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Repeat; Repeat A-B - LG PCD-M700 Owner's Manual

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Use Menu (continued)


Select Repeat menu.
> (See Menu Operation Method in page 13.)
Press the SEL. button after selecting the desired Repeat play mode.
> Press the SEL. button of the remote control for more than one second.
You can use the menu conveniently since the repeat play mode is
sequentially played.
* The E.Q . mode is changed if pressing the SEL. button for more
than a second.
> Plays only once the current selected file.
> Plays repeatedly the current selected file.
> Plays repeatedly all file.
> Plays randomly continuously.
> Plays the first 10 seconds only for each track of the file.
Pressing the PLAY button during the song introduction function causes to
play to the end and returns to the cancel mode.

Repeat A-B

Press the button of the remote control (RPT. A-B) at a point
for desiring to start repeat play during the current play.
Press the button of the remote control (RPT. A-B) again at a
point for desiring to end repeat play.
> Appears the display window.
Repeat AB : A-> => A<->B => None
To return to the normal play, press the (RPT. A-B) button of
the remote control so that None can be done.
> The sector repeat play is cancelled.
> It can be identified in the display.



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