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Akai MPD 32 Supplementary Manual

Usb/midi pad control unit factory preset documentation
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  • Page 2 MPD32 FACTORY PRESET LISTINGS PRESET # PROGRAM LiveLite FxPanBFD MPC Pads Reason Cubase ApplidAc Arturia FLStudio FxPanGUR GMedia RobPapen Sonar SpectATM SpectRMX SpectTRL Virsyn GMDrums ArkaosVJ 19-30 Generic The presets included are only intended to be a starting point for your use. All of these software programs allow incredible amounts of control and by using multiple MIDI channels, controllers, pad modes and program changes, you can easily create some incredible music.
  • Page 3 USING THE MPD32 WITH BFD BFD is the premiere software drum module, featuring high-quality drum samples for realistic drum performance. BFD can be used as a standalone computer application, or as a VST instrument which can be dropped into your favorite host environment. We have included a default MIDI map for BFD which gives you access to all the major features of the software.
  • Page 4 AKAI MPD32 PRESET MAPPINGS BANK BFD LITE Fader 1 DIRECT MASTER Fader 2 OVERHEAD Fader 3 ROOM Fader 4 Fader 5 MASTER Fader 6 Master Dynamics Fader 7 Kick Mic In/Out Fader 8 Snare Mic Top/Bottom Knob 1 OVERHEAD DISTANCE Knob 2 OVERHEAD WIDTH Knob 3...
  • Page 5 USING THE MPD32 WITH REASON We have included all the files necessary to enable Reason to find the MPD32 and map its controls to whatever module you have selected in the sequencer. To begin using the MPD32 with Reason, you will need to make sure that you have version 3.0.5 or greater for the Mac or version 3.0.4 or later for the PC.
  • Page 6 The MPD32 preset for Reason makes use of pad banks A, B and C for playing notes. With these three pad banks you get a 3-octave range of pitch control. Pad bank D is configured to be used as a control bank. This pad bank allows you to use the pads as switches for certain features.
  • Page 7 ::: GLOBAL CONTROLLERS ::: MPD32 CONTROL REASON FUNCTION Stop Stop Play Play Record Record Rewind Rewind Fast Forward Fast Forward Target Previous Track Switch 7 Switch 8 Target Next Track Switch 15 Select Previous Patch for Target Device Select Next Patch for Target Device Switch 16 Switch 23 Select Previous Keyboard Shortcut Variation...
  • Page 8 BANK GROUP 1 GROUP 2 Channel 1 Level Channel 1 Level Fader 1 Fader 2 Channel 2 Level Channel 2 Level Fader 3 Channel 3 Level Channel 3 Level Fader 4 Channel 4 Level Channel 4 Level Fader 5 Channel 5 Level Channel 5 Level Fader 6 Channel 6 Level...
  • Page 9 LINE MIXER 6:2 SUBTRACTOR BANK Fader 1 Channel 1 Level Filter Freq Fader 2 Channel 2 Level Filter Res Channel 3 Level Filter2 Freq Fader 3 Fader 4 Channel 4 Level Filter2 Res Channel 5 Level Filter Env Attack Fader 5 Fader 6 Channel 6 Level Filter Env Decay...
  • Page 10 REDRUM GLOBAL GROUP1 BANK Fader 1 Drum 1 Level Drum 2 Level Fader 2 Fader 3 Drum 3 Level Fader 4 Drum 4 Level Drum 5 Level Fader 5 Drum 6 Level Fader 6 Fader 7 Drum 7 Level Fader 8 Drum 8 Level Knob 1 Drum 1 Pan...
  • Page 11 USING THE MPD32 WITH ARTURIA SYNTHS We have made a template file for most of the popular Arturia synths that all work in conjunction with the Arturia Preset on the MPD32. Each Arturia synth has its own MIDI Map file that will automatically assign the functions within that synth.
  • Page 12 BANK ARP2600V CS80V VCF Cutoff HPF Cutoff I Fader 1 Fader 2 VCF Resonance HPF Reso I Fader 3 VCF input 1 LPF Cutoff I Fader 4 VCF input 2 LPF Reso I Fader 5 VCF input 3 VCF Attack Level I Fader 6 VCF input 4 VCF Attack I...
  • Page 13 USING THE MPD32 WITH FL STUDIO 7 Once you have completed the installation process, open up FL Studio 7 and go to File | New From Template | Akai | MPD32 to begin using the template. The first 16 pads (bank A) have been mapped as a Layer track in FL Studio.
  • Page 14 USING THE MPD32 WITH FXPANSION GURU Fxpansion’s Guru software is a very flexible and creative tool for making all kinds of beats and grooves. Guru comes preset with default MIDI note and controller note mappings that serve a bunch of different purposes. Notes can be set to trigger sounds, map a sound chromatically and play it from a keyboard, trigger different patterns and trigger different scenes.
  • Page 15 USING THE MPD32 WITH G-MEDIA SYNTHS MINIMONSTA To install the configuration file, click on "SET UP" and choose “LOAD”. Select the configuration file and choose “LOAD”. IMPOSCAR VST: Place "ImpOSCar.sup" in the same directory as ImpOSCar.DLL. (Example: "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\Gmedia\i mpOSCar") Standalone: Place "ImpOSCar.sup"...
  • Page 16 USING THE MPD32 WITH ROB PAPEN SYNTHS Installing and loading the MIDI map files: BLUE Mac – Place the file labeled MPD32_Blue.stp in the Applications/Rob Papen/Blue/Blue ECS folder. After starting Blue in your host software, click on ‘Global’. At the bottom right of the GLOBAL page you will see Ex.
  • Page 17 BLUE PREDATOR BANK Fader 1 OSC Volume 1 Osc 1 waveform Fader 2 OSC Volume 2 Osc 1 Volume Fader 3 OSC Volume 3 Osc 2 waveform Fader 4 OSC Volume 4 Osc 2 Volume Fader 5 OSC Volume 5 Osc 3 waveform Fader 6 OSC Volume 6...
  • Page 18 USING THE MPD32 WITH SONAR In Sonar, go to Tools/ Sonar Plugin manager. In Categories, select Control Surfaces. In ‘Registered Plugins', choose Cakewalk Generic Surface. Press Insert, then navigate to the file named "MPD32.spp" and press Open. Go to Options / Control Surfaces. Press Add new control surfaces.
  • Page 19 USING THE MPD32 WITH STYLUS RMX AKAI MPD32 PRESET MAPPINGS 1. To use the MPD32 with Stylus RMX you will need to copy the Akai folder from the Spectrasonics-StylusRMX MIDI Templates folder on the CD- ROM to the following folder on your computer.
  • Page 20 USING THE MPD32 WITH VIRSYN SYNTHS TERA 3 Mac – Place the file in the Virsyn / Tera folder labeled VSMIDI.vsm in the Applications / Tera3 folder. When you start up Tera it will automatically have the right mappings for the MPD32. Select the VirSyn Preset on your MPD32 and the controllers will be mapped to some of the most used functions.
  • Page 21 USING THE MPD32 WITH ARKAOS VJ This preset is not specific to Arkaos but is designed to allow you to quickly customize your Arkaos presets. Keyboard – The keyboard is set to the COMMON MIDI channel and has a range from C1 – to C5 on Arkaos. The keyboard is well suited for momentarily triggering video clips or effects.
  • Page 22 REVISION 1.0...