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Philips ID9374B/05 User Manual

Philips cordless phone answer machine id9374b
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Philips ID9374B/05

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Information For your safety Installation requirements Need Help? What’s in the box? Your ID937 Overview of the handset Overview of the base station Main features of your ID937 Connect Install Call Phonebook Call log Clock & Alarm Personal Settings Advanced Settings Network Services Games...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    The voltage on the network is classified as TNV-3 (Telecommunication Network Voltages), as defined in the standard EN 60-950. Need Help? For more information on troubleshooting: Troubleshooting: page 58 Please refer to the following website for more information on Philips web support: Online Support Important Information...
  • Page 5: What's In The Box

    What’s in the box? The following accessories are included with your ID937: 2 AAA Base station Power supply for Line cord Handset rechargeable base station batteries Quick Start Warranty card Splitter User Guide Guide The line adaptor may not be attached to the line cord. In this case, you have to connect the line adaptor to the line cord first before plugging the line cord to the line socket.
  • Page 6: Your Id937

    Overview of the handset LCD Screen Left Soft key Talk key Keypad lock key Loudspeaker key Your ID937 Event LED (top of the handset) Microphone Up/Down Navigation keys Earpiece Right Soft key Hang-up key Alphanumeric keypad Case key / Pause key / Ringer off key Intercom key...
  • Page 7: Handset Keys

    Handset keys Press Enter the main menu from stand-by mode. Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it. Activate mute function during a call. (Left soft key) Switch on the backlight. > Go to redial list from stand-by mode. Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it.
  • Page 8 Display icons & symbols In stand-by mode, several icons & symbols may be displayed on the top row of the handset screen. The handset is registered and within range of the base station. It blinks when the handset is out of range or is searching for a base. Battery symbol indicating 3 different battery levels.
  • Page 9: Overview Of The Base Station

    Overview of the base station Main features of your ID937 The following is an overview of the menu options that are available in your ID937. For detailed explanation of the menu options, please refer to the corresponding sections in this User Guide. Menu Setup, write/read SMS, etc.
  • Page 10: Menu Navigation

    Choose by pressing SELECT the key directly below it (left soft key Choose BACK by pressing the key directly below it (right soft > Illustration Philips 08-08 18:00 MENU REDIAL > > Alarm On Once On Daily BACK SELECT...
  • Page 11: Connect

    The location of your base station can have an effect on the range and performance of your ID937 (see TIP below). Connecting the Base Station Place the base station in a central location near the telephone line socket and electricity sockets. Connect the supplied splitter to the connector at the back of the base station and then plug the line cord and the power cable into the respective line jacks on the splitter.
  • Page 12: Install

    Install battery Your ID937 is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries allowing approximately up to 12 hours of talk-time and up to 150 hours stand-by time. Before using the handset, the batteries have to be installed and fully charged. Use the coin or screwdriver to unlock the battery cover. screw screw charger contact...
  • Page 13: Low Battery Warning

    You cannot make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls without first defining your country selection. Depending on your country, the WELCOME screen may not appear. In this case, you are not required to select your country/operator/language settings. Install Philips 18:00 08-08 MENU REDIAL will blink.
  • Page 14: Set Date And Time

    Set date and time Press MENU Scroll Clock & Alarm Press SELECT to enter Enter current time (HH:MM) and current date (DD/MM/YY) and press WARNING If your phone is connected to an ISDN line through an adaptor, the date & time may be updated after each call.
  • Page 15: Default Settings

    Screen and keypad backlight The backlight remains on for 20 seconds after each activation such as an incoming call, key presses, lifting up the handset off the base station, etc. The colour of the LCD and keypad backlight is WHITE. For setup details, please refer to "Backlight time"...
  • Page 16: Call

    Make a call Predialling Enter the phone number (maximum 20 digits). Press to dial the number. Direct dialling Press to take the line. Enter the phone number. Call from redial list > Press in stand-by mode. REDIAL Scroll to an entry in the redial list. Press to dial the number.
  • Page 17: Handsfree Answering

    Handsfree answering When the phone rings, press Incoming call has priority over other events. Whenever there is an incoming call, other status in progress such as phone setting, menu navigation, etc will be aborted. TIP If Auto Pick-up mode (see page 40) is activated, you can simply lift up the handset from its base station to answer the call.
  • Page 18: Transfer An External Call To Another Handset

    Initiate a second call (subscription dependent) > Press OPTION and select Consult phonebook > Press OPTION Press on the selected phonebook entry, the corresponding number will be dialled. Activate/deactivate HD Sound mode > Press OPTION To deactivate, press Transfer call (subscription dependent) >...
  • Page 19: Switch Between An Internal And External Call

    Switch between an internal and external call Press key once to switch between an internal call and external call. Three-party conference call The conference call feature allows one external call to be shared with two handsets (in intercom). The three parties can share the conversation and no network subscription is required.
  • Page 20: Phonebook

    Your ID937 can store up to 250 phonebook memories, including 10 direct access memories ( Each phonebook entry can have a maximum of 20 digits for the phone number and 14 characters for name. Access phonebook Press in stand-by mode or press List and press The phonebook entries will be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Page 21: Edit A Phonebook Entry

    Scroll to choose a group SELECT A validation tone is emitted. You can assign individual contacts to specific groups of your choice. For example, phone numbers of all your co-workers. You can also assign a specific ring melody to that group (see "Group Melody"...
  • Page 22 Store direct access memory You can store up to 10 direct access memories (Key mode will automatically dial the stored phone number. Press MENU , scroll press SELECT (Key 0 Select a key name will be displayed. If there is no number stored for the selected key or if you want to change the number currently stored, press SELECT and press...
  • Page 23: Transfer Phonebook

    Slide the SIM card between the retaining clips, microchip facing down, until it stops. Slide the SIM card cover back on the base station until it latches. On the handset, press MENU from SIM and press SELECT Scroll Copy All Select copied to your phonebook.
  • Page 24 Select If you choose For each selected entry, you will be prompted on the selected handsets whether or not to overwrite the phonebook entry in the target phonebook. OVERWRITE? will be displayed on the selected handsets, press cancel. Press to confirm. SELECT The handset numbers which are available for transfer will be displayed.
  • Page 25: Call Log

    The call log offers quick access to the last 30 entries of your incoming calls. If you have subscribed to Caller Line Identification service, the identity of the caller (caller’s number or name) will be displayed together with the date and time of the call. The calls (missed and received) are displayed in chronological order with the most recent call at the top of the list.
  • Page 26: Access Redial List

    Access redial list > Press REDIAL in stand-by mode and scroll View details of a redial list entry > Press in stand-by mode and scroll REDIAL Press MENU and press Save redial list entry to phonebook > Press in stand-by mode and scroll REDIAL Press MENU...
  • Page 27: Sms

    SMS stands for Short Message Service. To benefit from this service, you must subscribe to Caller Line Identification Service (CLI) together with SMS service from your network provider. SMS messages can be exchanged with a phone (mobile or compatible fixed lines), provided the receiver has also subscribed to CLI and SMS services.
  • Page 28 Operation space 1 @ _ # = < > ( ) & a b c 2 à ä ç å æ d e f 3 é è g h i 4 ì j k l 5 m n o 6 ñ ò ö p q r s 7 t u v 8 ù...
  • Page 29: View Inbox Messages

    Send Press SELECT the message. The message will be sent immediately. SMS Sent! will be displayed if the message has been sent successfully. If the message cannot be sent successfully, the screen will display be saved in the SMS editor buffer. WARNING When composing your SMS, if no keys are pressed for 30 seconds, the handset will return to stand-by mode.
  • Page 30 Reply to an Inbox message While viewing the message content, press Scroll Reply and press After editing, press Refer to steps 5 to 7 in "Write and send new SMS" on page 27 to send the message or steps 1 to 3 in "Save a message in the Draft box"...
  • Page 31: Draft Box

    Draft box SMS messages that are saved as drafts will be automatically stored in the up to 10 messages. Save a message in the Draft box After writing the message, entering the phone number and the desired box, press Scroll to Save as draft.
  • Page 32: Sms Settings

    Delete all Draft messages While viewing the message content, press Scroll Delete All Press SELECT again to confirm deletion. SMS settings This menu allows you to set up the server for sending and receiving SMS messages. Your ID937 can receive messages from 3 service centers.
  • Page 33 Enter PIN again and press You can choose to leave the PIN empty. If no PIN is required, simply press to enter PIN. Enter the SMS box number and press If the number entered already exist, an error tone is emitted. If the number entered is accepted, a valida- tion tone is emitted and the screen returns to SMS boxes list.
  • Page 34: Default Sms Center

