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Summary of Contents for Beko FFEP3791W

  • Page 1 Freezer User manual FFEP3791W EN / 58 5166 0000/AC...
  • Page 2 Please read these instructions first before using your appliance Thank you for choosing a Beko appliance. Please take some time to read this user manual before using your appliance, to ensure you know how to safely operate the controls and functions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1- Safety Instructions 4 Preliminary preparation 5 Operating the product 1.1 Intended Use ........4 1.2 - Safety for children, vulnerable 5.1 Indicator panel ........14 persons and pets ....4 5.2 Freezing fresh food ......
  • Page 4: 1- Safety Instructions

    1- Safety Instructions • This section contains safety or mental capabilities or who lack instructions that will help get experience and knowledge provided protected against risks of personal that they are supervised or trained on injury or property damage. the safe use of the product and the • Our company shall not be responsible risks it brings out.
  • Page 5: Electrical Safety

    Safety and environment instructions • Pay attention not to damage the 1.3 - Electrical safety cooling system or the piping during • The product must be unplugged transportation. If the piping is during installation, maintenance, damaged, do not operate the product cleaning, repairing and moving and call the authorised service agent.
  • Page 6: Operational Safety

    Safety and environment instructions location is too small, flammable • Route the power cable and hoses (if refrigerant and air mixture will any) of the product in a way that they accumulate in cases of refrigerant do not cause risk of tripping over. leakage in cooling system.
  • Page 7 Safety and environment instructions fingers between the door and the • Do not overload the product. Objects refrigerator. Be careful when opening in the refrigerator may fall down and closing the door particularly if when the door is opened, causing there are children around.
  • Page 8: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Safety and environment instructions • Never use steam or steam assisted For products with a Water cleaners to clean or defrost the Dispenser/Ice Machine product. Steam gets into contact with the live parts in your refrigerator, • Use only potable water. Do causing short circuit or electric shock! not fill the water tank with • Make sure that no water enters...
  • Page 9: Your Freezer

    Your Freezer Congratulations on your choice of a Beko quality Appliance which has been designed to give you service for many years. 1. Control Panel 2. Door shelf 3. Glass shelves 4. Drawers 5. Adjustable front feet Figures that take place in this instruction manual are schematic and may not correspond exactly with your product.
  • Page 10: Installation

    Installation 3.1 Appropriate • Appropriate air ventilation must be provided around your product in order Installation Location to achieve an efficient operation. If the product is to be placed in a recess in In order to prepare the product for use, the wall, pay attention to leave at least refer the information in the user manual 5 cm distance with the ceiling and side and ensure that electrical installation and...
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Feet

    Installation 3.3 Adjusting the Feet 3.5 Door Open Warning *May not be available in all models An audio warning signal will be given If the product stands unbalanced after when the door of your product is left installation, adjust the feet on the front open for at least 1 minute.
  • Page 12: Preliminary Preparation

    Preliminary preparation 4.1. What to do for • Food packages should not be in direct energy saving contact with the heat sensor located in the cooler compartment. The food Connecting product should be 10 cm away from the sensor. electronic energy-saving In case of contact with the sensor, systems is harmful, as it may...
  • Page 13 A sound will be heard when the compressor is engaged. It is normal to hear sound even when the compressor is inactive, due to the compressed liquids and gasses in the cooling system. It is normal for the front edges of the refrigerator to be warm.
  • Page 14: Operating The Product

    Operating the product 5.1 Indicator panel 1.On/Off Indicator: 4.Power failure/High temperature / This icon ( ) come on when the freezer error warning indicator : is turned off. All the other icons turn off. This light ( ) illuminates during power failure, high temperature failures and 2.Economic Usage Indicator: error warnings.
  • Page 15 Operating the product 7.Key Lock Mode: Quick Freeze function will be cancelled Press Key Lock ( ) button continuously automatically 52 hours later if you do not for 3 seconds. Key lock icon will light cancel it manually. If you want to freeze up and key lock mode will be activated.
  • Page 16: Freezing Fresh Food

    Operating the product 5.2 Freezing fresh food 4. Do not try to freeze a large quantity of food at a time. Within 24 hours, • Wrap or cover the food before placing this product can freeze the maximum them in . food quantity specified as «Freezing • Hot food must cool down to the room Capacity …...
  • Page 17: Recommendations For Preservation Of Frozen Food

    Operating the product Cooler Compartment Remarks Settings -20°C This is the default, recommended setting. These settings are recommended when the ambient temperature -21, -22, -23 is higher than 30°C or when you think the refrigerator is not cool or -24°C enough due to frequent opening and closing of the door.
  • Page 18: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning Cleaning your fridge at regular inter- • Remove the door shelves by pulling vals will extend the service life of the them up. After cleaning, slide them product. from top to bottom to install. • Never use cleaning agents or water WARNING: that contain chlorine to clean the Unplug the product before cleaning it.
  • Page 19 Troubleshooting Check this list before contacting the • Defrosting is active. >>> This service. Doing so will save you time is normal for a fully-automatic and money. This list includes frequent defrosting product. The defrosting is complaints that are not related to faulty carried out periodically.
  • Page 20 Troubleshooting • The freezer or cooler door may be The temperature in the cooler or the ajar. >>> Check that the doors are freezer is too high. fully closed. • The cooler compartment temperature • The product may be set to is set to a very high degree.
  • Page 21 Troubleshooting There is sound of wind blowing • The product is not standing in full coming from the product. upright position on the ground. >>> • The product uses a fan for the cooling Adjust the stands to balance the process.
  • Page 22 The standard guarantee starts from the date of original purchase of the product, and lasts for a period of twelve (12) months unless Beko plc (the “Manufacturer”) agrees to extend the guarantee for the product in writing.
  • Page 23 This guarantee is limited to the cost of repairing the product. To the extent permitted by law, the Manufacturer does not accept and will not be held liable for any financial loss incurred in connection with the failure of any product to operate in accordance with the expected standards.
  • Page 24 Does Beko offer replacements? This is a repair-only guarantee. On occasion, the Manufacturer may at its sole discretion, replace your product with a new product instead of carrying out a repair. Where a replacement is offered, this would normally be an identical model but when this is not possible, a model of similar specification will be provided.
  • Page 25 This guarantee is provided by Beko plc. Beko House, 1 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire. WD18 8QU. Beko plc is registered in England and Wales with company registration number 02415578 BEKO UK AND IRELAND BUILT-IN APPLIANCES GUARANTEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS If you have purchased a built-in or integrated appliance, and registered it within...
  • Page 26 Contact Us and choose a product support topic from the list of options. Complete the required details and click send message. Product registrations For UK registrations please visit and for the Republic of Ireland visit Refrigerator/User Manual...

Table of Contents