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3009gnm-m 36” free standing duel fuel range


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3009GNM-M 36" Free Standing Duel Fuel Range -
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  • Page 1 User’s Manual 3009GNM-M 36” Free Standing Duel Fuel Range - User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Congratulations on the purchase of your appliance. We are sure it will provide many years of great cooking experience. You may find that it has different features and characteristics to your last appliance. It is essential you read this operation manual thoroughly to fully understand all of the various functions and operations.
  • Page 3 A - Installation instructions check and warnings IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the cavity, venting and wiring is as specified in the relevant section J of this manual. A licensed electrician with relevant qualifications must perform electrical work when installing or servicing the appliance.
  • Page 4 RECOMMENDED VENTILATION HEIGHT - for ceramic cooktop model min. 24” above range - for gas cooktop model min. 30” above range When ranges are installed in close proximity to vinyl finish cabinets, those materials should be able to withstand temperature up to 75°C centigrade. Alternatively, heat insulating barriers should be installed to avoid any deterioration to the finish.
  • Page 5 REGULATING THE MINIMUM OUTPUT OF THE HOB BURNERS Normal/valve taps: Ignite the burners and turn the knob to the maximum position. Remove the knob and insert a small flat-head screwdriver into the rod or through the holes on the side of the control panel, in accordance with the type (fig.
  • Page 6 DO NOT LIFT COOKER BY THE FRONT DOOR AS THIS WILL DAMAGE THE OVEN The operations indicated below must be followed by qualified personnel, in conformity with the regulations in force. The supplier refuses all responsibility for damages to person or property, resulting from the failure to comply with such provisions.
  • Page 7 b) For free standing: A non-metallic flexible pipe can be used as long as it complies with current standards and the following installation instructions are observed: the pipe must be longer than 400 mm and shorter than 1500 mm; it must not exceed 50°...
  • Page 8: B - Cooker Measurement

    B - Cooker Measurements ( 900x640x925 ) Measurements Please note that all dimensions provided are in millimeters (mm.) The sizes allow for only a small degree of error so all cut-outs must be precise and square If the range is placed on a base, measures have to taken to prevent the appliance slipping from the base C –...
  • Page 9 WARNING: A licenced electrician must connect the armour cable and 3 wires into the electrical connection box. The white, or Neutral wire is not used, and must be capped using a marette. To avoid power borne interference, this appliance must be installed individually on a separate and distinct final sub-circuit.
  • Page 10: D- Using The Appliance For The First Time

    D – USING THE APPLIANCE FOR THE FIRST TIME After installation remove all notification labels (not identification or warning labels) and packaging materials. After cleaning make sure cleaned surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry using a clean, soft cloth. Power on NOTE: oven will not operate unless the clock is set.
  • Page 11 Wear proper apparel when using the appliance Loose fitting, hanging or highly flammable garments (such as synthetics) should never be worn while using the appliance. Use only dry pot holders Moist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not allow pot holder to touch hot heating elements.
  • Page 12 E - Accessories Your appliance should come equipped with the following items. • 1 x pair of Retractable Slide Runners fitted to upper position and capable of being moved to any selected position as required • 1 x Deep Enameled Roasting Pan with dual height reversible Grill Rack insert – ready for sliding into side rack positions or fitting onto Retractable Slide Runners •...
  • Page 13: F- Electronic Programmer Operation

    F - Electronic Programmer Operation The 24 hour clock allows the setting of automatic cooking options up to 24 hours in advance. - Minus Time Button Mode (Countdown Timer with Alarm, Cooking duration, Finish Cooking) + Plus Time Button Setting the time on the 24 hour clock IMPORTANT –...
  • Page 14 Adjusting the tone of the electronic timer alarm. THE TONE There are 3 different tones from which you can select. To change the tone you press the “+” and “-“ simultaneously, then press the Mode button, ONCE ton will be displayed. Pressing the “-“ button while ton is in the display, will change the tone to the desired setting, then press the mode button once.
  • Page 15 If further cooking is required, either leave on manual or repeat the above setting sequence. Note: If you have not turned the function and thermostat setting off, your oven will now continue to operate manually. The AUTO symbol will disappear and the POT symbol will reappear. Fully automatic –...
  • Page 16: G- Gas Cooktop Control Panel

    G - Gas Cooktop Control Panel 1= semirapid burner 2= rapid burner 3=auxiliary burner 4= wok burner Technical Characteristic table NOMINAL NORMAL INJECTOR TAP BY PASS BURNERS HEAT INPUT PRESSURE DIAMETER DIAMETER MAX. mbar 1/100 mm 1/100mm N° DESCRIPTION MJ/h(bTU/H) PROPANE SEMI-RAPID 6.3(6000)
  • Page 17 H - Gas Cooktop Functions B - Cooking Instructions Automatic start-up with valves Turn the corresponding knob anticlockwise up to the maximum position and press the knob. Once the burner has been started up, keep the knob pressed for about 6 seconds. Using the burners In order to obtain the maximum yield without wasting gas, it is important that the diameter of the pot is suitable for the burner potential (see the following table and fig.1).
  • Page 18: I- Ceramic Cooktop Control Panel

    Ceramic Cooktop Control Panel Switch controlling the left, Switch controlling Switch controlling Switch controlling Switch controlling the central, the right, front back hot plate. the right, back the left, front hot plate. Turning the knob clockwise hot plate. hot plate. Turning the knob clockwise activates the full hot plate.
  • Page 19: L- Ceramic Cooktop Functions

    L - Ceramic Cooktop Functions WARNING --If the surface is cracked, switch off the appliance to avoid the possibility of electric shock, for hob surface of glass-ceramic or similar material which protect live parts -- During the use the appliances becomes hot. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements of cooktops and inside the oven.
  • Page 20: M- Oven Functions & Control Panel

    M - Oven Functions & Control Panel Control Panel: Warming Drawer : This switch is controlling the warming element in the drawer (200 watt) The warming drawer element heats continuously until it reaches 75 Degrees C and this temperature will be maintained throughout the warming process as required. -- During the use the appliances becomes hot.
  • Page 21 PREHEATING Preheating the oven is not essential, but you will achieve better results if you do. Some foods, particularly cakes and pastry, are better cooked in a preheated oven. Other foods, for example casseroles, cook just as well when cooked in a non-preheated oven but may need longer cooking times.
  • Page 22 Type of Poultry Size of Meat Time per lb Oven Temperature Chicken Whole or pieces 30 minutes per lb. - 200 Duck 3lbs – 4.1lbs 30 minutes per lb. - 200 + 35 minutes extra Turkey 5.4lbs – 21lbs 40-50 minutes per lb. - 200 + 35 minutes extra Turkey should be well basted and turned during cooking...
  • Page 23 CONVENTIONAL OVEN In this traditional mode, oven heat is provided from the top and under the oven compartment and is most suitable when cooking on a single shelf. For best results, arrange the shelves so the top of the food is near the centre of the oven. If cooking on more than one shelf, always preheat the oven and position the pans to allow as much free circulation of heat as possible.
  • Page 24 FAN FORCED CONVECTION – most commonly used function In this mode the oven fan circulates heat from behind the fan cover to give a more even temperature throughout the oven. The even heat provides similar cooking results for each portion of food.
  • Page 25 Fan grill guide These cooking charts are intended as a guide only. Temperatures and cooking times may vary to suit individual tastes. Type of meat/poultry/fish Oven Temperature Approximate Cooking Time Chicken – whole - 185 30 minutes per lb pieces - 195 15-20 minutes Lamb - loin/rack...
  • Page 26: N- Cleaning And Maintenance

    PIZZA This function is also excellent as the fastest oven pre heat, engaging maximum power to heat the oven to a selected temperature before selecting an appropriate function and temperature for a task. In this position the fan and fan element together with the under oven element are engaged simultaneously.
  • Page 27 A little soap or detergent may be added to the washing water but too much can produce a cloudy film over the appliance. Use of steel wool is not recommended but stainless steel wool (a fine mesh pad) is an excellent cleaning aid. Oil or grease in the washing water can leave a rainbow film when it dries.
  • Page 28 Self Cleaning Panels The range is equipped with 3 panels ( 2 sides and rear ). They are attached to the sides by removing the rack guides assembly and placing the self cleaning panels against the oven side. The rear panel is attached with screws, ensure that the «rough» side is facing out. These liners are «self cleaning»...
  • Page 29: O- Removable Base Board

    O - REMOVABLE BASEBOARD The baseboard is provided with two clips to easy fit on to the legs. To clean the floor under the ranges is easy removable the baseboard and refit after the cleaning operations. Changing the light globe The light globe is located behind the glass cover and is a push-in type.
  • Page 30 P - Trouble Shooting Guide Symptom Remedy No power supplied to appliance Has the power been disconnected? Check the meter box. Has the main fuse or circuit breaker blown or tripped? Oven power is on but appliance does not Oven may be set on AUTO (see auto programmed operate cooking) Oven power is on but there is no heat...
  • Page 31 Green(Ground) Red(L1) B lac k(L2)
  • Page 32 Green(Ground) Red(L1) B lac k(L2)
  • Page 33: Warranty

    Canada Tel 905-829.3980 Fax 905-829.3985 email For Service & Spares: EURO-PARTS 1.800.678.8352 Important: Please record details of your purchase below and mail or fax to AEG -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------cut along line ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: TEL No Address: City : State: Zip Code:...
  • Page 34 AEG appliances are imported and distributed in North America by Euro-Line Appliances Inc. For more information visit / 871 Cranberry Court 2912 West 4th Ave Oakville, ON L6L 6J7 Vancouver, BC V6K 1R2 Canada Canada Toll Free: 1.800.421.6332 Toll Free: 1.855.352-9378...

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