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Whirlpool Gladiator CLEAN UP CADDY Assembly Instructions page 2

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Clean Up Caddy Use Requirements
Intended to be installed on Gladiator
panels or GearTrack
Maximum weight limit is 25 lbs (11.4 kg)
Unpack the Clean Up Caddy Parts
Remove the caddy parts and fasteners, and dispose of/recycle all
packaging materials.
Assemble Clean Up Caddy
F3b Phillips-head screw (2)
Gather the required tools before starting assembly.
Tools Needed:
³⁄₈" Nut driver
1. Insert the threaded studs at the top of each side piece into the
two holes in each side of the caddy back.
NOTE: Make sure the bracket rim on the caddy back is to the
outside of the side pieces.
2. Using two acorn nuts (F10) per side, attach the sides to the back.
Completely tighten with a ³⁄₈" nut driver.
A. Acorn nuts (F10)
3. Attach the caddy shelf (with the name badge facing up) by
interlocking the shelf tabs with the tabs on the back.
NOTE: The tabs on the caddy back fit underneath the tabs on
the caddy shelf.
A. Bottom piece
Garageworks GearWall
F10 Acorn nut (6)
Phillips screwdriver
4. Using the two Phillips-head screws (F3b) and two acorn
nuts (F10) fasten the caddy shelf to the sides.
A. Phillips-head screw (F3b)
B. Acorn nut (F10)
5. Holding each screw in place with a screwdriver, completely
tighten the acorn nut with the nut driver.
Mount the Clean Up Caddy to the Wall
IMPORTANT: Be sure the GearWall
are installed with mounting screws in every slot and at every stud
location with a maximum of 24" (60.96 cm) horizontally between
1. Engage the bracket rims located on the back of the caddy into
the slots in the GearWall
up, pushing toward the wall and lowering the rims into the slots.
2. Inspect the caddy from the side to ensure the bracket rims are
fully engaged in the slots as shown.
For warranty information:
In U.S.A. call 1-866-342-4089 or visit our website at
In Canada call 1-800-807-6777 or visit our website at
panels or GearTrack
panel or GearTrack
channel by lifting