Casio DT-300 Hardware Manual

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Hardware Manual
(Version 1.00)
CASIO Computer Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©2003. All rights reserved.
September 2003



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  Summary of Contents for Casio DT-300

  • Page 1 DT-300 Hardware Manual (Version 1.00) CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. Copyright ©2003. All rights reserved. September 2003...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    No part of this document may be produced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. in Tokyo Japan. Information in this document is subject to change without advance notice. CASIO Computer Co., Ltd.
  • Page 3: Editorial Record

    Editorial Record Manual Date edited Page Content Version 1.00 September Original 2003...
  • Page 4: Preface

    Preface The DT-300 has been designed and developed to become a basic and low-cost model among the CASIO handheld data collection terminals. While maintaining software-compatibility with the DT-900 handheld terminal, the DT-300 has achieved its outstanding features in its class of conventional handheld data collection terminals including a high screen resolution (112 x 64 dots) and improved environmental performances.
  • Page 5: Chapter 1 Overview

    190 (approx.) with AA sized alkaline battery x 2 pcs 1.2 Main Hardware Features • µITRON version 2.0 • Infrared high-speed communication IrDA Ver 1.1 and Casio original infrared communication • AA sized alkaline dry cell battery (x 2 pcs) Power supply 1.3 Improved Performances •...
  • Page 6: Available Model

    Model no. Scanner FROM DT-300M60E 2 MB Yes (straight emission type) 1.6 Options Options described in the table are available as dedicated options for DT-300 series. Table 1.3 List of the options available Model no. Product Description DT-364IOE Bridge Satellite Cradle...
  • Page 7: Chapter 2 Appearance

    Power terminals The terminals receive power from the Bridge Satellite Cradle (DT-364IOE). IrDA port This port is for contact-less infrared data communication with another DT-300 or the Bridge Satellite Cradle (DT-364IOE).
  • Page 8: Dt-364Ioe (Bridge Satellite Cradle)

    System status This lamp indicates whether the system is operating normally. Regardless indicator lamp of whether or not an DT-300 is mounted this lamp indicates the system (LINE) status and whether or not a communication operation with the system can be performed.
  • Page 9 Green flashing : Data communication in progress : Problem with a connection between two Cradles Power indicator This lamp indicates the power status and the mounting status of the DT-300. lamp (POWER) : Power off Green : Power on, DT-300 mounted correctly...
  • Page 10: Chapter 3 System Configuration

    3. System Configuration 3.1 Interface DT-300M60E ・Power Terminal ・IrDA DT-364IOE DT-364IOE ・RS-422 ・USB ・RS-232C DT-9020ADP-G HOST(PC) DT-9020ADP-U A wall outlet Fig. 3.1 3.2 Connection Host (PC) DT-300M60E  or RS-232C IrDA RS-422 Max. 8 terminals DT-364IOE DT-364IOE under daisy chain DT-9020ADP-G DT-9020ADP-G DT-9020ADP-U DT-9020ADP-U...
  • Page 11: Chapter 4 Specifications

    4. Specifications 4.1 DT-300 Table 4.1 Block Item Specification Remark/Condition 32-bit RISC 2 MB (User area 1.3 MB) Including application area Memory F-ROM 8 MB (User area 5.9 MB) Method Semi-conductor laser Wave length 650 ±10 nm Laser output < 1 mW Number of scans 100 ±20 times/sec.
  • Page 12 Operating battery AA sized alkaline dry cell x 2 pcs Operating period 190 hours or more At moderate temperature, Backlight off, Two times of bar code scanning in ten seconds Alkaline dry cell of Matsushita Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd. is used. Power supply Backup time 72 hours or more...
  • Page 13: Dt-364Ioe

