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Trouble Shooting; Frequently Asked Questions - Technika IDTV 19-208 User Manual

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I have tuned in Digital TV but
I am not receiving any or all of the
channels and/or the channels I receive
are breaking up
The sound quality is high pitched?
I have inserted a disc but it is not playing
The subtitles are switched on
when I am watching a DVD
I have connected the TV to my VCR via
SCART but it is not recording
If you are still experiencing problems please contact the Helpline
Visit our web site for further Trouble shooting
1) Check you are in an area that can
receive Freeview. Visit or call
08701 111 270.
2) Check you have a suitable aerial.
Many indoor aerials will say they are
digital ready, but you will not get
a good signal
3) Consider purchasing a signal booster,
it is much cheaper than a digital aerial
and cures 70% of poor signal problems.
4) Failing the above for now use the
analogue TV, until the signal becomes
stronger in your area.
For best performance we recommend using an
outdoor hi-gain digital aerial. If you are receiving
some digital stations first try to connect a signal
booster in between the TV and TV aerial socket
Go into the sound settings menu as
shown earlier in the manual and increase
the level of the bass and decrease
the treble
1) Ensure you have inserted put the disc
in facing the correct way forward
2) Ensure the disc is clean and is not
3) Some copied discs will not play.
4) Check the DVD is a region 2 disc – to change
the region of the DVD player, refer to 'Changing
Regions' in the DVD section of this user guide
Each time you press [Subtitles] button
you switch between the different languages.
Off is one of the options. If you still have
subtitles on, access through the DVD disc
menu and switch off
In addition to connecting via SCART, you
should connect the aerial cable from the
wall socket to VCR and another aerial
cable from the VCR to the TV
Customer Support/Technical Helpline
Sky Media UK LTD
0871 2000 463
and frequently asked questions.


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