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Yamaha Electone EL-900m Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha Electone EL-900m

  • Page 1 Upgrade Kit OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Special Message Section

    SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of printing. However, Yamaha reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without notice or obligation to update existing units.
  • Page 3 • Always save data to a floppy disk frequently, in order to help prevent the loss of important data due to a malfunction or user operating error. Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed.
  • Page 4: Included Items

    General MIDI standard. XG is a new MIDI format created by Yamaha which significantly improves and expands upon the General MIDI standard by providing a greater variety of high-quality voices plus considerably enhanced effect operation—while being fully compatible with GM.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Panel Layout ... 6 1 Registration Menu Disk ... 9 Registration Menu List ... 11 Voice Category List ... 14 2 New Voices ... 16 Strings Page ... 16 Brass Page ... 16 Trumpet Page ... 17 Tuba Page ...
  • Page 6: Panel Layout

  • Page 8 LCD Display/Display Select LCD Display DATA CONTROL DATA CONTROL Buttons Others Monitor Speakers Jacks Speaker Unit Page Buttons VOICE DISPLAY Button EFFECT SET Button VOICE EFFECT A. B. C. DISPLAY M. O. C. A. B. C. /M. O. C. Button PAGE FOOT SW.
  • Page 9: Registration Menu Disk

    Registration Menu Disk The contents of the registrations have been perfected with the new voice combinations, compared to the ones of El-900. 80 registration patterns in five basic categories are available for you to play. To use the Registration Menu: Insert the included Registration Menu disk in to the slot.
  • Page 10 Take a brief look at each menu. (page 1) (page 2) (page 3) (page 4) (page 5) Each registration is briefly described in the following tables.
  • Page 11: Registration Menu List

    Registration Menu List Page 1: Symphonic Orchestra LCD (Name) Content Maestoso Symphonic Orchestra 1 GrandOrch. Symphonic Orchestra 2 Full St. String Ensemble 1 Str. Ens. String Ensemble 2 LowSt&Harp Strings & Harp Pizz.Ens. Pizz. Strings ClassicEns Classical Orchestra WoodsQuart Wood Ensemble Flute&Harp Flute &...
  • Page 12 Page 3: Latin LCD (Name) Content SambaBrass Samba 1 SambaLight Samba 2 BossaCombo Bossanova 1 BossaStr. Bossanova 2 MamboSlow Mambo 1 MamboFast Mambo 2 Rhumba Rhumba Beguine Beguine Cha - Cha Cha - Cha Salsa Salsa TangoArgen Tango 1 TangoConti Tango 2 Mexican Mexican 1...
  • Page 13 Page 5: Black & White ~ Organ Sounds LCD (Name) Content Straight Flute Combi. 1 Cluster Flute Combi. 2 Dry Combi Flute Combi. 3 Fat &Rich Flute Combi. 4 Moody Jazz Ballad 1 Full Balad Jazz Ballad 2 LightCombi Organ Bossa 1 OrganCla.
  • Page 14: Voice Category List

    Voice Category List A variety of voices can be divided into the following categories. ORCHESTRAL Strings 1 Strings 2 Strings 8 Tremolo Strings Pizzicato Strings Brass 1 Brass 2 Brass 3 Synth Brass 1 Clarinet 1 Clarinet 2 Clarinet 3 Bass Clarinet 1 Synth Clarinet 1 V-Clarinet...
  • Page 15 ORCHESTRAL Tutti 1 Tutti 2 Tutti 3 Tutti 4 Tutti 9 Harmonica 1 Harmonica 2 Thin Reed Horn 1 Horn 2 Horn 3 Horn 4 Muted Horn LEAD Violin 1 Violin 2 Violin 4 Violin 5 Buzz String Pizzicato Violin Cello Kokyu Flute 1...
  • Page 16: New Voices

    New Voices 23 new AWM+FM voices are added: from 173 voices to 196 voices with EL-900m. 23 new additional voices allow you to play a variety of music categories, from classicals to contemporary music. The total number of voices has become 230; 196 AWM+FM voices and 34 VA voices.
  • Page 17: Trumpet

