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Low Battery Indication - Philips AJ210/05 User Manual

Philips weather clock radio aj210.
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4 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 to confirm the setting.
➜ AL1/AL2 icon and the minute digits flash.
5 Hold down or press TUNING +/- repeatedly
to adjust the minutes.
6 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 to confirm the setting.
Helpful hints:
– In standby mode, press DATE to display
month and day information. In radio mode,
to display alarm time, press ALM 1/ALM 2.
– The currently displayed alarm time is the time
for the bracketed (selected) AL1 or AL2
(See 4).
Selecting alarm mode (activating)
1 Press RADIO ON/OFF to switch to standby.
2 Select your choice of alarm mode: either
radio, or buzzer by using the RADIO•BUZ
3 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 once or more to
➜ When alarm is activated,
(See 4).
At the set alarm time, radio or buzzer will
switch on automatically.
Switching off the alarm
There are three ways of switching off the
alarm. Unless you choose to cancel the alarm
completely, the DAILY ALARM RESET option
will be automatically kept activated from the
time your alarm first goes off.
call at the same time for the following day:
Daily alarm reset
If you want the alarm to be stopped
immediately but also wish to repeat the alarm
1 During the alarm call, press once
Repeat alarm
This will repeat your alarm call at 9-minute
1 During the alarm call, press
1 During radio playback, set your timer by
2 The set will turn off automatically at the
3 To cancel the timer function, either
is displayed.
Illumination brightness
Switching off the alarm completely
Press once or more corresponding
ALM 1 or ALM 2 until
The clock radio has a built-in sleep timer,
which enables the set to be automatically
switched off during radio playback after a set
period of time.
Setting the sleep time
pressing repeatedly SLEEP until the desired
timer option appears.
➜ Selections are follows (time in minute)
selected time.
press SLEEP once or more until "OFF"
appears, or press RADIO ON/OFF to
switch to standby.
➜ "SLEEP" disappears when sleep function is
– The sleep function does not affect your
alarm time setting(s).
Press REPEAT ALARM / brightness con-
trol once or more.
The brightness of the display can be adjusted:
High ➟ Low ➟ Off ➟ High

Low battery indication

When the batteries of the unit are running
low, the low battery icon will be displayed,
indicating that the batteries should be
replaced soon.


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