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  • Page 1 USER’S GUIDE DECT™ Handset BCL-D70 Version 0 UK/IRE/OCE/ASA...
  • Page 2 © 2008 Brother Industries, Ltd.
  • Page 3 FITTED WITH THE APPROPRIATE CONNECTOR. APPROVAL INFORMATION Brother advises that this product may not function correctly in a country other than where it was originally purchased, and does not offer any warranty in the event that this product is used on public telecommunication lines in another country.
  • Page 4 EC Declaration of Conformity...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Information Using the documentation ... 1 Symbols and conventions used in the documentation ... 1 Introduction ... 1 Initial Setup ... 2 Connecting the battery charger cradle power cord... 2 Installing the battery ... 2 Setting your country... 3 Registering cordless handsets ...
  • Page 6 Menu and Features On-screen programming...15 Menu keys ...15 Memory storage...15 Menu Table...16 Entering Text ...18 General setup ...19 Ring Volume ...19 Beeper Volume ...19 Speaker Volume ...19 Handset Volume ...19 Ringer Pattern ...19 Automatic Daylight Savings Time (For Europe) ...20 Daylight Savings Time (For Asia and Oceania) ...20 LCD Contrast ...20...
  • Page 7: General Information

    General Information Using the documentation Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Reading the documentation will help you make the most of your cordless DECT™ (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) handset. The cordless handset battery is designed so that it can be replaced by the user. For replacement instruction, see Replacing the battery on page 26.
  • Page 8: Initial Setup

    Chapter 1 Initial Setup Your Brother machine can support up to 3 optional cordless handsets for a total of 4 cordless handsets. If you have purchased an optional cordless handset please follow the setup steps instructions below. For the cordless handset that was included with your machine please follow the setup steps instructions in the Quick Setup Guide.
  • Page 9: Setting Your Country

    Charge the battery by leaving the cordless handset in the cradle for at least 12 hours before you use it. (See Charging the battery on page 25.) You can continue to set up the handset during this time. Setting your country The first time you install the battery, you must set your country so that the cordless handset works correctly on local telecommunication...
  • Page 10: Deregistering Cordless Handsets

    Chapter 1 Enter the registered 4-digit PIN number of the machine (base unit) (The factory setting is “0000”.) by pressing the dial pad on the control panel of the cordless handset. Press Menu/OK. Note • If you hear three short beeps, the cordless handset did not register.
  • Page 11: Choosing A Location

    Use only the AC adapter and the cradle supplied with this cordless handset. This product must be installed near an electrical socket that is easily accessible. Use only a genuine Brother rechargeable battery. DO NOT dispose of a used battery in a fire. It may explode.
  • Page 12: Control Panel Overview

    Chapter 1 Control panel overview 1 LCD (liquid crystal display) Displays messages on the screen to help you set up and use your cordless handset. (Redial/Pause) Redials any of the last 10 numbers you called. It also lets you put a pause in Phonebook numbers.
  • Page 13: Lcd Display Indications

    11 Menu/OK Lets you access the Menu to program or store your settings in the cordless handset. (Off) Press to hang up or cancel the current operation. 13 Int (Mute/Intercom, Hold/Intercom) Puts the current phone call on hold. Also, press this key to speak on the intercom, to transfer an incoming call to the cordless handset or to make a three-way conference call.
  • Page 14: Telephone

    Telephone Basic operation Making a telephone call Pick up the cordless handset. Enter a number using the dial pad or choose a number stored in the dialling memory. Press Speak clearly toward the microphone. Press to hang up. Replace the cordless handset. Note If you want to make a telephone call without lifting the cordless handset, press...
  • Page 15: Mute (Hold)

    Mute (Hold) If you want to put a call on hold, press the Int key. To release the call from hold press Int again. You can also transfer to the machine (base unit) or to another cordless handset if you have an additional optional cordless handset.
  • Page 16: Pause

    Chapter 2 Press a or b to choose Caller ID hist.. Press Menu/OK. Press a or b to choose the number and do one of the following: To make a call, press To store or delete the number, press Menu/OK and go to step d. Do one of the following: If you want to store the number, press a or b to choose...
  • Page 17: Storing Numbers From Call History

    Storing numbers from Call History You can also store numbers from the call history. Press You can also choose Call History by pressing Menu/OK. Press a or b to choose the number you want to store. Press Menu/OK. Press a or b to choose Add Phonebook.
  • Page 18: Deleting Stored Numbers

    Chapter 2 Do one of the following: Enter the new number (up to 20 digits). Press Menu/OK. If you do not want to change the number, press Menu/OK. Press Deleting stored numbers You can delete a name or number that has already been stored.
  • Page 19: Using An Intercom

    From the cordless handset Press Int when you finish speaking. Press a or b to choose Base Unit. Press Menu/OK. After you confirm the other person is on the line, press Note • If no one is on the line, press Int to release the call from hold.
  • Page 20: Choosing Base Unit