    If you play it on EL-900, Timpani 1 is produced. NOTE: Although some of the voice names and the locations of those on EL-900 may be altered because of accommodating new voices, they will not affect data compat- ibility between EL-900m and other models.
  • Page 18: Flute

    Flute Page Flute3(8') Jazz flute with unique attack. Suitable for both faster phrases and extended ones. Vibrato is preset and fixed to the voice. If you play it on EL-900, Flute 1 is produced. Flute4(8') Classical flute with deep vibrato. Vibrato is preset and fixed to the voice. C.
  • Page 19: Clarinet

    Oboe 4(8') Expressive oboe for classicals. P. I. Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake If you play it on EL-900, Oboe 2 is produced. English Horn2(8') English horn with distinctive reed. A. Dvorak: From the New world, 2nd Movement If you play it on EL-900, English Horn1 is produced. Bassoon3(UK16'/LK8') Bassoon with rich resonance even in the lower register.
  • Page 20: Saxophone

    Saxophone Page Synth. Lead6(8') Comical synth. Lead with unique pitch characteristics. If you play it on EL-900, Synth. Lead 1 is produced. Synth. Lead7(8') Synth. Lead having Synth bass image. If you play it on EL-900, Shynth Lead 1 is produced. Tutti Page Tutti 8(8') Gorgeous brass ensemble.
  • Page 21: Chorus

    Chorus Page Chorus 6(8') Mixed chorus for the sacred music. Having a slow and clean impression, especially suited to chorale. If you play it on EL-900, Chorus 3 is produced. Chorus 7(8') Impressive chorus. L. V. Beethoven: From Symphonie No. 9 "Choral" If you play it on EL-900, Chorus 3 is produced.
  • Page 22: Piano

    Piano Page Elec. Piano4(8') Bright and brilliant electric piano. If you play it on EL-900, Elec. Piano 1 is produced. Electric Bass Page Elec. Bass 5(16') Expressive Electric bass. If you play it on EL-900, Elec. Bass 2 is produced. Syn.
  • Page 23: New Voices

    The following list summarizes the newly added voices. Refer to the Details on Each Voice at the end of this manual for the information on the other voices. New Voices Page Voice Name STRINGS Strings 8 BRASS Synth. Brass 4 TRUMPET Trombone 3 TUBA...
  • Page 24: Voice Menu

    Voice Menu The following chart lists the voices available and their button/page assignment. STRINGS Upper/Lower STRINGS Strings Strings Strings Strings Strings Pizz. Trem. Synth. Strings Strings Strs.1 VIOLIN Lead VIOLIN Violin Violin Violin Violin Violin Cello Kokyu CONTRABASS Pedal CONTRABASS Contra Contra Contra...
  • Page 25: Electric Bass

    Page VIBRAPHONE Upper/Lower VIBRAPHONE Vibra- Gloc- Celesta Music Marim- Xylo- phone ken. phone Chime Synth. Steel Chime Drum ELECTRIC BASS Pedal ELECTRIC BASS Elec. Elec. Elec. Elec. Elec. Bass1 Bass 2 Bass 3 Bass 4 Bass 5 Synth. Synth. Synth. Synth.
  • Page 26: Additional Changes On Voice Display

    Additional Changes on Voice Display Pages Two pages are added to the Voice Display page, a page with useful indications for realtime performance, the other for master control functions over various parameters; the Voice Display has become configured with total three pages.
  • Page 27 Bar/Beat As the name implies, this works as the bar and beat indicators. The difference from the existing Bar/Beat Indicator (LED in the Rhythm section) is that this indication is independent from the Tempo display and you will not miss every beat even when the tempo change occurs.
  • Page 28 Registration Shift, in “User” mode: Indicates the current position of the Registration Shift. You can change the registration by moving the cursor to right and left. It's handy when you have wrongly advanced the shift setting in the middle of your performance. You cannot edit the user registration settings here.
  • Page 29: Voice Display, Page 3