    To set incoming number Press MENU , press scroll SMS Center Incoming Nr. Scroll Enter the number and press A validation tone is emitted. The maximum length of an incoming number is 20 digits. Default SMS center The default SMS center number is 1. To set default SMS center Press , press...
  • Page 35: Clock & Alarm

    Clock & Alarm Set date and time Press , scroll MENU Date/Time. Enter the current time (HH:MM) and current date (DD/MM/YY) and press Enter the date in Day/Month/Year format and the time in 24-hour format. A validation tone is emitted and the screen returns to Once the date and time are set, there will be time &...
  • Page 36: Do Not Disturb Mode

    Do not Disturb mode This feature is available only if you have subscribed to Caller Line Identification from your network provider. When Do not Disturb authorised groups. For all other callers, the phone will display an incoming call message or the backlight will be turned on, but it will not ring.
  • Page 37: Personal Settings

    Personal Settings Handset Tones Ring Volume There are 5 ringer volume options (Silence, Low, Medium, To set ring volume Press , scroll MENU Handset Tones and press Scroll to your desired volume level and press A validation tone is emitted and the screen returns to previous menu. When Silence is activated, the icon...
  • Page 38: Group Melody

    Group Melody To benefit from this feature, you must subscribe to the Caller Line ldentification service. See "Caller Line Identification" on page 19. This menu enables you to select and set the melodies to be played when there is an external incoming call from a contact whose name is stored in your phonebook and is part of a group.
  • Page 39: Handset Name

    SELECT Edit the handset name and press A validation tone is emitted and the screen returns to previous menu. Maximum length of the handset name is 14 characters and the default handset name is PHILIPS. Personal Set and press SELECT to confirm.
  • Page 40: Auto Pick-Up

    Auto Pick-up This function enables you to answer a call automatically by simply lifting the handset from the base station. By default, the Auto Pick-up feature is To set Auto Pick-up mode Press MENU , scroll SELECT Scroll A validation tone is emitted and the screen returns to previous menu. Auto Hang-up This function enables you to end a call automatically by simply replacing the handset on the base station.
  • Page 41: Backlight Time

    Personal Settings To activate Babysit mode Press MENU , scroll SELECT In Babysit mode, all keys are deactivated except for the screen when this function is activated and the handset cannot perform any normal operation (making an outgoing call, receiving an incoming call, intercom another handset, paging, etc.) Scroll through the list of handsets available and press You can still perform all normal operations (making an outgoing call, receiving an incoming call, intercom another handset, paging, etc.) on the selected handset.
  • Page 42: Advanced Settings

    Recall Time Recall time (or dial delay) is the time delay by which the line will be disconnected after you press can be set to short, medium or long. The default value of recall time that is preset in your ID937 should be the best suited for your country network and therefore you should not need to change it.
  • Page 43: Dial Mode

    Advanced Settings Dial Mode The default value for dial mode that is preset in your ID937 should be the best suited for your country network and therefore you should not need to change it. Tone Pulse There are 2 dial modes: To set dial mode Press , scroll...
  • Page 44: Baby Call

    Baby Call When activated, the Baby Call feature enables you to dial a number by pressing any key on your handset. This feature is very useful for direct access to emergency services. You can enter up to 20 digits for baby call number. To activate Baby Call mode Press , scroll...
  • Page 45: To Register An Additional Handset

    Advanced Settings To register an additional handset On the base station, press and hold done within 1 minute. Within 1 minute, the base station is able to accept registration from a handset. If there is no action taken on the handset within 10 seconds, the registration procedure will be aborted. At the same time, on the handset, press Registration scroll...
  • Page 46: Change Master Pin

    Change Master PIN The Master PIN is used for setting call barring/baby call number, registration/unregistration of handsets and for accessing the answering machine remotely. The default Master PIN number is 0000. The length of the PIN is 4 digits. This PIN is also used to protect the settings of your handset. Your handset will prompt you whenever the PIN is required.
  • Page 47: Conference Mode

    Advanced Settings Conference Mode When conference mode is activated, you can initiate a three-party conference call with a second handset registered to your base station automatically if the second handset takes the line when there is already an external call in progress. The default setting for this mode is Off.
  • Page 48: Network Services

    This menu provides a convenient means for you to access, activate or deactivate some network services that are country/subscription dependent. Contact your network provider for more information about these services. The default numbers and values that are preset in your ID937 should be the best suited for your country network and therefore you should not need to change them.
  • Page 49: Voice Mail

    Network Services Scroll to the type of call forwarding option you wish to set UnAns) and press SELECT Scroll Deactivate and press The number for that selected service will be dialled. When the number has been dialled, press Voice Mail This feature allows the caller to leave a voice message when you are unable, or do not wish to take a call yourself.
  • Page 50: Cancel Call Back

    Cancel Call Back Setting Press , scroll MENU press SELECT Scroll Settings Enter the required number for cancelling of call back and press Activate Cancel Call Back Press , scroll MENU press SELECT Press to Activate. SELECT The number for that selected service will be dialled. When the number has been dialled, press Withhold ID Setting...
  • Page 51: Games

    Memory The objective of this game is to find and match different pairs of graphics in the shortest possible time using your memory. To win, you have to complete matching all 8 pairs of graphics in a 4x4 matrix. To start the game Press , scroll MENU...
  • Page 52: Telephone Answering Machine (Tam)

    Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Your ID937 features an answering machine that records unanswered calls when it is activated. The answering machine can store up to 99 messages within the maximum recording time of 15 minutes. The maximum recording time for each message is 3 minutes. Play Playback of new messages via handset Press...
  • Page 53: Delete All

    Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Delete All Press MENU , scroll press SELECT Press to confirm deletion of all your messages. Unread messages will not be deleted. Memo recording You can record a reminder message for yourself or for anyone else who uses your answering machine. The answering machine treats a memo recording the same way it treats any incoming message, and the new message indicator will flash accordingly.
  • Page 54 Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Personalised Outgoing Messages If you set your outgoing message as Personalised, you can either play the existing outgoing message or record your own outgoing message. Playing your Personalised Outgoing Message Scroll Play message The existing outgoing message will be played and the screen will return to previous menu once it has finished playing.
  • Page 55: Answering Machine Settings

    Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) You can then set the answering mode as outgoing message as Predefined Refer to "Predefined Outgoing Messages" and "Personalised Outgoing Messages" above for the steps to record and play your outgoing messages for the VIP list. Delete VIP numbers Press to enter the...
  • Page 56: Remote Control Access

    Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Remote control access This feature lets you check your messages, or otherwise operate your answering machine, by calling the answering machine and entering a remote access code (which is the same as your Master PIN code) on a tone dialling phone.
  • Page 57: Voice Language

    Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Set Handset Call Screening Press MENU , scroll press , scroll SELECT The last selected option is highlighted. Scroll and press If you have multiple handsets, only 1 handset can enable handset call screening for each call. Voice Language This menu allows you to change the language of the predefined outgoing message.
  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting of the phone Please refer to the following website for more information on Philips web support: Problem icon is not blinking when the handset is placed on the base No dialling tone Poor audio quality icon is blinking...
  • Page 59: Information

    Troubleshooting Problem Causes The handset displays “not • The procedure to add a available” • when attempting to add • Maximum number of handsets another handset to the base station • Base station is already busy • when using a handset Noise interference on your Your ID937 base station or mains radio or television...
  • Page 60 Troubleshooting of the Answering Machine Problem The answering machine does not record messages Remote control access does not work Cannot record outgoing message The ID937 hangs up during remote access The answering machine stops automatically Troubleshooting Causes • Memory is full •...
  • Page 61: Recycling And Disposal

    Philips is committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects. Philips confirms that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence available today.
  • Page 62: Index

    Accessories 5 Alarm 35 Alarm tone 35 Answer a call 14 Auto Hang-up 40 Auto Pick-up 40 Auto Prefix 46 Baby Call 44 Babysit mode 40 Backlight 15 Backlight time 41 Basic operations 11 Battery level 13 Battery life and range 13 Call 43 Call Back 49 Call Barring 43...
  • Page 63 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. 2006 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. 3111 285 27241...

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