Toro 20016 Operator's Manual: Preparing For Maintenance; Replacing The Air Filter

22in recycler lawn mower.
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Note: Determine the left and right sides of the machine from the normal operating position.
Recommended Maintenance Schedule(s)
Maintenance Service
After the rst 2 operating
Before each use or daily
Before storage
Important: Refer to your Engine Operator's Manual for additional maintenance procedures.

Preparing for Maintenance

1. Stop the engine and wait for all moving parts to stop.
2. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug
and hook it onto the retaining post (Figure 27) before
performing any maintenance procedure.
Figure 27
1. Spark plug retaining post
3. After performing the maintenance procedure(s),
connect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.
Important: Before tipping the mower to change
the oil or replace the blade, allow the fuel tank to
run dry through normal usage. If you must tip the
mower prior to running out of fuel, use a hand fuel
pump to remove the fuel. Always tip the mower
onto its side, with the air filter up.
Maintenance Procedure
• Change the engine oil.
• Check the engine oil level.
• Ensure that the engine stops within 3 seconds after releasing the blade control
• Clean grass clippings and dirt from under the mower.
• Empty the fuel tank before repairs as directed and before annual storage.
• Replace the air lter (more frequently in dusty operating conditions).
• Change the engine oil.
• Lubricate the wheel gears.
• Replace the blade or have it sharpened (more frequently if the edge dulls quickly).
• Refer to your Engine Operator's Manual for any additional yearly maintenance
Tipping the mower may cause the fuel to leak.
Gasoline is flammable, explosive and can cause
personal injury.
Run the engine dry or remove the gasoline with a
hand pump; never siphon.
Replacing the Air Filter
Replace the air filter yearly; replace it more frequently in
dusty operating conditions.
1. Refer to Preparing for Maintenance.
2. Rotate the air filter cover to remove it (Figure 28).
Figure 28
3. Replace the air filter.
4. Install the cover.


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