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thank you for purchasing a sealey product. Manufactured to a high standard this product will, if used according to these instructions and
properly maintained, give you years of trouble free performance.
IMPORTANT: pleAse reAd these InstructIons cAreFully. note the sAFe operAtIonAl reQuIrements, WArnInGs And cAutIons.
use thIs product correctly And WIth cAre For the purpose For WhIch It Is Intended. FAIlure to do so mAy cAuse
dAmAGe And/or personAl InJury And WIll InVAlIdAte the WArrAnty. pleAse Keep InstructIons sAFe For Future use.
1. sAFety InstructIons
electrIcAl sAFety.  WArnInG! It is the user's responsibility to read, understand and comply with the following:
You must check all electrical equipment and appliances to ensure they are safe before using. You must inspect power supply leads,
plugs and all electrical connections for wear and damage. You must ensure the risk of electric shock is minimised by the installation
of appropriate safety devices. An rccB (residual current circuit Breaker) should be incorporated in the main distribution board. We
also recommend that an rcD (residual current Device) is used with all electrical products. It is particularly important to use an rcD
together with portable products that are plugged into an electrical supply not protected by an rccB. If in doubt consult a qualified
electrician. You may obtain a residual current Device by contacting your sealey dealer. You must also read and understand the
following instructions concerning electrical safety.
1.1.1. the Electricity At Work Act 1989 requires all portable electrical appliances, if used on business premises, to be tested by a qualified
electrician, using a Portable Appliance tester (PAt), at least once a year.
1.1.2. the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 makes owners of electrical appliances responsible for the safe condition of the appliance
and the safety of the appliance operator. If in any doubt about electrical safety, contact a qualified electrician.
1.1.3. Ensure the insulation on all cables and the product itself is safe before connecting to the mains power supply.
see 1.1.1. & 1.1.2. above and use a Portable Appliance tester (PAt).
1.1.4. Ensure that cables are always protected against short circuit and overload.
1.1.5. regularly inspect power supply, leads, plugs for wear and damage and connections, to ensure that none
is loose.
1.1.6. Important: Ensure the voltage marked on the product is the same as the electrical power supply
to be used, and check that plugs are fitted with the correct capacity fuse. A 13 amp plug may
require a fuse smaller than 13 amps for certain products (subject to 1.1.10. below), see fuse
rating at right.
1.1.7. Do not pull power plugs from sockets by the power cable.
1.1.8. Do not use worn or damage leads, plugs or connections. Immediately replace or have repaired
by a qualified electrician. A u.K. 3 pin plug with AstA/Bs approval is fitted. In case of damage,
cut off and fit a new plug according to the following instructions (discard old plug safely).
(uK only - see diagram at right). Ensure the unit is correctly earthed via a three-pin plug.
a) Connect the gREEN/YEllOW earth wire to the earth terminal 'E'.
b) Connect the bROWN live wire to live terminal 'l'.
c) Connect the bluE neutral wire to the neutral terminal 'N'.
After wiring, check that there are no bare wires, that all wires have been correctly
connected, that the cable outer insulation extends beyond the cable restraint and that the restraint is tight.
Double insulated products are often fitted with live (BroWn) and neutral (BLuE) wires only. Double insulated products are always
marked with this symbol
blue to the earth terminal.
1.1.9. some products require more than a 13 amp electrical supply. In such a case, NO plug will be fitted. You must contact a qualified
electrician to ensure a 30 amp fused supply is available. We recommend that you discuss the installation of a industrial round pin plug
and socket with your electrician.
1.1.10. cable extension reels. When a cable extension reel is used it should be fully unwound before connection. A cable reel with an rcD
fitted is recommended since any product which is plugged into the cable reel will be protected. the section of the cable on the cable
reel is important. We recommend that at least 1.5mm² section cable but to be absolutely sure that the capacity of the cable reel is
suitable for this product and for others that may be used in the other output sockets, we recommend the use of 2.5mm² section cable.
GenerAl sAFety
WArnInG! Disconnect the collector from the mains power and ensure the impeller is at a complete standstill before attempting
to change accessories, service or perform any maintenance.
Maintain the collector in good condition (use an authorised service agent).
replace or repair damaged parts. Use recommended parts only. Non-authorised parts may be dangerous and will invalidate the warranty.
Locate the collector in a suitable working area. Ensure the surface is flat and firm. Keep area clean and tidy and free from unrelated
materials, and ensure there is adequate lighting.
Keep the collector clean for best and safest performance and check moving parts alignment regularly.
remove any tools from the collector and the vicinity before turning it on.
WArnInG! Wear approved safety eye protection, ear defenders, and gauntlets, and, if dust is generated, respiratory protection.
remove ill fitting clothing. remove ties, watches, rings and other loose jewellery and contain long hair.
Maintain correct balance and footing. Ensure the floor is not slippery and wear non-slip shoes.
Keep children and unauthorised persons away from the working area.
do not use the collector for any purpose other than that for which it is designed. do not pick up glass, metal or water.
do not allow untrained persons to operate the collector.
do not get the unit wet or use in damp or wet locations or areas where there is condensation.
WArnInG! do not use collector where there are flammable liquids, solids or gases such as petrol, paint solvents, waste wiping rags etc.
do not operate the collector if any parts are missing or damaged as this may cause failure and/or personal injury.
do not operate the collector when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.
When not in use switch the collector off and isolate from the power supply.
. To re-wire, connect the brown and blue wires as indicated above. DO NOT connect the brown or
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InstructIons for:
economy dust
collector 1hp
MoDEL no:
Yellow & Green
Earth Wire
thIs product must
Be FItted WIth A
13 Amp Fuse
Issue: 2 - 24/03/10



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Summary of Contents for Sealey SM1309

  • Page 1 MoDEL no: thank you for purchasing a sealey product. Manufactured to a high standard this product will, if used according to these instructions and properly maintained, give you years of trouble free performance. IMPORTANT: pleAse reAd these InstructIons cAreFully. note the sAFe operAtIonAl reQuIrements, WArnInGs And cAutIons.
  • Page 2 Bs approved 3 pin plug and cable. the sM1309 is designed to extract dust, saw dust and other fine debris from wood machining. It should not be used to extract metallic debris, glass or water.