    Although you know you can change the Reverb settings of the entire system at one time even on the EL-900, the EL-900m lets you do the same operation with various parameters. Let's check each section in the Voice Display.
  • Page 30: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Select the desired parameter. P.30 Select the appropriate registration that contains the parameter value you want to use it as the master. P.31 Select the targeted registration numbers that contain the parameter value you want to change by turning on/off them. P.31 Uniform the targeted parameter value(s) to that of the registration at the cursor position.
  • Page 31: Selecting The Desired Parameter

    Selecting the desired parameter 1 By pressing PARAM and the appropriate panel button simultaneously: You can directly select the parameter by pressing the panel button of the desired parameter while holding down the appropriate Data Control buttons corresponding to PARAM. 2 By pressing PARAM button: Press the appropriate Data Control buttons corresponding to PARAM and then release it.
  • Page 32 By pressing ON button while holding down COARSE button: All the registration memory numbers can be selected by pressing the Data Control buttons corresponding to "ON" with the COARSE button held. By pressing OFF button while holding down COARSE button: All the registration memory numbers can be cancelled by pressing the Data Control buttons corresponding to "OFF"...
  • Page 33 5 DEC.(Decrement)/INC.(Increment) Offsets the currently turned-on parameters' values. In the following case, you cannot increase the values the registrations 4, 8 and 14 relative to the one in the registration 6 since they are already set to maximum. The following message appears, in this case. Also, you cannot exceed the minimum value when using decrement operation.
  • Page 34: Setting Examples

    Setting Examples The display shows differently depending on the selected parameter. Reverb Parameter Shows the Pedal Voice 1 Reverb parameters. Imagine, you want to decrease the value equally from the all parameters. Select all the parameters by pressing "On" while holding down COARSE. Press "DEC."...
  • Page 35 Panning Parameter Shows the current panning of the Upper Keyboard Voice 2. The cursor is currently set at the registration 3, User voice 1 is assigned and panning is set to L2. You will find the same User voice 1 is assigned to the registrations 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 15 but panning is different among those registrations.
  • Page 36: Pedal Polyphonic Mode

    Pedal Polyphonic Mode You can change the monophonic pedal voices to be polyphonic. This makes it possible for you to enjoy various playing styles. Legato and polyphonic play on the Pedalboard You can make the different settings between Pedal Voice 1 and 2. Pedal voices to the Lower keyboard You can use one of the Pedal voices on the Lower keyboard using To Lower...
  • Page 37: Va Voice Edit

    VA Voice Edit Editing VA voices becomes possible with EL-900m. The available parameters are the same as the ones on AWM. OL (Output Level) Determines the level of the VA sound. Range: 0 - 127 AR (Attack Rate) Determines how quickly the Operator will reach its maximum level after the key is played.
  • Page 38 Let's check VA Shakuhachi voice. Engage editing the voice. The OL of FM OP1, carrier, is set to 0. Moves the cursor to OP5. The OL of FM OP5, carrier, is also set to 0. Move the cursor to AWM, and its OL is also set to 0. Gradually raise the OL of the AWM.
  • Page 39: Voice Name

    VOICE NAME Up to 16 letters can be used to name your newly created voice. Yamaha recommends you to add the Custom (user) voice number to the voice you created. When displayed on the LCD or when reediting the voice, you may become unsure which user voice you are editing.
  • Page 40 Reproducing the edited VA voices on EL-900 The edited VA voices can be reproduced on EL-900. Although saving the registration again on EL-900 resets the voice parameters to 0, the voice itself is intact. The voice name will also be reset. Be aware those facts when saving the registration again.
  • Page 41: Registration Shift Next Song

    Registration Shift Next Song + Different from EL-900, the user v oices can also be read in the Ne xt Song operation with EL-900m (Next Song +). You can use the user v o ices more than 16. Registration Shift: Mode Page...
  • Page 42: Convenient Disk Copy Function

