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Acer WIRLESSHD-KIT User Manual page 2

Electronic projection screen


The Control Box has one control cord and one power cord. Connect control
cord to the right side position (hole) of top screen bar (# illustration A). Then,
connect to power cord (# illustration B) to a suitable power supply. Press
"DOWN" button on Control Box to make the screen in downward direction (#
illustration C) and press "STOP" button to stop at any position you want.
To store the screen, press "UP" button on Control Box to make the screen in
upward direction (# illustration D).
Note 1: The screen can be operated by either Control Box or remote control, and
just press the UP/DOWN/STOP button to adjust the screen directly.
Note 2: The screen can be installed by either wall mounted or ceiling mounted.
Acer Electronic Projection Screen
User Guide