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LG BP4 Owner's Manual

10400 mah / 5200 mah / 2600 mah


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Portable battery
BP4 10400 mAh / BP4 5200 mAh / BP3 2600 mAh
P/No.: TAY35387870_Vol.06
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Summary of Contents for LG BP4

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Portable battery BP4 10400 mAh / BP4 5200 mAh / BP3 2600 mAh P/No.: TAY35387870_Vol.06 10_BP405_BP302_ENG_TAY35387870.indd 1 2014-04-30 9:55:5...
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    Disassembling the product may cause malfunction of the product. Please do not disassemble the product. LG Electronics is not responsible for problems caused by disassembling the product by users or non-authorized personnel. Please read the safety information carefully before using the product.
  • Page 3 Getting Started • To prevent failure, malfunction and danger of an explosion, please do not leave your product around a heat source or combustible material. • Do not shake or throw the product. • When the product has damage, don’t turn on. • When not in use, please charge the product once a month. • Clean the product with a soft cloth.
  • Page 4 Getting Started • Please stop charging, if charging takes longer than the max charging time. The product may overheat, combust, or explode causing injury or death. • Please keep away from (heat of ) fire if smoking or leaking. Internal fluids are flammable and may cause injury or death.
  • Page 5 Getting Started Recycling / disposal : Product must be disposed of properly. Do not throw it in the trash or incinerator. You are cautioned that changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.
  • Page 6 • Please charge the portable battery at least once a month, because it consumes a small amount of current even when not in use. • If all LEDs are not lighting (BP4 10400 mAh / BP4 5200 mAh) or the red LED is lighting (BP3 2600 mAh), please charge the portable battery immediately.
  • Page 7: Operation

