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Casio DC-7500A Service Manual & Parts List


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JUL. 1994


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  • Page 1 (without price) DC-7500A JUL. 1994 DC-7500A INDEX...
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Display: Liquid crystal display Power supply: Two lithium batteries (CR2025) ..Main and Back-up Power consumption: 0.004 W Battery life: Main battery: approximately 2 years (1hour use per day) Back-up battery: approximately 1 year after the "LOW BATTERY" message appears on the display Auto power off: Approximately 6 minutes after last key operation Ambient temperature range:...
  • Page 3: Operation Check

    OPERATION CHECK Note: Before you do this operation, save the data to another unit. No. MODE DISPLAY NOTE NAME? TELEPHON SCHEDULE SCHEDULE? ° QWERTYUIOP_ ° CLEAR SCHEDULE? ° ASDFGHJKL¥$£ ° ALPHA – × ÷ CONVERSION CONVERSION? HOME/WORLD 1994-01-01 EDIT Hold down it for about two 1994-01-01 seconds.
  • Page 4 No. MODE DISPLAY NOTE 1994-01-01 EDIT REMINDER ANNIVERSARY? PASS WORD? – – SPACE – HOME/WORLD ALARM Three times 12:00 SPACE KEY ? Four times KEY ? NAME? Confirm buzzer RESET RESET? See the figure below NAME? CAPA Back-up battery cover Main battery cover RESET button...
  • Page 5: Data Transfer

    DATA TRANSFER DC-7500A can transfer the stored data to another DC-7500A. Note: Before connecting wires, be sure to reset the slave unit. 1. Remove the battery cover for back-up battery. 2. Connect 4 terminals on the PCB with wires as shown in the figure below.
  • Page 6: Pcb View

    PCB VIEW TROUBLESHOOTING Before the following solutions will be done, save data if possible. SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION Battery shortage Replace batteries No power Poor soldering of the power Resolder supply circuit Defective heat seal Replace it No display at all or wrong display Defective LCD Replace it —...
  • Page 7: Schematic Diagram

    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM CA411-TS JTMP0340-1902S(PI) IC1, IC2 TC7S02F TC7S04F RH5VL27CA/S-8072AL-AG ±2% 1/8W R2, R3 1/8W 18PF / 50V 15PF / 50V Transmit connector C3, C5 0.1uF / 25V 10uF / 4V D1, D2 MA151K MA704 BT1, BT2 CR2025 32.768KHz EFB-S55C41A8 IC2 2 XOUT ROUT VOUT...
  • Page 8: Parts List

    MAA80009301 2 20 Note: In case of defective LSI, replace the whole unit. Both LSI and PCB assembly can not be supplied. A011 5278 DC-7500A-DW-F LX-096ATLF Notes: N – New parts R – A : Essential M – Minimum order/supply quantity B : Stock recommended R –...
  • Page 9: Exploded View

    EXPLODED VIEW — 8 —...
  • Page 10 8-11-10, Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan Telephone: 03-3347-4926...

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