Casio JD-8000 Service Manual

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MAY. 1995



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  • Page 1 (without price) JD-8000 (ZX-809AE) MAY. 1995 INDEX...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SPECIFICATIONS ......................1 GENERAL GUIDE ......................5 RESET OPERATIONS ....................10 ERROR MESSAGE ..................... 11 BATTERY REPLACEMENT ..................12 LSI PIN FUNCTION ..................... 14 OPERATION CHECK ....................17 TO SAVE THE DATA TO OTHER MACHINE ............. 19 TROUBLESHOOTING....................22 EXPLODED VIEW .......................
  • Page 3: Specifications

    1. SPECIFICATIONS Telephone Directory Mode Storage and recall of telephone directory data (name, telephone number, address, etc.). Each item can contain up to 380 characters with a Fun Face. Includes secret memory area and auto sort function. Schedule Mode Storage and recall of appointments for any date in the range of January 1901 through December 2099. Each item can contain up to 372 characters with an icon.
  • Page 4 General Display: Liquid crystal display Memory Capacity: 4,096 bytes Power Supply: Main batteries – Two AAA-size batteries (LR03 (AM-4) or R03 (UM-4)) Back-up battery – One lithium battery (CR2032) Power Consumption: 0.2W Battery Life:* Main batteries – LR03 (AM-4) • approximately 250 hours continuous operation •...
  • Page 5 Current consumption Check point TYP [µA] Max [µA] CP1 - CP3 — ON (Menu) CP1 - CP3 ON (Buzzer) CP1 - CP3 — 5000 ON (Infrared) CP1 - CP3 — 70000 Memory Capacity Screen Use the following procedures to check the status of the memory. One procedure displays the amount of memory used and the how much memory is remaining.
  • Page 6 Mode Bytes per Data Item Telephone Directory (name) + (telephone number) + (address. etc.) + 15 Player Profile (name) + (team name) + (position) + (birthday/country) + (memo) + 17 Schedule (description) + 12 Calendar 6 bytes per calendar that contains highlighted dates Data Memo "Diary"...
  • Page 7: General Guide

    Never use strong liquid cleaners such as lacquer thinner or benzine to clean the unit. • In no event will CASIO or its suppliers be liable to you or any other person for any damages, including any incidental or consequential expenses, lost profits, lost savings, or any other damages arising out of the use of this product.
  • Page 8 Displaying the Main Menu The main menu appears on the display when you switch the power on. Whenever you are viewing any other screen, you can always press MENU to return to the main menu. Main Menu Menu Icons 1 Telephone Directory Mode Calculator Mode 2 Player Profile Mode Conversion Mode...
  • Page 9 Using the FUNCTION Key To view the function menu, press FUNCTION. To select a function: to highlight the function you want to choose. Press EXE. If another function menu appears repeat steps 1 and 2. To backstep to a previous display, press FUNCTION. To exit the function menu, press AC/ON.
  • Page 10 Calculator Mode A 10-digit calculator performs most common numerical operations including percents, square roots and memory. Shoot and Jam Game Mode An exciting game you can play by challenging the JD-8000 or your friends. — 8 —...
  • Page 11 Data Communication Function Exchanges data with another unit. To communicate with a friend, you'll need an optional SB-62 communication cable to connect the unit to another. You can also send Telephone Directory and Player Profile data to a CASIO Label Printer.
  • Page 12: Reset Operations

    3. RESET OPERATIONS Two kinds of reset operations can be performed: • All-reset operation deletes all data in memory. • Secret-reset operation deletes only your password and the data in the Secret Memory Area. Important! • Do not use a very sharp pencil to press the RESET button. Doing so can damage the unit. •...
  • Page 13: Error Message

    4. ERROR MESSAGE Message Meaning Action Memory Full! Not enough room to store the data Press AC/ON and then delete you are trying to save. data you no longer need from memory. You tried to perform a search No Record! Input data before attempting operation while there is no data search operations.
  • Page 14: Battery Replacement

    5. BATTERY REPLACEMENT Low Battery Warning The message, "Main Battery Getting Weak! Replace it!" appears whenever battery power drops below a certain level. Replace the main battery immediately after this message appears. Whenever the low battery warning message appears, the OFF key will be the only function that works. If you don't turn the unit off yourself, power will switch off automatically about 30 seconds after the low battery warning appears.
  • Page 15 To replace the main batteries 1. Switch power off. 2. Loosen the screw of the large battery compartment cover on the back of the unit, and slide the battery compartment cover in the direction noted by the arrow. (Figure 1) 3.
  • Page 16: Lsi Pin Function

