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Acer Halo HSP3100G User Manual

Acer Halo HSP3100G User Manual

Smart speaker
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  • Page 1 Acer Halo Smart Speaker Listen to how it can help User’s Manual MODEL: HSP3100G...
  • Page 2 Operating System version. Images provided herein are for reference only and may contain information or features that do not apply to your device. Acer Group shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained in this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introducing Acer Halo Smart Speaker ............4 Package Contents ..................4 Closer Look ....................4 Set up Acer Halo Smart Speaker..............5 What you need to Get Started: ............... 5 Plug in the Smart Speaker to Turn it On ............5 Connect to a Wi-Fi Network ................
  • Page 4: Introducing Acer Halo Smart Speaker

    360° audio projection, and Google Assistant. Manage your day, control your entertainment, and set timers and alarms with a simple, "Hey Google." Want more control? With the Acer Halo app, you can customize the LED display and make it truly unique by creating any design.
  • Page 5: Set Up Acer Halo Smart Speaker

    Set up Acer Halo Smart Speaker What you need to Get Started: • An Acer Halo Smart Speaker • The latest version of the Google Home app • Acer Halo app • A Google Account • A compatible mobile phone or tablet: √...
  • Page 6: Download The Google Home App

    Google Home app. Tap "OK" to continue. You'll hear a sound confirming you're connected to your Acer Halo Smart Speaker. Select a location from the list provided or create your own. Follow the in-app steps. Remember to select the same Wi-Fi network you’re already on to use with your smart speaker.
  • Page 7: Learn About The Led Lights And Rgb Lit Base On Your Speaker

    NOTE » You’ll be able to opt-out of some settings, like Voice Match or Personal results. You can change these settings at any time after you complete the setup. Learn more about Voice Match and personal results at: » The languages you can use depend on the device. Learn which languages work on your device at: Learn About the LED Lights and RGB Lit Base on Your Speaker...
  • Page 8: Learn About The Images On Your Speaker

    The LED display shows this icon when the speaker is turning on. In standby mode, the LED display will show an always-on clock by default. Using the Acer Halo app, you can customize the LEDs and present your design in the following two cases: 1) To replace the always-on clock.
  • Page 9: Explore Features On Google Home App

    LED display and the Google Assistant LEDs during specified times to avoid being disturbed. 1. Open the Google Home app. 2. Select Acer Halo Smart Speaker. 3. Tap Settings > Night Mode and slide the slider to on.
  • Page 10: Factory Reset Your Smart Speaker

    » This action will clear your data from the smart speaker and can't be undone. » You can't use your voice or the Google Home app to factory reset Acer Halo Smart Speaker. » You will have to set up your smart speaker and relink any previously linked home control smart devices again.
  • Page 11: Using The Acer Halo App

    1. Download the Acer Halo app from the Play Store and launch it. 2. The app will search for nearby Acer Halo speakers and list them on the screen. 3. Just click one of the speakers on the screen to pair that speaker.
  • Page 12: Main Screen Overview

    Tap to enter Gallery. Tap to enter Image Cloud. Tap to add drawing canvas. Image Cloud The Acer Halo app has numerous pre-made icon designs & basic shapes in Image Cloud. They will be updated periodically to give you more and better choices.
  • Page 13: Edit Image

    Edit Image 1. Go to Gallery, tap an image. 2. Tap , select the brush color to sketch over with your finger. 3. Tap to save. Learn About the Drawing Features Feature How it works Generate texts on the canvas. Undo or redo a single or multiple editing actions.
  • Page 14: Upload Image To The Speaker

    Upload Image to the Speaker 1. Go to Gallery, tap an image. , select Stand By or 2. Tap Assistant. • Stand By: it will replace the "Always On Clock" image on the LED display. • Assistant: it will pop up on the LED display when you interact with the speaker.
  • Page 15: Create Animated Image

    Create Animated Image 1. Go to Canvas to open a new canvas. 2. Select the brush color and sketch with your finger over the canvas. 3. Tap to copy the content. 4. Ta p t o c r e a t e a n e w canvas and then tap paste the previous copied content.
  • Page 16: Generate Text

    Generate Text 1. Go to Canvas to open a new canvas. 2. Tap to open the on-screen keyboard. 3. Enter texts and then select the font size and adjust the position. 4. Apply one of the animation e ff e c t s : N o n e , M a r q u e e , Waterfall or Blink and see how it runs.
  • Page 17: Generate Text To Animated Image

    Generate Text to Animated Image 1. Go to Gallery and select an existing animated image, or go to Canvas to create a new one. 2. Select a single canvas which you want to generate text. If you like to generate text after the animation ends, then tap 3.
  • Page 18: Import And Export Led Files

    Import and Export LED Files You can share custom LED files with others by using importing and exporting function at any time. How to import: 1. Download the LED file. 2. Go to Gallery and tap 3. Search the LED file and import it to Gallery. 4.
  • Page 19: Device Settings

    • Software version: Show the current software version. NOTE » The Acer Halo app only allows for one mobile device to be paired with one Acer Halo Smart Speaker at a time. You must unpair the existing mobile device first, and then pair to a new one again if necessary.
  • Page 20: Recommendations

    Recommendations For best performance, follow these recommendations when placing the speaker: • Do NOT place any objects on top of the speaker or in front of the speaker. • Place the speaker on a stable and level surface. • Make sure there is an AC (mains) outlet nearby. Cleaning the Speaker Clean the surface of the speaker with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Page 21 or later. 2. If you've paired speaker before, you must Can’tfind/pairspeakerthroughtheAcer unpairtheexistingmobiledevicefirst. Halo app 3. If you uninstall the Acer Halo app but forget tounpairspeakerfirst,youhavetodofactory reset on speaker to clean the key pair. Please do the following: 1. Edit the image.
  • Page 22 • All images in this document are for reference only. Actual product may vary from image. • Please visit Acer website for up-to-date information, help and downloads. • Google, Android, Google Play and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

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