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Husqvarna ST723 Product Service Bulletin page 4

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3. Reposition the grey belt guide.
Take the grey belt guide removed in step two and install it in an
inverted ( upside down )position in the hole located closest to the
engine. This is one of the two holes used to hold the guides in
place when removed in step two. This will be positioned in line
with the transmission drive belt. Position the guide as shown in
the picture. Use a 1/4 inch bolt approximately 1/2 inch in length
and install it from the bottom side of the bracket when in position.
Install a 1/4 inch nut and finger tighten. Facing the front of the
unit, slide the belt guide over to the far right position as far as it
will go and tighten the nut and bolt securely. Take care when
tightening so that the guide remains square to the frame, ie. run-
ning parallel to the belt.
Push the guide over to the
right as far as it will go and
tighten. Be sure the guide
stays square to the frame.
Position the grey belt guide
in an inverted position in the
hole closest to the engine.



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