    6. LSI PIN FUNCTION CPU (HC3000-08-F1) Pin No. Signal In/Out Function VREG3 Power supply for RAM / 3(V) DUMMY – Not used 3 ~ 5 KO10 ~ 12 Not used 6 ~ 14 KO1 ~ 9 Key scan signal Not used 16 ~ 22 KI1~7 Key input signal...
  • Page 17 Pin No. Signal In/Out Function 75 ~ 77 PORT4~6 In/Out For data communication 78 ~ 80 PORT1~3 – Interrupt port 81, 82 – Not used 83, 84 PI, PO In/Out Main clock terminal (3.45 MG) DUMMY – Not used 86, 87 XI, XO In/Out Clock terminal (DT-26S)
  • Page 18 Pin No. Signal In/Out Function Low battery detection 4.4[V] < VDB < 5.2[V] ⇒ Low battery message 238, 239 VREG1, 4 – VREG1: 2.6 [V] VREG4: 5.0 [V] 240 ~ 243 VT1 ~ VT4 – VT1 : 1.0[V] VT2 : 2.9[V] VT3 : 2.0[V] VT4 : 3.9[V] VLCD...
  • Page 19: Operation Check

    7. OPERATION CHECK CAUTION : If customer's data are stored in the unit, all data will be corrupted by this operation. STEP OPERATION DISPLAY NOTE Caution! MENU The checkpad is located This is TEST right side of the back-up Then short in the checkpad To Escape battery switch as shown about two seconds.
  • Page 20 Button battery RESET Checkpad — 18 —...
  • Page 21: To Save The Data To Other Machine

    8. TO SAVE THE DATA TO OTHER MACHINE • JD-8000 can transfer customers data (both open and secret area) to other JD-8000 unit when replacing the LCD or the outer case. • Turn off both units and connect them using a SB-60 or a SB-62 cable.
  • Page 22 to move the flashing selection, and use the number keys to input values for the flashing year, month, day, and item digits. After setting, press EXE . P A R I S J A N / 1 / 1 9 0 1 T U E 1 2 : 0 0 4.
  • Page 23 Use ∆, ∇, to select "None", S e n d D a t a R e c e i v e D a t a "9600", and press EXE . S e t U P Use ∆ to select "Send data", and M o d e D a t a press EXE .
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    9. TROUBLESHOOTING Intermittent display START Is the Heat seal defective ? Replace Is the battery contact weak ? Clean and adjust pressure of contact Are there short circuit around the pins Resolder of the LSI (HC3000-08-F1) ? Is the soldering weak ? Resolder Replace the Z808-1 PCB ass'y.
  • Page 25 No display START Is the battery contact weak? Clean and adjust pressure of contact Is the battery switch contact weak? Clean and adjust pressure of contact Is the AC key contact weak? Clean or replace the rubber key Are there short circuit around Resolder the pins of the LSI? Check or replace the electrolytic...
  • Page 26: Exploded View

    10. EXPLODED VIEW DISASSEMBLY 1. Remove 2 screws , then remove battery cover 2. Remove 2 AAA-size batteries and 1 lithium battery. 3. Remove 3 screws , then remove the Lower case 4. Remove 3 screws , then remove the Z808-1 ass'y LED1 Battery —...
  • Page 27: Parts List

    11. PARTS LIST FOB Japan Item Code No. Parts Name Specification N.R.Yen Unit Price Z808-1 PCB ASS'Y 6411 1872 COF3000F1 SUB ASS'Y A312545B*8 2011 4088 LSI(RAM) LC3564QM-85 2011 9499 LSI(ROM) uPD23C1001EAGW-K92 2105 2471 CMOS IC RH5RC502A-T1 3122 2576 Remote control receiver SBX8025-H 2105 0686 L-MOS TC4S69F-TE85R...
  • Page 28 FOB Japan Item Code No. Parts Name Specification N.R.Yen Unit Price 6403 9331 Tape C-L170 A413108-1 1 20 6408 6960 Tape D-L172 A414156-1 1 20 6409 8360 Tape F-L173AH A414728-2 2 20 6410 0830 Blind tape L180 A414656-1 1 20 6413 8050 Z808-1 PCB ASS'Y A140046A*2 COMPONENTS...
  • Page 29: Schematic Diagram

    12. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM — 27 —...
  • Page 30 8-11-10, Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan Telephone: 03-3347-4926...