    4.2 DT-364IOE Table 4.2 Item Specification Remark Interface Standard IrDA Ver.1.1 compatible Infrared Method Half duplex comm. Synchronization Start-stop Baud rate Max. 4 Mbps Standard USB Ver.1.1 compatible Baud rate Max. 12 Mbps 1 VBus 2 – Data (D -) Connector 3 + Data (D+) 4 GND...
  • Page 14 Power Power DC 9V±5% Requirement Approx. 0.4 A While supplying power to Input from AC Power terminal or transmitting Adaptor Consumption data. Plug EIAJ RC5320 Class 3 Center pin; plus AC adaptor DT-9020ADP-U/G Output DC 5V±10% voltage Output current 0.3 A (max.) Charge/Supply Power Power supply...
  • Page 15: Led

    Various operational statuses on the cradle (DT-364IOE) can be displayed using the LEDs. The following table describes LED modes and their meanings. Table 4.3 Item Specification Remark Power is ON but DT-300 is not LED ON in red Power status mounted. indicator 2-color LED Power is ON and DT-300 is mounted.
  • Page 16: Dip Switch Setting

    4.2.2 DIP Switch Setting Follow the DIP switch setting instruction below when you need to adjust any of the switch positions. The DIP switch is located on the bottom side of DT-364IOE. Never change the positions of nos. 7 and 8. ON (Upper) OFF (Lower) Not used (fixed to "OFF")...
  • Page 17: Keyboard Layout

    4.3 Keyboard Layout Fig. 4.2 Keyboard layout...
  • Page 18: Compliance

    Safety IEC950 Low voltage directive Laser IEC60825 Class II Class II laser product Note: For your local regulatory compliance, contact CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. in Tokyo Japan for required technical references. 4.4.2 DT-9020ADP (AC Adaptor) Table 4.5 Standard Remark Safety...
  • Page 19: Chapter 5 Electric Specifications

    ±10 KV 5.2 DT-364IOE Table 5.2 Item Specification Remark Power consumption Approx. 0.14 A DT-300 is not mounted. Approx. 0.4 A While supplying power to the terminal or transmitting data Voltage Input voltage from AC adaptor DC9V±5% Static-electricity strength Malfunction 150 pF, 330 ohm ±5 KV...
  • Page 20: Chapter 6 Environment Specifications

    6. Environment Specifications 6.1 DT-300 Table 6.1 Recommended environment Item Specification Remark Temperature Operation -5℃ to 50℃ 0℃ to 40℃ at IrDA communication Not operated -10℃ to 50℃ Humidity Operation 30% to 80% RH No condensation Not operated 30% to 90% RH...
  • Page 21: Chapter 7 Durability

    7. Durability 7.1 DT-300 Table 7.1 Item Specification Remark Resistance to drop impact (height) In bare condition 150 cm or less Onto concrete, three times on each of the 6 sides. In individual carton 70 cm or less In master carton...
  • Page 22: Chapter 8 Reliability

    8. Reliability 8.1 DT-300 Table 8.1 Item Specification Remark MTBF of electronic parts 20,000 hours Backlight 5,000 hours Until the brightness of the backlight becomes half-value of the full brightness. Laser scanner 10,000 hours Key activations 1,500,000 or more Mounting/dismounting terminal...
  • Page 23: Chapter 9 Cable Specifications

    9. Cable Specifications 9.1 Short Length Length; short (1m or less) DT-888RSC (length: 1m) with the following cable specifications is available as option. View from side Max. 1 m View from above 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Cable (see Table 9.1) Modular plug 6/6-6 FR SYK...
  • Page 24: Long Lengh/Chain Connection

    9.2 Long Length/Chain Connection Lengh; 1m or longer View from side Max. 1,000 m View from above 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Modular plug Cable 6/6-6 FR SYK50 SK-UTP 100M3P Fig. 9.2 Wiring of the cable (straight connection, pin-to-pin) Cradle at downstream side Cradle at upper stream side Pin no.
  • Page 25: Chapter 10 Product Identification And Reference Numbers

    10. Product Identification And Reference Numbers On the back of the DT-300 and DT-364IOE, there is a bar code and numbers printed on a label as shown in Fig. 10.1. This bar code is represented by 15 digits of CODE128 and by alphanumeric characters beneath the bar code.