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LG 29FU3 Series Owner's Manual

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P/NO : MFL56737601 (CW62A,Rev.00)



Summary of Contents for LG 29FU3 Series

  • Page 1 P/NO : MFL56737601 (CW62A,Rev.00)
  • Page 2 Important Precautions Safety/Installation / Auto Demonstration Auto programme scan Assigning a station name / Booster (option) /CSM XDP Demo Picture format (ARC) (option) XDP selection (option) Equalizer / Sound Frequency Adjustment DBS (option) / X-Wave (option) / Turbo Sound selection (option) / Games (option) / Music Mode Equalizer / Tune /Sleep Timer / X-sort S- Video/Audio in sockets (S-AV) (option)
  • Page 3: Important Precautions

    Important Precautions This unit has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety, however improper use may result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. In order to allow the proper operation of all safeguards incorporated in this TV set, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 4 Important Precautions On Installation Do not allow anything to rest upon or roll over the power cord, and do not place the TV set where the power cord is subject to damage. Power This set operates on an AC mains supply, the voltage is as indicated on the label on the back cover.
  • Page 5 previous POWER MUTE If X-Sort is On, switches to the next programme in the same group. SLEEP MENU 5. PSM (Picture Status Memory) recalls your preferred picture settings. EYE/ TV/AV 6. SSM (Sound Status Memory) X-LIST Q-VIEW recalls your preferred sound settings. X-SORT Turbo Sound/* XDP/*...
  • Page 6 To remove dirt or fingerprint on the surface of your TV, please rub with a Soft cloth supplied in the accessory. Do not pose too much pressure in cleaning so as to prevent any risk of damage to the product.(only for 29FU3 series models.)
  • Page 7 29FU3 series ON/OFF AV IN 3 On Off (Option) O n or Off. (option) O n. S-VIDEO/AUDIO IN SOCKET (S-AV) (option) Connect the video out socket of an S-VIDEO V CR to the S-VIDEO socket. Connect the audio out sockets of the S-VIDEO V CR to the audio sockets as in AV-2.
  • Page 8 On and Off O n. O ff. POWER MUTE SLEEP MENU You can cancel it by pressing the MUTE, SSM, DBS, AVL, TV/AV XDS/* (option) button. EYE/ X-LIST Q-VIEW Auto Demonstration X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* To review all the menus programmed in the set, press the OK button of the front panel control for about 10 seconds.
  • Page 9 POWER MUTE e. In AV mode, Blueback will not be displayed. SLEEP MENU Booster Tint TV/AV EYE/ Equalizer LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll...
  • Page 10 POWER MUTE SLEEP MENU TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll Auto programme scan To automatically scan the pictures of stored programmes, press the button for about 3 seconds. The picture of stored Programmes appears on the screen one by one. To stop auto programme scanning, press any button.
  • Page 11 POWER MUTE Booster MENU SLEEP TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll Booster...
  • Page 12 Fine tuning Normally fine tuning is only necessary if reception is poor. 1. Repeat the Manual programme tuning steps 1 to 3. 2. Press the button to select Fine. 3. Press the button step by step to fine tune for the best picture and sound.
  • Page 13 Interchange programme wi th other programme . POWER MUTE Swapping a programme swapped 3. For swap select the desired programme number the button. SLEEP MENU 4. Press the YELLOW button again to swap the channels. TV/AV EYE/ X-LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo sound /* XDP/* l/ll...
  • Page 14 XDP Demo 1. Press the MENU button and to select the picture menu. 2. Press the to select XDP Demo. 3. Screen splits for Demo. 5. Press MENU button for XDP Demo exit. Colour POWER MUTE CSM. Reddish Greenish Bluish SLEEP MENU TV/AV...
  • Page 15 POWER MUTE Off. When PSM, XDP keys pressed or any of the picture settings are changed Picture format (ARC) (option) You can watch TV in various picture formats; Standard, Wide, Zoom. Repeatedly press the ARC button to select your desired picture format.
  • Page 16 Equalizer Equalizer 1. Select sound menu. 2. Press to select equalizer. 3. Select a sound band by pressing the button. 4. Frequency level change with button 5. Press th OK button to store it for the sound user. POWER MUTE User To recall your preferred sound settings press the SSM button repeatedly various SSM modes are Flat, Music, News, Theatre,...
  • Page 17 Sound In X-Wave (FM transmitter), you can select a pre-selected frequency Turbo So und (88 MHz to 107 MHz) at which the TV audio shall be transmitted. This way you can enjoy sound of TV on your music system and customize it as per your choice.
  • Page 18 POWER MUTE SLEEP MENU TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll...
  • Page 19 POWER MUTE On /Of f MENU SLEEP TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll On /Of f Of f...
  • Page 20 Tilt Blue Back b. In AV mode, Blueback will not work. POWER MUTE S-VIDEO Tilt S-VIDEO Blue Back (Option). S-VIDEO: DVD players/Laptop output connected to S-VIDEO socket (option). SLEEP MENU TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll...
  • Page 21 Tilt Blue Back POWER MUTE SLEEP MENU TV/AV EYE/ LIST Q-VIEW X-SORT Turbo Sound /* XDP/* l/ll...
  • Page 22 Games (option) (Yellow button) Game optional function, only a set with game can perform this function by using the remote control handset. 1. Press the Game (yellow) button and then button to select the game. GAME LEVEL 1. CAR RACE 2.
  • Page 23 X-SORT You can select the different programmes and add them into different categories (Music, Movies, News, Drama). Press X-SORT button on the remote switch On/Off the X-SORT function. X-Sort On Sel: Music Press the coloured buttons to select the programme to desired category.
  • Page 25: Headphone Socket (Option)

    S-Video/ Audio in sockets (S-AV) (option) When connecting an S-VIDEO VCR to S-VIDEO socket, the picture quality will be further improved. 1. Connect the S-video socket of the VCR to the S-VIDEO socket of the set. S-VIDEO VCR 2. Connect the audio cable from the S-VIDEO VCR to the AUDIO socket of set.
  • Page 26 Note: i) Colour patch might appear in your TV set if you rotate or shift the position of the set while it is On or in standby mode. If patch appears in your TV set try the following before calling your service centre or dealer.