    Chapter 2 Choosing Base unit If you registered multiple base units into your cordless handset, you can choose which base unit you want to use. (See Registering cordless handsets on page 3.) Press Menu/OK. Press a or b to choose HS Settings. Press Menu/OK.
  • Page 21: Menu And Features

    Menu and Features On-screen programming Your cordless handset is designed to be easy to use with LCD on-screen programming using the menu keys. User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menu selections your cordless handset has to offer. Since your programming is done on the LCD, we have created step-by-step on-screen instructions to help you program your...
  • Page 22: Menu Table

    Chapter 3 Menu Table The menu table will help you understand the menu selections and options that are found in the cordless handset's programs. The factory settings are shown in Bold with an asterisk. Level1 Level2 Phonebook Change Delete All Delete —...
  • Page 23 Level1 Level2 HS Settings Date&Time (Continued) Select Language Select BASE HS Default — Register HS Level3 Options — — — English* French German Dutch Italian Spanish Portuguese Norwegian Swedish Finnish Danish — Base1* Base2 Base3 Base4 — — — Base1 Base2 Base3 Base4...
  • Page 24: Entering Text

    Chapter 3 Entering Text When you are storing a name or a number in the Phonebook memory, you may need to enter text into the cordless handset. Most number keys have three or four letters printed on them. The keys for 0, # and l do not have printed letters because they are used for special characters.
  • Page 25: General Setup

    General setup Ring Volume You can choose a range of ring volume levels, from High to Off. Press d or c to adjust the volume level. This setting will stay until you change it again. Note • If you choose Off, will appear on the LCD.
  • Page 26: Automatic Daylight Savings Time (For Europe)

    Chapter 3 Melody name My Grandfather’s Clock Melody 1 The Four Seasons Concerto Melody 2 No.1 “Spring” Automatic Daylight Savings Time (For Europe) You can set the cordless handset to change automatically for daylight savings time. It will reset itself forward one hour in the Spring and backward one hour in the Autumn.
  • Page 27: Choosing Your Language

    Enter the time in 24-hour format on the dial pad. Press Menu/OK. (e.g. Enter 1 5, 2 5 for 3:25 P.M.) Press Choosing your language You can change the LCD language. Press Menu/OK. Press a or b to choose HS Settings. Press Menu/OK.
  • Page 28: Modify Pin

    Make sure that you make a note of your new PIN number and keep it in a safe place. If you forget or lose your PIN number please call your Brother dealer for service. Restoring all the settings to factory settings...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting And Routine Maintenance

    If you think there is a problem with your cordless handset, check the chart below and follow the troubleshooting tips. Most problems can be easily resolved by yourself. If you need additional help, the Brother Solutions Center offers latest FAQs and troubleshooting tips. Visit us at
  • Page 30: Error Messages

    The most common error messages are shown below. You can correct most errors by yourself. If you need more help, the Brother Solutions Center offers latest FAQs and troubleshooting tips. Visit us at
  • Page 31: Routine Maintenance

    Error Message Cause The machine (base unit) is in Power Power Off Save mode. The cordless handset is too far Searching for away from the machine (base unit). Base Unit Your machine (base unit) is not (Base Unit plugged in. not detected) You have not registered the cordless handset.
  • Page 32: Cleaning

    If the battery performance is still poor, it is time to replace it. WARNING Use a genuine Brother rechargeable battery (BCL-BT20). If not, it may cause damage or personal injury. CAUTION DO NOT take off the white plastic that covers the battery.
  • Page 33 Place the battery in the position shown. Install the battery cover by sliding it onto the back of the handset. Note • After battery replacement, you should set the date and time. (See Date and Time on page 20.) • Be sure to dispose of the expired battery as directed by local regulations for the disposal of nickel metal hydride battery.
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications General Cordless handset Frequency Standard Multi Handset Capability Dimensions Weight (including battery) LCD (liquid crystal display) 16-Digit, 3-Line (+1-Line for Pict), Backlit (Orange) Charge Indicator Full Charge Time While in Use (TALK) While Not in Use (Standby) 200 hours Battery Type Rating...
  • Page 35: Battery Charger Cradle

    Battery charger cradle Dimensions Weight Power Consumption (during charge) AC adapter Type Input Output Basic Features Tel-Index Redial Melody ringer patterns 2 Way Intercom Talk Time display 67 mm 85 mm 71.6 g Charging: Average 2 W BCL-ADB (For U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia) BCL-ADOCE (For Australia and New Zealand) BCL-ADC (For others) AC 220 to 240 V 50/60 Hz...
  • Page 36: Index

    Index Battery charging ...25 installing ...2 replacing ...26 Cleaning ...26 Control panel overview ...6 Date and time ...20 Daylight saving time ...20 Dialling call history/redial ...9 caller ID history ...9 pause ...10 phonebook ...9 Error messages on LCD ...24 Handset default ...22 HELP LCD messages ...15 using menu keys ...15...
  • Page 37 This will benefit the environment for all. The Brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd.
  • Page 38 Visit us on the World Wide Web This machine is approved for use in the country of purchase only. Local Brother companies or their dealers will only support machines purchased in their own countries.

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