    Convenient Disk Copy Function Disk Copy 2 The functions are almost the same as the ones on the EL-900. Additional operation method is added to the Disk Copy function. Song Copy in the same disk (the same) Song Copy between different disks (the same) Disk Copy (new operation method is added) You can use the following operation procedure in Disk Copy function.
  • Page 43: Error Messages

    Insert the destination disk into the disk slot. The bar indication, 100 %, indicates the copy (paste) operation is complete. Error Messages Write-protect is off with the source disk in disk copy operation. Answer: Set the disk's Write-protect tab to on. Write-protect is on with the destination disk in disk copy operation.
  • Page 44 Different disks in the disk copy operation. (Ex: 2HD disk is inserted as the copy destination while 2DD disk data has been read as the source.) (Ex: 2DD disk is inserted as the copy destination while 2HD disk data has been read as the source.) Answer: You have to prepare the same disk type as that of source disk.
  • Page 45: Midi Out Filter

    When working with an external sequencer, the sequencer may respond to those messages. You can avoid it with this message set to off. NOTE: MU series: XG tone generators from Yamaha. EL-900 has built in MU50 type tone generator exclusive for XG playback. NOTE:...
  • Page 46: Appendix

    APPENDIX Details on Each Voice Page/Section 1. Upper/Lower Strings 1 STRINGS Strings 2 Strings 3 Strings 4 Strings 5 Strings 6 Strings 7 Strings 8 Pizz. Strings Trem. Strings Synth. Strs. 1 Synth. Strs. 2 Synth. Strs. 3 2. Lead Violin 1 VIOLIN Violin 2...
  • Page 47 Page/Section Voice Name 8. Lead Recorder FLUTE Ocarina Pan Flute Shakuhachi Whistle 9. Lead Oboe 1 OBOE Oboe 2 Oboe 3 Oboe 4 English Horn 1 English Horn 2 Bassoon 1 Bassoon 2 Bassoon 3 10. Upper/Lower Clarinet 1 CLARINET Clarinet 2 Clarinet 3 Bass Cla.
  • Page 48 Page/Section Voice Name 16. Pedal Organ Bass 1 ORGAN BASS Organ Bass 2 Organ Bass 3 Organ Bass 4 17. Upper/Lower Piano 1 PIANO Piano 2 Honkytonk Elec. Piano 1 Elec. Piano 2 Elec. Piano 3 Elec. Piano 4 Harpsichord Clavi.
  • Page 49 Preset page Voice Name Feet Effect VA Acoustic V-Flute V-Oboe V-Clarinet V-Sopra. Sax. Alto Sax. Tenor Sax. Breath Sax. V-Trumpet V-Trombone V-Shakuhachi V-Kokyu V-Sitar VA Virtual Pan Pipe Air Reed Thin Reed Grass Reed Soft Reed Buzz String Bow Strings Waspy Horn VA Electronic Jazz Guitar...
  • Page 50: Midi Data Format

    MIDI Data Format 1. Channel Messages 1.1 EL Mode Code (Hexadecimal) Function Transmit Receive Remarks...
  • Page 51 Code (Hexadecimal) Function Transmit Receive Remarks 1.2 XG Mode...
  • Page 52: Realtime Messages

