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Asus VK266 Series User Manual

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VK266/VW266 Series
LCD Monitor
User Guide
E3949 V1
August 2008



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  Summary of Contents for Asus VK266 Series

  • Page 1 VK266/VW266 Series LCD Monitor User Guide E3949 V1 August 2008 VK266 VW266...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Notices..iii Safety.information... iv Care.&.Cleaning... v Chapter.1:. 1.1. Welcome!... 1-1 1.2. Package.contents..1-1 1.3. Assembling.the.monitor.base..1-2 1.5. Monitor.introduction... 1-3 1.5.1 Front of the LCD monitor ... 1-3 1.5.2 Rear of the LCD monitor ... 1-4 Chapter.2:.
  • Page 3: Notices

    Notices Federal.Communications.Commission.Statement This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: • This device may not cause harmful interference, and • This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 4: Safety.information

    Safety information • Before setting up the monitor, carefully read all the documentation that came with the package. • To prevent fire or shock hazard, never expose the monitor to rain or moisture. • Never try to open the monitor cabinet. The dangerous high voltages inside the monitor may result in serious physical injury.
  • Page 5: Care.&.Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning • Before you lift or reposition your monitor, it is better to disconnect the cables and power cord. Follow the correct lifting techniques when positioning the monitor. When lifting or carrying the monitor, grasp the edges of the monitor. Do not lift the display by the stand or the cord.
  • Page 6 Where to find more information Refer to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates. ASUS.websites The ASUS websites worldwide provide updated information on ASUS hardware and software products. Refer to Optional.documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty card, that may have been added by your dealer.
  • Page 7: Welcome

    With these features, you can enjoy the convenience and delightful visual experience that the VK266/VW266 Series brings you! 1.2 Package contents Check your VK266/VW266 Series LCD package for the following items: LCD monitor Monitor base 1 CD Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 8: Assembling.the.monitor.base

    1.3 Assembling the monitor base To assemble the monitor base: Connect the base with the monitor. A click indicates that the base has been connected successfully. Adjust the monitor to the angle that is most comfortable for you. We recommend that you cover the table surface with soft cloth to prevent damage to the monitor.
  • Page 9: Monitor.introduction

    This is also a hotkey for Brightness adjustment. Input Select Button Use this hotkey to switch from VGA,DVI,HDMI, Component input signal. (for some models) Press (Input Select Button) to display HDMI and component signals after you connect cable with monitor. ASUS LCD Monitor VK266/VW266 Series...
  • Page 10: 1.5.2 Rear Of The Lcd Monitor

    Power button • Press this button to turn the monitor on/off. Power indicator • The color definition of the power indicator is as the below table. Status Description Blue Amber Standby mode 1.5.2 Rear of the LCD monitor AC-IN port HDMI-IN port DVI port VGA port SPDIF Out Port Of HDMI YPbPr Ports L/R Audio Ports Line - in Port Earphone - out Port (Only for some models) USB-IN port...
  • Page 11: Detaching.the.arm/Stand.(For.vesa.wall.mount)

    2.1 Detaching the arm/stand (for VESA wall mount) The detachable stand of the VK266/VW266 Series LCD monitor is specially designed for VESA wall mount. To detach the arm/stand: Remove the back cover Remove the arm cover Have the front of the monitor face down on a table remove the three screws on the stand of the monitor as the below drawing shows.
  • Page 12: Adjusting.the.monitor

    • You can adjust the monitor’s angle from -5º to 20º. Install Life-Frame 2 software ASUS VK266 series provides the easy-to-use LifeFrame 2 software that can work with the webcam,allowing users to create their own photos or video clips. •...
  • Page 13: Osd.(On-Screen.display).Menu

    • user-configurable. In the other modes, the sRGB function is not user-configurable. • ASUS LCD Monitor VK266/VW266 Series to navigate through the functions. Highlight and activate again to navigate through the sub-menu to change the settings of the selected function.
  • Page 14 Image You can adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation,position (VGA only), and focus (VGA only) from this main function. • Brightness: the adjusting range is from 0 to 00. activate this function. • Contrast: the adjusting range is from 0 to 00. •...
  • Page 15 Aspect Controls: adjusts the aspect ratio to “Full” or “4:3”. • Information: shows the monitor information. • Reset: “Yes” allows you to revert to the preset mode. ASUS LCD Monitor VK266/VW266 Series is a hotkey to activate (for some models)
  • Page 16: Specifications Summary

    3.2 Specifications summary For VK266/VW266 series models Model Panel Size Max. Resolution Brightness (Max.) Intrisinc Contrast Ratio (Max.) Viewing Angle (CR=10) Display Colors Response Time Webcam (built-in) Satellite Speaker Earphone Output Sound from HDMI HDMI input DVI input D-Sub input...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting.(Faq)

    Screen image has color defects (white does not look white) Screen image is blurry or fuzzy No sound or sound is low Webcam is not working ASUS LCD Monitor VK266/VW266 Series Possible Solution • Press the button to check if the monitor is in the ON mode.
  • Page 18 VK266/VW266 PC Supported Timing List VESA Modes, Factory Preset Timings Mode Input Aspect Ratio SVGA SXGA WXGA+ 16:10 WSXGA 16:10 1080P 16:9 WUXGA 16:10 IBM Modes, Factory Preset Timings(D-SUB, DVI-D, HDMI inputs) Mode Input Aspect Ratio MAC Modes, Factory Preset Timings(D-SUB, DVI-D, HDMI inputs)
  • Page 19: Hdmi Supported Primary Timings

    VK266 / VW266 Mode Aspect 480i 480P 576i 576P 720P 1080i VK266H/VW266H HDMI Supported Optional Timings Mode Aspect 480P 576P 1080P VK266H/VW266H YPbPr Input List Mode 480i 480P 576i 576P 720P 1080i 1080P * Modes not listed in the above tables may not be supported. For optimal resolution, we recommend that you choose a mode listed in the above tables HDMI Supported Primary Timings Input...