Viper Model 550HF Owner's Manual

Viper automobile alarm user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for Viper Model 550HF

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents System Maintenance ..........3 Your Warranty .

  • Page 3: Your Warranty, What Is Included

    What is included The control module A pair of four-button transmitters A Stinger DoubleGuard ® The Revenger Soft Chirp The red Status LED indicator light A push-button Valet switch ® Your warranty card FailSafe starter kill (Ready feature, may require additional labor). ®...

  • Page 4: Transmitter Channel, Channel I, Channel Ii, Channel Iii

    Transmitter Channels Channel I Channel I The arm/disarm and panic functions, are usually controlled by Button I. Channel II The Silent Mode /trunk release function, is usually controlled by Button II. ™ Silent Mode and Remote Valet ™ second. Trunk release requires you to press Button II for 1.5 seconds. Channel III The remote start function of your system is usually controlled by pressing Buttons I and II at the same time.

  • Page 5: Using Your System

    Using Your System Arming You can turn on, or arm, the system by pressing Button I of your transmitter for one second. When the system arms, you will hear a short siren sound, or chirp, and see the parking lights flash once. If the vehicle’s power door locks are controlled by the system, the doors will lock.

  • Page 6: Arming, Disarming, Arming While Driving, High Security Disarm, Disarming Without A Transmitter

    Arming While Driving Your system can be armed while driving the vehicle! Simply press Button I on your transmitter while the vehicle is running. The system will chirp once and then once more to indicate that the ignition is on. The system will not respond to any input except the door triggers and the starter kill relay (if installed) will not be acti- vated.

  • Page 7: Silent Mode, Panic Mode, Valet ¬ģ Mode

    Turn on the ignition. Push the Valet switch within 15 seconds. The system should now disarm. If it does not, you may have waited too long, so turn the igni- tion off and on and try again. Silent Mode To temporarily turn off the arm or disarm chirps, use Silent ModeTM. Simply press Button II briefly before arming or disarming, and the confirmation chirp(s) will be eliminated for that one operation only.

  • Page 8: Using Remote Valet, Remote Starting The Vehicle

    To enter or exit Valet Mode with the Valet ® Turn ignition to "run" position, then turn to "off" posi- tion. Press and release the Valet seconds. The Status LED will light steady if you have entered Valet ® Mode, and it will go out if you exited Valet Mode.

  • Page 9

    Once the system has successfully started the motor, it will turn the climate controls on. If cooling or heating of the vehicle is desired, you must preset the controls to the desired temperature and turn the blower motor on. The motor will run for the selected time and the parking lights will flash or come on solid while the motor is running.

  • Page 10: Timer Mode

    Timer Mode The system has a built-in timer that will start the vehicle's engine and run it for the programmed time, every three hours for a total of six operations. To enter timer mode: 1. Start the vehicle with the key. 2.

  • Page 11: Remote Start Take Over

    Remote Start Take Over A vehicle equipped with this system can remain running after the key is removed. This feature is useful for those times when you will be out of the vehicle for short periods of time and would like to leave the motor running and the climate controls on.

  • Page 12: Safety Features, Over And Under Rev Protection, Shut Down Inputs

    Safety Features This system has several important safety features to ensure proper operation of the motor and prevent accidental damage to the engine or its components. Over and Under Rev Protection The system monitors the engine speed and will shut the engine off if the RPMs rise above or fall below programmed levels.

  • Page 13: Diagnostics, Arming Diagnostics, Disarming Diagnostics

    Diagnostics The microprocessor at the heart of your system is constantly monitoring all of the switches and sensors connected to it. It detects any faulty switches and sensors and prevents them from disabling the entire system. The micro- processor will also record and report any triggers that occurred during your absence.

  • Page 14: Table Of Zones

    Table of Zones The zone number is the number of LED flashes used by the system to iden- tify that input. The standard input assignments are listed below, along with spaces to write in any optional sensors or switches you have had installed. If the Warn Away response is triggered, the LED will not report it.

  • Page 15: High Frequency, Programming Options

    High Frequency Your system transmits and receives at 434 MHz. This provides a cleaner spectrum with less interference and a more stable signal. Enjoy a phenome- nal increase in range - even in areas with high radio interference. Programming Options Programming options control what your system does during normal opera- tion, and require little or no additional parts.

  • Page 16

    • Forced passive arming on or off. If your system is programmed for passive arming and the forced passive arming feature has been programmed on, the system will passively arm after one hour, even if a protected entry has been left open. Forced passive arming ensures that the system will be armed if a door has accidentally been left ajar when leaving the vehicle.

  • Page 17: Glossary Of Terms

    Glossary of Terms Control Unit The “brain” of your system. Usually hidden underneath the dash area of the vehicle. It houses the microprocessor which monitors your vehicle and controls all of the alarm's functions. FailSafe Starter Kill An automatic switch controlled by the security system ®...

  • Page 18: Security & Convenience Expansions

    Security and Convenience Expansions Listed below are some of the many expansion options available. Please con- sult your dealer for a complete explanation of all the options available to you. Field Disturbance Sensor An invisible dome of coverage is established by the 508T “radar”...

  • Page 19

    QUICK REFERENCE OPERATING CARD: Arming You can turn on, or arm, the system by pressing Button I of your transmitter for one second. When the system arms, you will hear a short chirp, and see the parking lights flash once. Arming While Driving Press Button I on your transmitter while the vehicle is running.

  • Page 20

    Card Reference ® The company behind DEI is Directed Electronics, Inc. ® Since its inception, the company known as Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI ) has had one purpose - to bring the proven advantages of micro- ® processor and I.C. technology to the automotive industry. As a recipient of numerous patents, DEI dards in electronic design, automated manufacturing, and dealer sup- port.

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