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Whirlpool LE4930XK Compact Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool clothes dryer user manual
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Model lE4930XK
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and Serial Numbers
'When '~o,J qeed
or call
a question
'his informatlcr
and Serial Nunnery
-corn the plate just behina
the door,
date from sales SIID [or JO?
rhss !nformatlon
rn these
:, .,
this oook
in the iaundrr
with your
jales slip and warranty
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool LE4930XK Compact

  • Page 1 SIID [or JO? -nstaIled). Copy rhss !nformatlon rn these >paces. Keep this oook in the iaundrr .ntormation Center with your Eryer G&e jales slip and warranty Model lE4930XK COlYpCd Here :, ., .,C]. j ,’ .,^ .i’l...
  • Page 2: Before Using Your Dryer

    Before using your Dryer Please reac !51s oooklet to be sure \ our arver IS ix’alled and used properly It $4 help YOU get the best results and longest ‘Ife i:oclr dryer deslgned to give You are personally responsi- ble for making sure that your dryer...
  • Page 3: Mixed Load

    3eff)r+ Usi i :J ‘., L ’ I: ryer Loading ~SJI tising You: iIr{er Setting Dr f ny -i nes Selectrng Cycle; iLUFF AIR Tumbling ‘c Remove Wrinkles Lint Screen End-of-Cycle Signal rf You Neeci Serv ce Assistance 1 Before Callrig for Assistance You Need Assistance Yeed Service...
  • Page 4: Using Your Dryer

    Using your Dryer Put the sorted load in the dryer and close the door tightly. Turn the Cycle Control Knob to a cycle and time. Turn the Control Knob ii:Fler until I+ points to the number of brutes you wont In the cycle you want Use the...
  • Page 5: Permanent Press

    SELECTING CYCLES: Select the correct cycle according to the chart TYPE OF LOAD COTTONS HEAVY - Bedspreads, mattress pads, MEDIUM AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Shirts, dresses, sheets, drapers, towels, work clothes PERMANENT PRESS HEAVY - Work clothes, jackets, raincoats, MEDIUMWEIGHT Shirts, uniforms,dresses,slacks, KNITS HEAVYWEIGHT - COTTONS,...
  • Page 6: Fluff Air

    FLUFF AIR -?e AIT? CL : le should be used for -Let 1‘(:‘7jj a2 D c.5 shower curtains c,r tab:+: ‘otks IL. ber-backed rugs, some i-1 ICW,: s+,l’?+d toys Turr; ‘he C, cle 3ntrol Knob to the ASK ‘2, zle Tumbling to Remove Wrinkles...
  • Page 7 It wlli need more time If using 208 volts Room temoerature IS cold 2. If you need assistance’ . . . FRANCHISED SERVlCEj Call the WhIrlpool COOL-LINE ” service assisrance telephone num- ber. Dial free from: Continenta: lJ.S (800; 253-1301 Michigan...
  • Page 8: Installation Accessories

    If you have a problem-... _-I- 5k.’ \,‘, -*“/Ice =1SSIS- tar ce eley t ~:ne - r tic- s?e Step 2) ant1 to k w+r one c’ :u- 1 : r sultants. 01 If you preter. *rite to Mr. l&y Turner, \Js,z.r pr6,i dent Whrripco Corpofatlor...