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LG Cam Plus CBG-700 User Manual

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User Guide
CAM Plus
Compatible with G5 worldwide except
Korea, Canada and AT&T-powered G5
All rights reserved. LG Electronics Inc., 2016
Note: Please read all information carefully prior to
using the LG CAM Plus in order to enjoy the best
performance and prevent damage to the product.
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Summary of Contents for LG Cam Plus CBG-700

  • Page 1 Korea, Canada and AT&T-powered G5 REV 1.1 AUS All rights reserved. LG Electronics Inc., 2016 Note: Please read all information carefully prior to using the LG CAM Plus in order to enjoy the best performance and prevent damage to the product.
  • Page 2: Product Overview

    The LG CAM Plus is a camera grip and extra battery that can be attached to the bottom of your LG G5. • With the LG CAM Plus, you can use your LG G5 like a digital camera. Use it to take pictures like a camera by pressing the shutter button and zooming in and out. Half-press the shutter button to use the half-shutter function.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information • Always use genuine products. Do not use this product for any unintended purpose. • Using or connecting products that are not genuine may shorten the product’s longevity or cause an explosion. Doing so may also damage the product and thereby voids the service warranty.
  • Page 4 • For your safety, do not remove the battery incorporated in the product • If you need to replace the battery, take it to the nearest authorized LG Electronics service point or dealer for assistance. • Li-ion Battery is hazardous component which can cause injury.
  • Page 5 • Removal of the battery will involve dismantling of the product case, disconnection of the electrical cables/contacts, and careful extraction of the battery cell using specialized tools. If you need the instructions for qualified professionals on how to remove the battery safely, please visit back-recycling.
  • Page 6: Product Components

    Product Components LG CAM Plus User Guide • If there are any missing components, contact the retailer where you purchased the product. • Some items are subject to change without prior notice depending on the circumstances. • The appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change without prior notice to improve performance.
  • Page 7 Product Description Front Speaker USB Port Camera On/Off Key Zoom In/Out Key Side Record Key Shutter Key Battery Level Indicator LED Some functions may not be available depending on the product specifications.
  • Page 8 Connections Inserting the Battery 1 A lign the arrows on both the battery and the module and firmly connect the battery terminals to the module. 2 Align the battery with the lower edge and carefully slide the module back into the device. • Never press the Module Eject Key when inserting the module into the device. • When inserting the battery into the device, make sure the battery is attached to the module.
  • Page 9 Removing the Battery 1 Press the Module Eject Key to partly eject the module from the device. Module Module Eject Key 2 Grab the middle of the ejected module and pull it out.
  • Page 10 3 Hold the battery and module with both hands and separate them from one another in an outward arc (as indicated below) to disconnect the battery terminals. • Do not detach the module while it is in use. • Immediately attach the module to the main unit if it becomes loose or is detached during use.
  • Page 11 • If you press the Camera On/Off, Shutter, or Recording buttons, the low-capacity battery in the LG CAM Plus will charge your LG G5 for some time. The charging feature is not available when the LG G5’s battery is completely empty (power off).
  • Page 12 Information about Burst Shot feature support The following Burst Shot feature using the LG CAM Plus will be made available through a future G5 software upgrade. • Burst Shot You can take continuous shots to create moving photos. Tap and hold on the auto mode screen, or tap and hold the Shutter key on the LG CAM Plus.
  • Page 13 Specifications and Features USB Type USB 2.0 (Type-C) Battery Li-ion 1200 mAh Charging Time Less than 200 minutes Voltage 5 V ±10%, 9 V ±10% Current Consumption 25 mA (no Charging), 1 mA (Power Off) Charging Consumption 500 mA Output Consumption 500 mA Audio Speaker and Digital MIC Sound Pressure...
  • Page 14 LG MOBILE PHONE ACCESSORY MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY Subject to the terms below, LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd (LG) will for one (1) year from the date of purchase, authorise a free of charge repair or replacement (at LG’s discretion) of your LG mobile phone accessory, if in LG’s opinion, it needs repair because of a manufacturing or materials defect appearing and notified to LG in accordance with this warranty, within such period.
  • Page 15: Other Rights

    HOW TO CLAIM To make a claim against this manufacturer’s warranty, you must contact LG within one (1) year of purchase on: By telephone...
  • Page 16 When contacting LG for assistance please provide your name and address, model number, serial number, date of purchase, and a complete description of the problem. This information will help LG provide fast assistance. LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 98 064 531 264)
  • Page 20 Any modifications or changes to this manual due to typographical errors or inaccuracies of stated information shall only be made by LG Electronics Inc.

Table of Contents