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Bitfury B8 Quick Start Manual

Bitfury B8 Quick Start Manual

Open miner
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Bitfury B8
Open Miner
Quick Start Guide
v. 1.3



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  Summary of Contents for Bitfury B8

  • Page 1 Bitfury B8 Open Miner Quick Start Guide v. 1.3...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide SUMMARY This document describes all required procedures needed to start up your B8 Open Miner. 1. Preparing SD Card ......... . 2 2.
  • Page 3: Preparing Sd Card

    1. Preparing SD Card Latest SD card image (big file with ZIP extension) and this manual located here: This image supports all types of hashboards available for B8 including Clarke ASIC hashboards. Image file should be unzipped and flashed to SD card.
  • Page 4 Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide MAC OS: LINUX: PLEASE NOTE: Links to website doesn’t mean that Open Miner equipped with Raspberry Pi device. Open Miner contains Orange Pi Zero. SD card image we are providing is not compatible with Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi cannot boot from this image.
  • Page 5: Preparing Miner For Firmware Flashing

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 2. Preparing Tardis Open Miner for Firmware update PLEASE NOTE: In some cases (first run, major software update) B8 Open Miner should automatically update internal firmware. To allow firmware update, special PROG jumper should be set:...
  • Page 6: Connecting To Your Open Miner

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 3. Connecting to your Open Miner Securely insert the Ethernet cable into Open Miner network port and the other end into your router with DHCP enabled. Now, plug the power cord into your Open Miner and into a power outlet. Green LED on Orange Pi Zero should light on, it means that SD card is detected, and operating system is loading now.
  • Page 7: Performing Tests

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 4. Performing tests Open Miner internal software contains special tests, allows you to test Controlboard, Motherboard and Hashboard. To run this test you should login into Open Miner via SSH. LINUX: Open Terminal.
  • Page 8 Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide Click Open and enter pi as login and password: Now you can run omtest utility to test your Open Miner. Just type omtest and press [Enter]:...
  • Page 9 Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide Omtest utility main screen looks like this: PLEASE NOTE: omtest utility will ask you to press two special buttons on front panel to perform any test. You can press them in any order you want:...
  • Page 10: Setting Up A Pool

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 5. Setting up a pool Just open http://[Open Miner IP Address], for example: and navigate to Miner → Settings → Pool menu: You should insert server host or IP address, port, worker and worker password (provided to you...
  • Page 11: Remote Assistance

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 6. Remote assistance Open Miner equipped with special feature allowing you to provide access for Bitfury technical support team to your Open Miner. If you have some issues with Open Miner you can request
  • Page 12 WARNING: After you click [YES], remote access to Tardis Open Miner will be granted to Bitfury technical support team until next restart! When Bitfury technical support team completes diagnosing of your Open Miner, you should proceed restart Open Miner to disable Remote Assistance feature.
  • Page 13: Changing Passwords

    Bitfury B8 Open Miner — Quick Start Guide 7. Changing passwords Please change your passwords as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your Open Miner! Web interface (http://[Open Miner IP Address], for example: Login: Password: Qw1Qw1Qw1 You should change password via web interface: SSH access (any SSH client to your Open Miner IP address, for example ssh pi@
  • Page 14 Russia N.T. The information contained in this paper represents the current views of The Bitfury Group on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. Due to ever changing market conditions, this paper cannot be considered as any obligation on the part of The Bitfury Group, and The Bitfury Group cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented...