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Samsung 221244 User Manual page 2

For ultra-slim galaxy tab a7 10.4 (2020) bluetooth keyboard case


Bluetooth distance: about 10m
Materials: Polyurethane, ABS, Polycarbonate
Battery: Lithium Polymer, 200mAh
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Working time: about 70 hours
Standby time: about 100 days
Getting started guide
1. Buttons
On/Off button: Slide to power the keyboard on or off.
Connect button: It allows you to connect the keyboard to your tablet.
2. Indicator
Power indicator: It will turn light for 4 seconds after turning the keyboard on
and it'll go off.
Bluetooth indicator: When in pairing mode, it'll blink. Once the keyboard is
paired with your device, it'll stay on.
Caps lock: Switch between uppercase and lowercase text.
Charging indicator: It'll light up when the keyboard is charging via a USB port.
When the battery is low, the power indicator will start flashing. It means that
you need to charge the Bluetooth keyboard.
Connect one end of the cable to the keyboard and the other end to the power
adapter or PC USB interface. While charging, the charging indicator will light up and
it will stay on until the battery is fully charged.
Connection operation steps
1. Power on the keyboard and press the Connect button. The Bluetooth indicator
will start flashing and the Bluetooth keyboard will enter the pairing mode.
2. Unlock your tablet and go to the Settings, select Bluetooth and search for the
3. Enter the pairing code and press Enter. After that, the Bluetooth keyboard will
be paired with your device and you can start using it.