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Starting - Beko CCF298W Instructions Manual


Table of Contents
Final Check
Before you start using the freezer check that:
1. The interior is dry and air can circulate freely at the rear.
2. Clean the interior as recommended under "CLEANING AND CARE".
3. Insert the plug into the wall socket and switch on the electricity supply. Avoid
accidental disconnection by taping over the switch. Green light will glow and the
compressor will start running (see Freezer Operation page 6).
4. You will hear a noise as the compressor starts up. The liquid and gases sealed
within the refrigeration system may also give rise to noise, whether the
compressor is running or not which is quite normal.
5. If you going to store already frozen food open the freezer lid and check that the
freezer has reached the correct temperature. Then you can put in your already
frozen food. (See Storing Frozen Food page 7).
6. If you are going to freeze fresh Food, you should turn the Fast Freeze knob to
Superfreeze position, wait for at least three hours before putting in your fresh
food to be frozen. (See Freezing Fresh Food, Page 7).
7. Do not load the appliance immediately after it is switched on. Wait until the
correct storage temperature has been reached. We recommend that you check
the temperature with an accurate thermometer (see Freezer Operation page 6).
Important Notes:
If there is a power failure do not open the lid. Frozen food should not be affected
if the failure lasts for less than 36 hours. If the failure is longer, then the food
should be checked and eaten immediately or cooked and then refrozen.
If you find that the lid of the chest freezer is difficult to open just after you have
closed it, don't worry. This is due to the pressure difference which will equalize
and allow the lid to be opened normally after a few minutes.
WARNING: When positioning the appliance ensure the supply cord is not trapped or
WARNING: Do not locate extension sockets or charging transformers/power
supplies or Lithium-Iron battery operated products adjacent to the compressor as
they could overheat.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents