ABB ABILITY SSC600 Operation Manual
ABB ABILITY SSC600 Operation Manual

ABB ABILITY SSC600 Operation Manual

Smart substation control and protection for electrical systems
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 3 Copyright This document and parts thereof must not be reproduced or copied without written permission from ABB, and the contents thereof must not be imparted to a third party, nor used for any unauthorized purpose. The software or hardware described in this document is furnished under a license and may be used, copied, or disclosed only in accordance with the terms of such license.
  • Page 4 In case any errors are detected, the reader is kindly requested to notify the manufacturer. Other than under explicit contractual commitments, in no event shall ABB be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this manual or the application of the equipment.
  • Page 5 Directive 2014/30/EU) and concerning electrical equipment for use within specified voltage limits (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU). This conformity is the result of tests conducted by ABB in accordance with the product standard EN 60255-26 for the EMC directive, and with the product standards EN 60255-1 and EN 60255-27 for the low voltage directive.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    3.5.2 Testing functions......................25 3.5.3 Selecting the internal fault test..................25 3.5.4 Selecting the IED blocked or IED test and blocked mode..........26 ABB Product Data Registration..................... 26 IED operation....................28 Web HMI............................28 4.1.1 Authorization........................28 4.1.2 Using the Web HMI......................29 4.1.3...
  • Page 7 Contents 4.1.8 Web HMI views......................37 Disturbance identification......................43 IED parametrization........................43 4.3.1 Settings for IED functionality..................44 4.3.2 Settings for different operating conditions..............44 4.3.3 Activating programmable virtual LEDs................44 Monitoring............................45 4.4.1 Indications........................45 4.4.2 Recorded data........................45 4.4.3 Monitoring fault records....................46 4.4.4 Monitoring events......................
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction 1MRS758850 Introduction ™ ABB Ability Smart Substation Control and Protection for electrical systems SSC600 is a Smart Substation device designed for protection, control, measurement and supervision of utility substations and industrial switchgear and equipment. The design of the device has been guided by the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability of substation automation devices.
  • Page 9 1MRS758850 Introduction information via two Ethernet ports for one logical network connection. Therefore, it is able to overcome the failure of a link or switch with a zero-switchover time, thus fulfilling the stringent real-time requirements for the substation automation horizontal communication and time synchronization.
  • Page 10: Process Bus

    Introduction 1MRS758850 There are different alternative ways to connect a laptop or a workstation as SAN to a PRP network. • Via an external redundancy box (RedBox) or a switch capable of connecting to PRP and normal networks • By connecting the node directly to LAN A or LAN B as SAN 1.1.2 Process bus Process bus IEC 61850-9-2 defines the transmission of Sampled Measured Values within...
  • Page 11: Connectivity Packages

    • Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 2.9 or later • SSC600 Connectivity Package Ver.1.0 or later http:// Note: Download connectivity packages from the ABB Web site or directly with the Update Manager in PCM600. Product documentation set Brochure...
  • Page 12: This Manual

    Introduction 1MRS758850 Note: Product series- and product-specific manuals can be downloaded from the ABB Web site 1.3.1 This manual The operation manual contains instructions on how to operate the IED once it has been commissioned. The manual provides instructions for monitoring, controlling and setting the IED.
  • Page 13 1MRS758850 Introduction Note: The information icon alerts the reader of important facts and conditions. Tip: The tip icon indicates advice on, for example, how to design your project or how to use a certain function. Although the warning hazards are related to personal injury, it is necessary to understand that under certain operational conditions, operation of damaged equipment may result in degraded process performance leading to personal injury or death.
  • Page 14 Introduction 1MRS758850 Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Non-directional EFIPTOC Io>>> 50N/51N EFIPTOC earth-fault pro- tection, instan- tane- ous stage Directional DEFLPDEF Io> -> 67N-1 DEFLPTOC earth-fault pro- DEFLRDIR tection, low stage Directional DEFHPDEF lo>> -> 67N-2 DEFHPTOC earth-fault pro-...
  • Page 15 1MRS758850 Introduction Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Distance pro- DSTPDIS Z< 21P, 21N GFCPDIS tection GFCRDIR DST1PDIS DST2PDIS DST3PDIS DST4PDIS DST5PDIS DSTRDIR GFC1RFRC GFC2RFRC GFC3RFRC Three-phase T1PTTR 3Ith>F T1PTTR thermal protec- tion for feed- ers, cables and distribu- tion transform- Three-phase...
  • Page 16 Introduction 1MRS758850 Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Circuit breaker CCBRBRF 3I>/Io>BF 51BF/51NBF CCBRBRF failure protec- tion Three-phase INRPHAR 3I2f> INRPHAR inrush detector Switch onto CBPSOF SOTF SOTF CBPSOF fault Master trip TRPPTRC Master Trip 94/86 TRPPTRC Arc protection ARCSARC...
  • Page 17 1MRS758850 Introduction Table 3: Power quality functions Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Current total CMHAI PQM3I PQM3I CMHAI CMHAI demand distor- tion Voltage total VMHAI PQM3U PQM3V VMHAI VMHAIVMHAI harmonic dis- tortion Voltage varia- PHQVVR PQMU PQMV PHQVVR...
  • Page 18 Introduction 1MRS758850 Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Tap changer OLATCC COLTC OLATCC control with voltage regula- Synchronism SECRSYN SYNC SECRSYN and energizing check Table 5: Condition monitoring and supervision functions Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Circuit-breaker...
  • Page 19: Document Revision History

    1MRS758850 Introduction Function IEC 61850 IEC 60617 IEC-ANSI Logical device Logical nodes Residual volt- RESVMMXU RESVMMXU age measure- RVAVMMXU ment RVMAMMXU RVMIMMXU Sequence volt- VSMSQI U1, U2, U0 V1, V2, V0 VSMSQI age measure- ment Three-phase PEMMXU P, E P, E PEMMXU power and en- PEMMTR...
  • Page 20: Related Documentation

    Introduction 1MRS758850 http:// Note: Download the latest documents from the ABB Web site 1.3.3 Related documentation Product series- and product-specific manuals can be downloaded from the ABB Web site SSC600 Operation Manual...
  • Page 21: Safety Information

    1MRS758850 Safety information Safety information Warning: Dangerous voltages can occur on the connectors, even though the auxiliary voltage has been disconnected. Warning: Non-observance can result in death, personal injury or substantial property damage. Warning: Only a competent electrician is allowed to carry out the electrical installation.
  • Page 22: Commissioning

    Commissioning 1MRS758850 Commissioning Commissioning checklist Familiarize yourself with the IED and its functionality before you start the commissioning work. • Ensure that you have all the needed station drawings. • Ensure that your version of the technical manual applies to the IED version you test. •...
  • Page 23: Setting Ied And Communication

    1MRS758850 Commissioning password' and for remote connection 'WHMI remote password'. Local connection is allowed only from the Ethernet port called 'Local port'. Via the local connection user is allowed to perform local control operations such as opening or closing circuit breaker. From all other Ethernet ports only remote connections are allowed.
  • Page 24: Communication Settings

    Commissioning 1MRS758850 Set up or get the IP addresses of the IEDs. Set up the PC for a direct link or connect the PC or workstation to the network. Configure the IP addresses in the PCM600 project for each IED. The addresses are used for communication between IEDs and PCM600.
  • Page 25: Testing Functions

    1MRS758850 Commissioning Select IED test from the main menu structure to activate the IED test view. Figure 4. IED test view Enable parameter editing by selecting Enable Write Select the test mode to be activated by changing the New Value field selection. Select Write to IED to save changes into the IED's memory.
  • Page 26: Selecting The Ied Blocked Or Ied Test And Blocked Mode

    Commissioning 1MRS758850 Select IED test from the main menu structure to activate the IED test view. Figure 5. IED test view Enable parameter editing by selecting Enable Write Select the internal fault test by changing the New Value field selection. Select Write to IED to save changes into the IED's memory.
  • Page 27: Abb Product Data Registration

    Commissioning ABB Product Data Registration The ABB Product Data Registration feature traces composition changes in the IED's SW or HW. Traceability allows better support and maintenance possibilities. After a composition change, an LCT indication is seen on the WHMI at the IED startup.
  • Page 28: Ied Operation

    IED operation 1MRS758850 IED operation In a normal IED use situation, the basic operation includes monitoring and checking procedures. • Monitoring measured values • Checking object states • Checking function setting parameters • Checking events and alarms All basic operations can be performed via the WHMI or with PCM600. Note: For more information, see PCM600 documentation.
  • Page 29: Using The Web Hmi

    1MRS758850 IED operation Table 9: Predefined user categories Username User rights VIEWER Read only access OPERATOR • Changing setting groups • Controlling • Clearing indications ENGINEER • Changing settings • Clearing event list • Clearing disturbance records • Changing system settings such as IP ADDRESS, serial baud rate or disturbance recorder settings •...
  • Page 30 IED operation 1MRS758850 Type the password. Figure 7. Entering username and password to use the WHMI Click OK. The language file starts loading and the progress bar is displayed. Logging out The user is logged out after session timeout. The timeout can be set in Main menu > Configuration >...
  • Page 31 1MRS758850 IED operation Figure 9. Main menu • Control • Events • Measurements • Disturbance records • Settings • Configuration • Monitoring • Tests • Information • Clear • Language • WHMI settings You can find a specific item in the menu structure by using the Search: field. Command buttons Command buttons can be used to edit parameters and control information via the WHMI.
  • Page 32: Identifying The Device

    IED operation 1MRS758850 Name Description Commit changes to IED's non-volatile flash memory Reject changes Clear events Trigger the disturbance recorder manually Save values to TXT or CSV file format Freeze the values so that updates are not dis- played Receive continuous updates to the monitoring view Delete the selection Delete all selections...
  • Page 33 1MRS758850 IED operation Select SSC600 > Information > Product identifiers from the main menu structure. Figure 10. Device information view Select Site identifiers to view site information or System identifiers to view system- level information. SSC600 Operation Manual...
  • Page 34: Showing Parameters

    IED operation 1MRS758850 4.1.4 Showing parameters Some function blocks have a function-specific On/Off setting. When the function setting is “Off”, all settings are hidden and when the function setting is “On”, all settings are visible based on the other visibility and hiding rules. Switch the function setting by changing the value of the Operation parameter ON or OFF.
  • Page 35 1MRS758850 IED operation • Setting group values are indicated with Figure 13. Editing a value • If the entered value is within the accepted value range, the selection is highlighted in green. If the value is out of range, the row is highlighted in red and a warning dialog box is displayed.
  • Page 36: Committing Settings

    IED operation 1MRS758850 4.1.6 Committing settings Editable values are stored either in RAM or a nonvolatile flash memory. Values stored in the flash memory are in effect also after a reboot. Some parameters have an edit-copy. If editing is cancelled, the values with an edit-copy are immediately restored to the original value.
  • Page 37: Web Hmi Views

    1MRS758850 IED operation Select Clear from the main menu structure. Figure 16. Selecting clear menu Set the New Value to Clear for those items to be cleared. Select Write to IED to save the changes. 4.1.8 Web HMI views The different views available in the WHMI are illustrated below. Use the View bar to access different views.
  • Page 38 IED operation 1MRS758850 Select General in the View bar. Figure 18. General view The IED version and current operating status are displayed. Events view The Events view contains a list of events produced by the application configuration. When the Events view is selected, it displays up to 100 latest events. The event list is updated automatically.
  • Page 39 1MRS758850 IED operation Programmable LEDs view The Programmable LEDs view shows the status of the programmable virtual LEDs. • Click Programmable LEDs in the View bar. Figure 20. Monitoring programmable LEDs The status of each programmable virtual LED is displayed. Phasor diagrams view The Phasor diagrams view shows phasor diagrams.
  • Page 40 IED operation 1MRS758850 Disturbance records view The Disturbance records view shows the list of disturbance records. Select Disturbance records in the View bar. Figure 22. Disturbance record view The list of disturbance records is displayed. Saving disturbance records Select Disturbance records in the View bar. Click the icon in the Download Files column of the record.
  • Page 41 1MRS758850 IED operation Fault records view Select Monitoring > Recorded data > Fault record from the Main menu or select Fault records in the View bar to view a list of all available fault records. Figure 23. Fault record list view Click a record from the Fault records list to open the fault record details view.
  • Page 42 IED operation 1MRS758850 Single Line Diagram view Select Control > SLD in the lMain menu or select Single Line Diagram in the View bar to view the SINGLE-LINE DIAGRAM. Figure 24. Viewing the single-line diagram Note: SLD control is only available when the connection is via Local WHMI connection.
  • Page 43: Disturbance Identification

    1MRS758850 IED operation • Last 10 Click Save to export the ZIP file with the selected files. Maintenance view Select Maintenance view in the View bar. Figure 26. Maintenance view Disturbance identification Disturbances and their causes can be identified by indicator LEDs: Ready, Start and Trip. During normal operation, the Ready LED is steady green.
  • Page 44: Ied Parametrization

    IED operation 1MRS758850 IED parametrization IED parameters are set via the WHMI or PCM600. Setting parameters need to be calculated according to the electrical network conditions and the electrical characteristics of the protected equipment. The settings need to be verified before the IED is connected to a system. Note: Document all changes to parameter settings.
  • Page 45: Monitoring

    1MRS758850 IED operation Enable parameter editing by selecting Enable Write The available alarm modes are: Follow-S Follow-F Latched-S LatchedAck-F-S. Select Write to IED to save changes into the IED's memory. Note: See the technical manual for details on LED configuration. Monitoring 4.4.1 Indications...
  • Page 46: Monitoring Fault Records

    IED operation 1MRS758850 Creating disturbance recordings Normally disturbance recordings are triggered by the IED applications but the recording can also be triggered manually. Click Disturbance records in the View bar. Click Manual trigger to create disturbace recondings manually. Monitoring disturbance recorder data You can view the disturbance recordings from the IED.
  • Page 47: Monitoring Events

    1MRS758850 IED operation 4.4.3 Monitoring fault records Timestamps of the fault records are shown as a list. Select Fault records in the View bar. The fault records stored in the IED's memory are listed. The first fault record is the newest.
  • Page 48: Controlling

    IED operation 1MRS758850 Controlling 4.5.1 Controlling with single-line diagram In the single-line diagram view, controllable objects can be opened and closed. Note: To control the IED, logging in and authorization are required. SSC600 Operation Manual...
  • Page 49 1MRS758850 IED operation Controlling circuit breaker, disconnectors and earthing switch Select 'Enable Control'. Figure 27. Single-line diagram with Enable Control button Note: This is only possible if logging in from the Local port as OPERATOR or ADMINISTRATOR. Select the object from the Single Line Diagram. Figure 28.
  • Page 50 IED operation 1MRS758850 Figure 29. Single-line diagram with one breaker and ANSI symbols Selected object is highlighted in WHMI. Select value 'Open' or 'Close'. Select 'Execute'. Controlling SLD buttons Before you begin Buttons are controlled via WHMI SLD like any other controllable single-line diagram objects.
  • Page 51 1MRS758850 IED operation Select 'Enable control'. Figure 30. Single-line diagram with Enable Control button Select the button from Single Line Diagram. Figure 31. Single-line diagram with one button. The Local button is in “True” state. The selected button has a square around it. SSC600 Operation Manual...
  • Page 52 IED operation 1MRS758850 Select value 'True' or 'False'. Select 'Execute'. Note: The control position of the IED affects the controlling SLD buttons. Depending on the parameter settings, the IED may have to be in local state for the control to succeed. SSC600 Operation Manual...
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    Inspect the IED visually. • Inspect the IED visually to find any physical error causes. • If you can find some obvious physical damage, contact ABB for repair or replacement actions. Check whether the error is external or internal. •...
  • Page 54: Warnings

    Troubleshooting 1MRS758850 The internal fault code indicates the type of internal IED fault. When a fault appears, the code must be recorded so that it can be reported to ABB customer service. Fault indication Fault code Additional information Internal Fault System error An internal system error has occurred.
  • Page 55: Correction Procedures

    1MRS758850 Troubleshooting Warning indication Warning code Additional information Warning AFL error Analog channel configuration error. Warning Error in the SMV configuration. SMV config error Warning Real-time task execution is de- layed. Real-time task's latency excee- Warning One of the power supply is faul- ty, maintenance recommended.
  • Page 56: Setting Passwords

    Troubleshooting 1MRS758850 5.4.2 Restoring factory settings In case of configuration data loss or any other file system error that prevents the IED from working properly, the whole file system can be restored to the original factory state. All default settings and configuration files stored in the factory are restored. Note: Only the administrator can restore the factory settings.
  • Page 57: Identifying Ied Application Problems

    Set the parameter for each applicable user level by entering the new password in the respective New Value field. Select Write to IED to save changes into the IED's memory. Note: If the administrator password is lost, contact ABB's technical customer support to retrieve the administrator level access. 5.4.4 Identifying IED application problems •...
  • Page 58: Environmental Aspects

    Environmental aspects 1MRS758850 Environmental aspects Sustainable development Sustainability has been taken into account from the beginning of the product design including the pro-environmental manufacturing process, long life time, operation reliability and disposing of the device. The choice of materials and the suppliers have been made according to the EU RoHS directive (2011/65/EU).
  • Page 59 ABB Distribution Solutions Distribution Automation P.O. Box 699 FI-65101 VAASA, Finland Phone +358 10 22 11 Fax +358 10 22 41094 © Copyright 2019 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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