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Power Supply Modules - Acer IDUR Installation Manual

System housing
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Upgrading to Two Redundant

Power Supply Modules

Follow the instructions in this section when you want to upgrade to two
420W redundant power supply modules.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, make sure to
disconnect all power supply cables from the wall
socket before opening the system housing.
Removing the Existing Power Supply
Unplug the AC power cable from the wall socket, then remove the
plastic fan cover on the rear panel.
Open and remove the lower front and left doors. See section 5.
Remove the three screws that secure the right door.
DO NOT open the RIGHT door at this moment!
Doing so will damage the power sharing board
and cables attached to its inner side.
Unplug the connectors
- from the power supply to the power sharing board
- from the power sharing board to the system board
- from the power sharing board to the disk drives
- from the fans to the system board
Remember where you unplugged each connector. You will have to
reconnect them later.
IDUN Housing


Table of Contents

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