    Operation Charging the portable battery > Caution Charge the portable battery completely before using it for the first time. Before connecting the USB cable, check the voltage/current of the adapter. If you use unsuitable device, it may cause malfuction of portable battery or charger.
  • Page 8 Operation Sequential Charging 1. Connect the Micro USB port (Input) of the portable battery and the charger adapter by using the USB cable. 2. Connect the USB port (Output) of the portable battery and the USB port of your portable device by using the USB cable. - After finishing the portable battery charged, then your portable device will be charged.
  • Page 9 Operation Note • This function will be operated when portable device connect to PORT 1 in BP4 10400 mAh. • When sequential charging function is operated, charging current will be limited. Thus, it may take longer to charge. • This function is recommended to use genuine charger. If you charge by using USB port in PC, it may not be charged.
  • Page 10 Charging mode for portable device will maintain during 20 seconds. • In case of using BP4 10400 mAh, when you charge battery charging specification 1.0 A(or higher) portable device by using one of USB port, the other USB port may be limited to charge devices. Therefore, when you charge portable device, please check charging specification of portable device.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Please check the following contents if portable battery does not work. If the problem is not solved, please stop use and contact manufacturer. Problem Cause & Correction Portable battery cannot • Please check the Voltage specification charge the portable between Portable battery and the device.
  • Page 12 Troubleshooting Problem Cause & Correction LED is not blinking, • Please check that the PC is in power off or while portable battery is sleep mode. charging using a laptop • The USB port may lack power. Please or desktop. disconnect all other devices using USB ports.
  • Page 13 (BP3 2600 mAh: purple or a short circuit of the unit occurs. Stop LED Keeps blinking fast, using the unit immediately. If you make BP4 10400 mAh, BP4 the normal circumastance, it will work 5200 mAh: All LEDs keep properly again.
  • Page 14 • In case of charging portable device that charging and stopping. charging specification is over 1A by using BP3 2600 mAh or BP4 5200 mAh, it might repeat charging and stopping. This is an operation to find stable current, so that you can charge it without any worry.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Appendix Specifications Model BP4 10400 mAh BP4 5200 mAh BP3 2600 mAh Rated input Max. 2 A 0 5 V Max. 2 A 0 5 V Max. 1 A 0 5 V Max 1 A 0 5 V x 2...
  • Page 16 Appendix ENGLISH Disposal of waste batteries/accumulators 1 This symbol may be combined with chemical symbols for mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb) if the battery contains more than 0.0005% of mercury, 0.002% of cadmium or 0.004% of lead. 2 All batteries/accumulators should be disposed separately from the municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities.
  • Page 17 Appendix SLOVENŠČINA Odlaganje odpadnih baterij/akumulatorjev 1 Simbolu so lahko dodane tudi kemične oznake za živo srebro (Hg), kadmij (Cd) ali svinec (Pb), če baterija vsebuje več kot 0,0005 % živega srebra, 0,002 % kadmija ali 0,004 % svinca. 2 Vse baterije/akumulatorje odstranjujte ločeno od običajnih komunalnih odpadkov na namenskih zbirnih mestih, ki jih določijo vlada ali krajevne oblasti.
  • Page 18 Appendix ҚАЗАҚША Ескі батареяларды/аккумуляторларды қоқысқа тастау 1 Егер батареяның құрамындағы сынап 0,0005%, кадмий 0,002% немесе қорғасын 0,004% мөлшерінен артық болса, бұл таңбамен бірге сынап (Hg), кадмий (Cd) немесе қорғасынның (Pb) химиялық таңбалары берілуі мүмкін. 2 Барлық батареялар/аккумуляторлар қалалық қоқыстан бөлек, мемлекеттік немесе...
  • Page 19 Appendix PORTUGUÊS Eliminação de baterias/acumuladores usados 1 Este símbolo pode estar acompanhado dos símbolos químicos do mercúrio (Hg), cádmio (Cd) ou chumbo (Pb) se a bateria contiver mais do que 0,0005% de mercúrio, 0,002% de cádmio ou 0,004% de chumbo. 2 Todas as baterias/acumuladores devem ser eliminados em separado, e não juntamente com os resíduos municipais, através de infra-estruturas de recolha selectiva, definidas pelas autoridades estatais ou locais.
  • Page 20 Appendix SUOMI Paristojen ja akkujen hävittäminen 1 Merkin yhteydessä voi olla myös kemiallisen aineen merkki, kuten elohopea (Hg), kadmium (Cd) tai lyijy (Pb), jos paristossa/akussa on yli 0,0005 % elohopeaa, yli 0,002 % kadmiumia tai yli 0,004 % lyijyä. 2 Kaikki paristot/akut ovat ongelmajätettä, joten ne on toimitettava paikalliseen keräyspisteeseen. 3 Vanhojen paristojen/akkujen asianmukainen hävittäminen ehkäisee mahdollisia ympäristöön ja terveyteen kohdistuvia haittavaikutuksia.
  • Page 21 Appendix БЪЛГАРСКИ Изхвърляне на батерии/акумулатори след изтичане на срока им на годност 1 Ако батерията съдържа над 0,0005% живак, 0,002% кадмий или 0,004% олово, този символ може да е придружен от химически знак, обозначаващи живак (Hg), кадмий (Cd) или олово (Pb). 2 Всички...
  • Page 22 Appendix ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ Απόρριψη των χρησιμοποιημένων μπαταριών/συσσωρευτών 1 Το σύμβολο αυτό μπορεί να συνδυάζεται με τα χημικά σύμβολα για τον υδράργυρο (Hg), το κάδμιο (Cd) ή το μόλυβδο (Pb), αν η μπαταρία περιέχει ποσότητες μεγαλύτερες από 0,0005% για τον υδράργυρο, 0,002% για το κάδμιο ή 0,004% για το μόλυβδο. 2 Η...
  • Page 23 Appendix EESTI Akude/patareide kasutuselt kõrvaldamine 1 See sümbol võib olla kombineeritud keemiliste sümbolitega elavhõbe (Hg), kaadmium (Cd) või plii (Pb), kui aku sisaldab elavhõbedat rohkem kui 0,0005%, kaadmiumi rohkem kui 0,002% või pliid rohkem kui 0,004%. 2 Kõik akud/patareid tuleb paigutada olmeprügist eraldi selleks ette nähtud kohtadesse, nagu on kehtestanud valitsus või kohalik võimuorgan.
  • Page 24 (Product with embedded battery ONLY) In case this product contains a battery incorporated within the product which cannot be readily removed by end-users, LG recommends that only qualified professionals remove the battery, either for replacement or for recycling at the end of this product’s working life. To prevent damage to...

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