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Craftsman 14063 Operator's Manual page 9

Obd2 car reader


5. MIL icon - Indicates the status of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp
(MIL). The MIL icon is visible only when a DTC has commanded the
MIL on the vehicle's dashboard to light.
6. Pending icon - Indicates the currently displayed DTC is a "Pending"
7. PERMANENT icon - Indicates the currently displayed DTC is a
"Permanent" code.
8. FREEZE FRAME icon - Indicates that "Freeze Frame" data has been
stored in the vehicle's computer for the currently displayed DTC.
9. ABS icon - Indicates that the currently displayed DTC is an "ABS"
10. Code Number Sequence - The Code Reader assigns a sequence
number to each DTC that is present in the computer's memory,
starting with "01." This helps keep track of the number of DTCs
present in the computer's memory. Code number "01" is always the
highest priority code, and the one for which "Freeze Frame" data
has been stored.
11. Code Enumerator - Indicates the total number of codes retrieved
from the vehicle's computer.
12. Monitor icons - Indicates which Monitors are supported by the
vehicle under test, and whether or not the associated Monitor has
run its diagnostic testing (Monitor status). When a Monitor icon is
solid, it indicates that the associated Monitor has completed its
diagnostic testing. When a Monitor icon is flashing, it indicates that
the vehicle supports the associated Monitor, but the Monitor has not
yet run its diagnostic testing.
The I/M Monitor Status icons are associated with INSPECTION
require that all vehicle Monitors have run and completed their
diagnostic testing before a vehicle can be tested for Emissions
(Smog Check). A maximum of eleven Monitors are used on OBD
2 systems. Not all vehicles support all eleven Monitors. When the
Code Reader is linked to a vehicle, only the icons for Monitors
that are supported by the vehicle under test are visible on the
Craftsman 14063
About the Code Reader

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