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INOKIM OZOa User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for INOKIM OZOa

  • Page 1 USER GUIDE...
  • Page 2 Our aim was to provide a good solution for city riders in range of urban & off road surroundings. We created OZOa and the OZOe to be an integrated part of your life. Enjoy, ride carefully and return home safely...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OZOa SPECIFICATIONS ............6 OZOe SPECIFICATIONS ............8 OZOa/e UNBOX ..............10 OZOa/e CHARGING ............16 BATTERY MAINTENANCE ............17 OZOa/e OPERATION ............18 HOW TO RIDE ................ 19 FUNCTIONS ................20 OZOa/e SETTINGS ............... 21 OZOa/e SETTINGS & ERRORS ..........23...
  • Page 4: Why Read This Manual

    WHY READ THIS MANUAL? Understanding your new INOKIM’s features, performance, proper use & maintenance, will help you: ENJOY Get the most out of your first and every ride. RIDE SMART For the safety of yourself and your surroundings. MAINTAIN YOUR INOKIM For many years of safe and fun riding.
  • Page 5: Safety Regulations & Battery Safety

    Keep the battery away from children & pets. Exposure to the battery voltage can cause death or serious injury. Unplug the battery from the outlet before performing any maintenance. It is forbiden to operate INOKIM products when plugged into an electrical outlet. OZOa/e Do NOT use the if the battery: •...
  • Page 6: Ozoa Specifications

    OZOa OZOa - - SPECIFICATIONS MODEL OZOa OZOa Hero 36V | 7.8Ah Super 36V | 10.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery Net Weight (+-0.5 kg) 22kg | 48.5lb Range 32km | 20 miles Electric only Hero Testing conditions: 60km | 37 miles Pedal assisted...
  • Page 7 OZOa OZOa - - SPECIFICATIONS T-bar control buttons central control unit and display front & rear brake levers steering folding mechanism saddle height adjust main frame rear light integral head light shock absorber front fork rear mudguard front mudguard 240W gearless 16”...
  • Page 8: Ozoe Specifications

    OZOe OZOe - - SPECIFICATIONS MODEL OZOe OZOe Hero 36V | 7.8Ah Super 36V | 10.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery Net Weight (+-0.5 Kg) 21kg | 46.3lb Range Hero 32km | 20 miles Testing conditions: Constant speed of 15k/h 75kg load. Flat road Super 40km | 25 miles Temperature 20-25°C...
  • Page 9 OZOe OZOe - - SPECIFICATIONS T-bar control buttons front & rear central control unit and display brake levers steering folding mechanism saddle main frame height adjust rear light integral head light front fork shock absorber front mudguard rear mudguard 240W gearless 16”...
  • Page 10: Ozoa/E Unbox

    OZOa/e UNBOX UNFOLD AND FIX STEERING BAR click click adjustment adjustment...
  • Page 11 OZOa/e UNBOX MOUNT STEERING BAR & BRAKE HANDLES While unassembled place the OZOa/e firmly on its kickstand. Use the hex key (4 millimeter) to mount the T-Bar with 3 bolts. After, apply the reflector sticker. Adjust the brake levers angle according to your height.
  • Page 12 OZOa/e UNBOX MOUNT BATTERY Attention! Read battery safety and maintenance sections carefully before charging and mounting the battery.
  • Page 13 OZOa/e UNBOX MOUNT SADDLE POST Insert the saddle post in its place. Adjust to your preferred height. Use the quick release handle to firmly lock the saddle post. Maximum height allowed MOUNT SADDLE Apply the saddle on the saddle post and adjust its angle to horizontal position.
  • Page 14 OZOa UNBOX MOUNT THE PEDALS Insert the pedals. Attention: Both pedals have Right and Left signs and specific threads. Check the pedal carefully and thread it on to true side by key. Pedal lock direction Right pedal Left Pedal Pedal lock...
  • Page 15 OZOe UNBOX OPEN THE FOOTRESTS FOR RIDE POSITION Push footrests to open as shown below. Fold footrests up if needed.
  • Page 16: Ozoa/E Charging

    OZOa/e CHARGING Charging whilst the battery is mounted: Open the rubber cover under the frame and connect the charger to the socket. Charging socket Charging socket Charging the battery separately from OZOa/e...
  • Page 17: Battery Maintenance

    Use OZOa/e INOKIM charger only! Your OZOa/e has a Lithium Battery with an external charger. When charging, connect the charging cable in this order: Plug in the charger to INOKIM’s charging socket first, then plug it in to the electric outlet socket. Charging Indication:...
  • Page 18: Ozoa/E Operation

    OZOa/e OPERATION LCD DISPLAY The OZOa/e bicycle contains a Central Control Unit (CCU) at the center of the T - Bar. The CCU is displayed by an LCD and the functions are applied by the the control buttons on the left hand side of the the T - Bar.
  • Page 19: How To Ride

    KM/H 1. Short press on either brake handle 2. Fast double press the throttle 3. Press on OZOa Press the thumb throttle on the right side to start riding, in order to maintain and increase speed, use pedals. OZOe Press the thumb throttle on the right side to start riding, speed will increase up to 25 KM/H.
  • Page 20: Functions

    OZOa/e FUNCTIONS MODE When the system is ON, press for TURBO Mode, press ECO Mode. LIGHTS When Power is ON, long press to turn the lights on. When Power is ON at night, the light sensor will automatically turn the lights on. This function can be adjusted for different sensitivity in darkness.
  • Page 21 OZOa/e SETTINGS To enter the SETTINGS: while the system is On, press simultaneously for 2 seconds. When entered the SETTINGS will appear. P 1. - LCD BRIGHTNESS to increase to decrease 0000 1 - 00005 (5 levels of LCD brightness) P 1.
  • Page 22: Ozoa/E Settings

    OZOa/e SETTINGS P 1 . - CRUISE CONTROL FUNCTION P 1. While in SETTING MODE press - Cruise X 2 times to enter control function. By default the cruise control is Off. Press to turn cruise control On. 0000 1 Display will show cruise control On.
  • Page 23: Ozoa/E Settings & Errors

    Error 30 Electric communication fault - you may press any button and continue riding. However, the km / mileage indicator will not function correctly. Write down the serial number of your INOKIM Keep this information separately and in a safe place!
  • Page 24 OPERATION & MANAGMENT I N O K I M O F F I C I A L NINGBO MYWAY Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd #18 Nanhai Road, Beilun, Ningbo. Q E P ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA 315800. | WWW.INOKIM.COM...

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