    Code (Hexadecimal) 2. Realtime Messages Code (Hexadecimal) 3. System Exclusive Messages 3.1 Format Code (Hexadecimal) Code (Hexadecimal) Code (Hexadecimal) Code (Hexadecimal) Function Transmit Function Transmit Message Message Message Message Receive Remarks Receive Remarks Transmit Receive Transmit Receive Transmit Receive Transmit Receive...
  • Page 53 Code (Hexadecimal) *1 Data Codes to Send Data *2 Data Codes to Receive Data *3 Switches Switch Transmit Message Receive Transmit Receive...
  • Page 54 *4 Switch Codes Selectors Code Switch Volume Code Switch Flute Voice Code Switch To Lower Code Switch Solo Mode Code Switch Brilliance Code Switch Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks...
  • Page 55 Sustain Code Switch Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Solo Bar Code Switch Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Keyboard Percussion Code Switch Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Disable Code Switch Transmit Tx Range Receive Rx Range Remarks Tremolo Code Switch...
  • Page 56 *5 EL MIDI Parameters Voice Section Parameters Panel Voice Parameters Address Size Data Parameter 00-07 00-0D 00-7F Voice Assign Number H 00-7F Voice Assign Number L 00-07 00-0D Voice Selector Number 00-07 00-7F Volume 00-07 00-7F Reverb Send Level 00-07 00-7F Brilliance 00-07...
  • Page 57 Flute Voice Parameters Address Size Data Parameter 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 16Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 8Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 5-1/3Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 4Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 2-2/3Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 2Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 1-3/5Feet 00-01 00-7F FLUTE 1Feet 00-01 43-7F FLUTE Response 00-01...
  • Page 58 Keyboard Parameters Sustain Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 00-02 00-01 Sustain On/Off 00-02 15-3D Length Keyboard Percussion Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 01-02 00-01 Keyboard Percussion 01-02 00-08 Modes Effect Parameters (Keyboard) Parameter Address Size Data 00-02 40-42 Reverb 00-02 48-4A Tremolo 00-02...
  • Page 59 Accompaniment Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 00-03 Pattern Selector Number 00-01 Volume Mute 00-7F Volume 00-7F Reverb Send Level A.B.C. Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 00-03 A.B.C. Mode 00-01 Lower Memory 00-01 Pedal Memory M.O.C. Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 00-03 M.O.C.
  • Page 60 Overall System Parameters Parameter Address Size Data 00-01 Disable 00-01 Flute Coupler Attack Mode 3A-46 Transpose 00-0B 2nd Expression Range 00-03 Footswitch Mode 3C-4F Pitch 04-1C Glide Speed 34-4C Manual Balance 00-01 L.I.T. 00-01 Expression INT/EXT Effect Parameters (Overall) Parameter Address Size Data...
  • Page 61: Midi Implementation Chart

    MIDI Implementation Chart YAMAHA [Electone-EL mode] / Model: EL-900m Function Basic Channel Default Changed Mode Default Messages Altered Note Number True Voice Velocity Note ON Note OFF After Touch Key's Ch's Pitch Bend Control Change 0, 32 1, 5, 7, 10...
  • Page 62 YAMAHA [Electone-XG mode] / Model: EL-900m Function Basic Channel Default Changed Mode Default Messages Altered Note Number True Voice Velocity Note ON Note OFF After Touch Key's Ch's Pitch Bend Control Change 0, 32 1, 5, 7, 10 6, 38...
  • Page 63: Specifications

    Specifications KEYBOARD Keyboards Touch Tone Initial Touch After Touch Pitch Horizontal Touch VOICE Tone Generation Upper Keyboard Voice 1, 2 Lower Keyboard Voice 1, 2 Lead Voice 1 Lead Voice 2 (VA) Pedalboard Voice 1, 2 Voice Display Upper Flute Voice Lower Flute Voice VOICE EDIT EFFECT/...
  • Page 64 Specifications and description in this Owner's Manual are information purposes only. Yamaha Corp. reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at any time without prior notice. As specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with Yamaha dealer.
  • Page 66 L or coloured RED. Making sure that neither core is connected to the earth terminal of the three pin plug. • This applies only to products distributed by Yamaha-Kemble Music (U.K.) Ltd. (2 wires)
  • Page 67 For details of products, please contact your nearest Yamaha or the authorized distributor listed below. EUROPE THE UNITED KINGDOM Yamaha-Kemble Music (U.K.) Ltd. Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8BL, England Tel: 01908-366700 OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Yamaha Corporation, Pro Audio & Digital Musical Instrument Division...
  • Page 68 Yamaha Manual Library (English versions only) This document is printed on chlorine free (ECF) paper with soy ink. M.D.G., Pro Audio & Digital Musical Instrument Division, Yamaha Corporation © 2000 Yamaha Corporation V706290 ??? Printed in Japan...