trimmer.
[] Push in tabs on side of spool cover.
[] Pull spool cover up to remove.
[] Remove spool.
[] To install the new spool, make sure the two lines
are captured in the slots opposite
each other on the
new spool. Make sure the end of each line is extended
6 in. beyond each slot.
[] Install the new spool so that the lines and slots align
with the eyelets in the line head, Thread the lines into
the eyelets.
[] Pull the lines extending from the (ine head so the line
releases from the slots in the spool,
[] Reinstall the spool cover by depressing
tabs into
slots in the (ine head and pushing down until spool
cover clicks into place,
NOTE: Replacement
spool is available
item # 71.99006
See Figure 18.
[] Unplug the line trimmer.
[] Remove the spool from the line head.
NOTE: Remove any old line remaining
on the spool.
Cut two pieces of line, each being approximately
9 ft.
(2.7 m)long.
Use only .065 in. (1.65 mm) diameter
[] Insert the first line into the anchor hole in the upper
part of the spool
Wind the first line around the upper
part of the spool clockwise,
as shown by the arrows on
the spool. Place line in the slot on upper spoo( flange,
leaving about 6 in. (152 mm) extended beyond the slot.
Do not overfill. After winding the line, there should be
at least 1/4 in. (6 mm) between the wound line and the
outside edge of the spool.
[] Repeat above step with second line, using the bottom
part of spool and the lower anchor hole. Do not overfill.
[] Install the spool in the line head and replace the
spool cover as described in Spoo( Replacement.
On(y use the appropriate
type of
cutting line.
[] Clean all foreign material from the trimmer.
[] Store it in a place that is inaccessible
to children.
[] Keep away from corrosive agents such as garden
and de-icing salts.
11 -- Engl(sh

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents