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Casio WV200A-1AV Operation Manual

Casio wv200a-1av: user guide
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Getting Acquainted
Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of your
purchase, be sure to read this manual carefully.
• This watch does not have a time zone that corresponds to the UTC offset of
3.5 hours. Because of this, the radio-controlled timekeeping and World Time
functions will not display the correct time for Newfoundland, Canada.
Your watch is shipped with its Auto Display feature (which continually changes the
contents of the digital display) turned on. Calibration signal reception is disabled while
Auto Display is turned on.
Press any button to turn off Auto Display and return to the Timekeeping Mode.
About This Manual
General Guide
• Press C to change from mode to mode.
• In any mode (except when a setting screen is on the display), press B to illuminate
the display.
Timekeeping Mode

Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping

Month – Day
Day of week
PM indicator
Home Time
(Hour : Minutes Seconds)
• When using the watch outside the areas covered by the time signal transmitters, you
will have to adjust the current time setting manually as required. See "Timekeeping"
for more information about manual time settings.
• The U.S. time calibration signal can be picked up by the watch while in North
America. The term "North America" in this manual refers to the area that consists of
Canada, the continental United States, and Mexico.
To specify your Home City
City code
U.S. Signal
HNL Honolulu
YWG Winnipeg
ANC Anchorage
YVR Vancouver
Los Angeles YTO Toronto
YEA Edmonton
NYC New York
DEN Denver
MEX Mexico City YYT
3. Press A twice to exit the setting screen.
Operation Guide 3140
• Button operations are indicated using the letters shown
in the illustration.
• Each section of this manual provides you with the
information you need in order to perform operations in
each mode. Further details and technical information
can be found in the "Reference" section.
World Time Mode
This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates
its time setting accordingly.
• Supported time calibration signals: United States (Fort
Collins), England (Anthorn).
• See the information under "Signal Reception
Troubleshooting" if you experience problems with time
calibration signal reception.
Current Time Setting
This watch adjusts its time setting automatically in
accordance with a time calibration signal. You can also
perform a manual procedure to set the time and date,
when necessary.
• The fi rst thing you should do after purchasing this
watch is to specify your Home City (the city where you
normally will use the watch). For more information,
see "To specify your Home City" .
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the city
code starts to fl ash, which indicates the setting screen.
2. Press D (east) and B (west) to select the city code you
want to use as your Home City.
• Time calibration signal reception is supported when
any one of the city codes shown in the table below is
selected as your Home City.
U.K. Signal
ATH Athens
MOW Moscow
St. Johns
Timer Mode
• Normally, your watch should show the correct time as soon as you select your Home
City code. If it does not, it should adjust automatically after the next auto receive
operation (in the middle of the night). You can also perform manual receive or you
can set the time manually.
• The watch will receive the time calibration signal automatically from the applicable
transmitter (in the middle of the night) and update its settings accordingly. For
information about the relationship between city codes and transmitters, see "Home
City Codes and Transmitters".
• Under factory default settings, auto receive is turned off for all of the following city
codes: HNL (Honolulu), ANC (Anchorage), ATH (Athens), and MOW (Moscow). For
details about turning on auto receive for these city codes, see "To turn auto receive
on and off".
• You can disable time signal reception, if you want. See "To turn auto receive on and
off" for more information.
• See the maps under "Approximate Reception Ranges" for information about the
reception ranges of the watch.
• If you are in an area that does not use Daylight Saving Time (summertime), turn off
the DST setting.
Time Calibration Signal Reception
There are two different methods you can use to receive the time calibration signal:
auto receive and manual receive.
• Auto Receive
With auto receive, the watch receives the time calibration signal automatically up to
six times a day. When any auto receive is successful, the remaining auto receive
operations are not performed. For more information, see "About Auto Receive".
• Manual Receive
Manual receive lets you start a time calibration receive operation with the press of a
button. For more information, see "To perform manual receive".
Stopwatch Mode
Alarm Mode



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  Summary of Contents for Casio WV200A-1AV

  • Page 1: Radio-Controlled Atomic Timekeeping

    MA0810-EA Getting Acquainted Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of your purchase, be sure to read this manual carefully. • This watch does not have a time zone that corresponds to the UTC offset of 3.5 hours.
  • Page 2 • Auto receive of the calibration signal is designed to be performed early in the morning, while you sleep (provided that the Timekeeping Mode time is set correctly). Before going to bed for the night, remove the watch from your wrist, and put it in a location where it can receive the signal easily.
  • Page 3: World Time

    After you set (and turn on) the daily alarm, the alarm tone sounds when the alarm time is reached. You can also turn on an Hourly Time Signal that causes the watch to beep for about one second every hour on the hour.
  • Page 4: Timekeeping

    • If you leave the watch in the Alarm Mode for two or three minutes without performing any operation, it returns to the Timekeeping Mode automatically. • If you leave the watch with a fl ashing setting on the display for two or three minutes Hour Minutes without performing any operation, the watch exits the setting screen automatically.
  • Page 5: City Code Table

    • The rules governing global times (GMT differential and UTC offset) and summer time are determined by each individual country. * In December 2007, Venezuela changed its offset from –4.0 to –4.5. Note, however, that this watch displays an offset of –4.0 (the old offset) for the CCS (Caracas, Venezuela) city code.

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